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Biological-Pharmaceutical Building basement floor plan

Up Down

Room 000d Room 002 Room 003 Room 003a Room 004 Room 006 Room 008 Room 008a Room 010 Room 012 Room 014 Room 016 Room 018 Room 020 Room 022 Room 022a Room 022b Room 022c Room 022d Room 022e Room 022f Room 022g Room 022h Room 024 Room 030 Room 030a5 Room 030b Room 030c Room 030d Room 030e Room 030f Room 030g Room 030h Room 030j Room 031 Room 032 Room 033 Room 034 Room 034a Room 034a1 Room 034b Room 034c Room 036 Room 038 Room 040a Room 040b Room 040c Room 040d Room 040d1 Room 040e Room 040e1 Room 041 Room 042 Room 043 Room 044 Room 046 Room 047 Room 050 Room 050a Room 050b Room 050b1 Room 050c Room 050d Room 050d1 Room 050e Room 050e1 Room 051 Room 051a Room 051b Room 051b1 Room 051b2 Room 051d Room 051d1 Room 051d2 Room 052 Room 054 Room 059 Room 059a Room 059b Room 059c Room 059d Room 059e Room 060a Room 060a1 Room 060b Room 060d Room 060e Room 061 Room 062 Room 064 Room 066 Room 070 Room 070a Room 070b Room 070c Room 080 Room 082