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The coming academic year will be filled with many opportunities to get involved in your new community—one of which includes being counted in the 2010 Census!

Once every 10 years, the U.S. Census Bureau takes a snapshot of everyone residing in the United States, regardless of age, race, or immigration status. People should be counted where they live and sleep most of the year, so if you live at school—on or off campus—that is where you will receive your questionnaire.

Filling out the questionnaire is more important than you may realize. Participating in the census gives you a voice and an opportunity to influence change.

Census data affect and inform:

Being counted is easy.

When it comes, BE COUNTED: Find it. Fill it out. Send it back.

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TIMELINE Students living on Campus

March 31 - April 1, 2010: Census Forms delivered to Residence Halls and Greek Residences
April 1 - April 19, 2010: Return Census Forms to designated Residence Hall and Greek Residence Coordinator

**The Census Coordinator, William Frost will be on campus available to answer questions students, faculty or staff may have about the process and the Census forms. He will be located in Room 203, UK Student Center, from March 19 - April 19, 2010.

Students Living on Campus:
The form used to count people living or staying in Group Quarters is called an Individual Census Report. Each resident gets his or her own form. This form collects individual data, such as age, sex, race, and Hispanic origin.

The 2010 Census questionnaire will be delivered to on-campus housing in April and May 2010. A college/university volunteer will be working with a Lexington Census Bureau representative to assist you in filling out and returning the form within a timely manner.

Students Living off Campus:
The 2010 Census questionnaire will be mailed to residential addresses in March 2010. The form should be completed and mailed in a timely manner.

Living with parents or guardians:
If you commute to school and reside full-time at your parents’ or guardians’ household, no need to fill out a form. You should be accounted for on your parents’ or guardians’ household form.

Studying abroad in April 2010:
If students are studying or living abroad in the spring of 2010 and not in the United States on April 1, 2010, they will not be counted in the 2010 Census. Census Day, April 1, 2010, is the official day of the population’s count when all 2010 Census responses should represent the household as it exists on this day.

Filling out the questionnaire is safe. By law, the Census Bureau cannot share an individual’s census questionnaire responses with anyone, including other government agencies, courts, and law enforcement entities.

We can’t move forward until you send it back, so be sure that you are counted in the 2010 Census. Best of luck in the coming academic year!

If you have questions please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.