46th Annual Meeting
Belmont University
Nashville, Tennessee
January 12-14, 2007

Meeting Program

 Questions about the 2007 conference program? Contact Program Chair:

Prof. Harry Kuoshu
Dept. of Modern Languages/Literature/Dept. of Asian Studies
235 G Furman Hall
Furman University
Greenville, SC 29613
O: 864 294-2278

[As of 1-4-07; subject to change]

Friday, January 12


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Saturday, January 13


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Sunday, January 14


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* The first panel of each session is in a media room.

Session I

1. Globalization and Modern Japan
(DVD Player/Monitor)
Chair: Izumi Nakayama (Furman University)

Yoshiko Kato (Kansai Univ. of International Studies, Hyogo, Japan), “Classical Music, Higher Education and Social Structure in Modern Japan”
Steven Gump (U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign/Ph.D. candidate), “What’s Japanese about Japanese Religion? Issues for Pedagogy at the Undergraduate Level”
Kazuo Yagami (Savannah State University), “Konoe and Hull”

2. Korea at the Crossroads of Globalization
Chair: Michael J. Seth (James Madison University)

Woongjae Ryoo (Georgia State University), “The Rise of Civil Society in Transforming National Political Environment and Mediascape: The Case of South Korea”
Dongryul Kim (Saint Augustine’s College), “Cultural Versus Rational Components of Asian Bureaucracy: Hidden Compensation in the Case of Korea”
Michael J. Seth (James Madison University), “Before Globalization: Korea in the Age of Hemispherization”
Anthony A. Loh (Vanderbilt University), “The Special Relationship between Beijing, Seoul and Pyongyang and Its Impact on the Politics of Northeast Asia” 

3. Rhetoric of Modernism and Revolution in China
Chair: Li Zeng (U of Louisville)

Yan Liang (UC Santa Barbara / PhD candidate), “The Connection between the Present and the Past: How Much did Modernization Change China?” (Xiyou ji and The Creation of Gods).
Joshua Howard (U of Mississippi), “I’m also Human: Experience and Activism among Wartime Chongqing’s Women Workers”
Xiaoling Shi (U of Arizona / PhD candidate), “Rhetoric of Revolutionary Women in Model Operas”

4. Diaspora, Epidemic & Identity Formation
Chair: David Blaylock
Sunita Manian (Georgia College and State U), “Tackling HIV/AIDS in the Age of Globalization: The Experience of Chennai, India”
Veena Khandke & Chakrya San (USC Upstate), “Gender Roles and Identity Issues in Young Adults of Indian Descent”
Mai Lan Gustafsson (Christopher Newport University), “ ‘Asian’ Pride and Prejudice in Syracuse, New York” (sociology topic)
Heather Trubee (U of South Carolina / Graduate student), “Dueling Stories; Dual Constructions of Thai Identity”

5. Revisiting the Russo-Japanese War: Reflections on Its Wider Implications for Asia and the World
Chair/Discussant: Daniel Metraux (Mary Baldwin College)

John W. Steinberg (Georgia South U), “Was the Russo-Japanese War World War Zero? New Ideas Based on Current Research”
Steven Marks (Clemson U), “‘Bravo, Brave Tiger of the East!’ The Russo-Japanese War and the Rise of Nationalist Movements in British India”
Paul A. Rodell (Georgia Southern U), “Southeast Asian Nationalism and the Russo-Japanese War: Reexamining Assumptions”

6. Power, Institution and Security in Asia
Chair: Kate Kaup (Furman University)

James Holmes (U of Georgia), “India Looks Seaward: The Case of the Proliferation Security Initiative”
Cecily Hurst (Beijing U. School of Law), "Turning the Tide: Re-evaluating
Codetermination in the Chinese Context."
Jonathan Ludwig (Rice U), “Friend or Foe: China’s Role in the Development of Central Asia”

Session II

7. Chinese Cinema: Realism, Urbanism & Local Culture
(DVD Player/Monitor)
Chair: Harry Kuoshu (Furman U)

Vivian Shen (Davidson College), “Issues of Realism in Chinese Early Cinema”
Harry Kuoshu (Furman University), “Crossroads and X-Roads: Old and New Urbanism in China”
Richard Letteri (Furman University), “Beijing Bicycle at the Crossroads of Italian Realism and Early Hollywood Comedy”
Yuan Gao (U of Memphis / PhD candidate), “The Shaanxi Identity in Zhang Yimou’s Films”

8. Social and Political Changes in Rural China
Chair: Binyao Zheng (Kennesaw State U)

Yusheng Yao (Rollins College), Village Elections and Popular Protest—A Case Study of an Election Crisis in a Northern Chinese Village”
Hong Zhang (U of Central Florida), “Marriage and Sex in a Rural Chinese Village”
Jim Yoxall (Vermont College: Union Institute and U), “The Disparities Among the Orphans of China”

9. To Defend / Define Japan
Chair: Hal W. French (University of S. Carolina, Columbia)

Wilburn Hansen (Western Kentucky U), ”Tengu Patriots, Vanguard of the Divine Wind: Hirata Atsutane’s Secret Weapon Against the Invasion of Western Culture”
Noell Wilson (U of Mississippi), “Tokugawa Defense Redux: Organizational Failure in the Phaeton Incident of 1808”
Kelly Hansen (U of Hawaii / PhD candidate), “The First Word on Genbun’itchi”

10. Diaspora and Vietnam

Chair: Richard Rice (U of Tennessee at Chattanooga)

Quan Manh Ha (Texas Tech University / Ph.D. candidate), “An Early Voice of the Vietnamese Diaspora in Vietnamese-American Literature”
Allison Truitt (Tulane University), “National Regalia, Transcendent Citizenship: Vietnamese Strategies of Belonging”
Lawrence E Grinter (Air War College), “Vietnam’s Security Perceptions and Policy Directions” (current affairs)

11. Reflections on the History of Cultural Traffic
Chair: Dorothea Martin (App. State U)

Robert A. Jones (U of Louisville / PhD candidate), "The Literary Journey of Voltaire: From China to Eldorado"
Anthony E. Clark (U of Alabama), “Baptism, Rape, and Other Misprisions: A Critical Look at Chinese Sources on Guo Xide (Alberico Crecitelli)”
John Thornell (Delta State U), “A Strange Encounter: Lord Macartney’s British Embassy Trip to China in 1792”

12. Building Asian Studies Programs: Challenges and Strategies (Roundtable)
Moderator: Kate Kaup (Furman University)

Kate Kaup (Furman University)
Daniel Metraux (Mary Baldwin College)
Farley Richarmond (U of Georgia)

Session III

13. Teaching Asian Philosophies and Religions
(DVD Player/Monitor)
Chair: Tom Pynn (Kennesaw State U)

Joseph T. Jonson (Kennesaw State U), “Teaching Nishida: Approaches to An Inquiry into the Good”
Tom Pynn (Kennesaw State U), “Introducing Students to Classical Daoist Philosophical Practice”
Jeff Lidke (Berry College), “The Yoga of Teaching Yoga in Academic Contexts”

14. Defending the Local in “Global” China
Chair: Charles D. Musgrove (U of Arkansas at Little Rock)

Charles D. Musgrove (U of Arkansas at Little Rock), “Defining the Nation through Architectural Modernity: The Construction of Government Buildings in Nanjing, 1927-1937”
Lu Liu (U of Tennessee, Knoxville), “Shaping Identities: Gender and Nationalism in Wartime China, 1937-1945”
Chris Hess (U of Wisconsin, Madison), “Socialist Internationalism and the Making of New Dalian, 1945-1950”

15. Concepts, Artifacts & Strategies: Ancient China
Chair: Yu Jiang (Florida Atlantic U)

Elizabeth Childs-Johnson (Old Dominion U), “The Meaning of the Graph Yi and Its Implications for Shang Belief and Art”
Yu Jiang (Florida Atlantic U), “Filial Piety in Western Zhou Bronze Inscriptions and Confucianism in Early China”
Daniel Coyle (Our Lady of the Lake U), “Strategic Thought in The Book of Master Guigu”
John S. Peale (Longwood U), “Sin, Evil and Goodness in Christianity and the Chinese Tradition”

16. Economic Transformation and Development: China & Japan
Chair: Cynthia Bisson (Belmont U)

Sheng Xiao (Furman University), “Has Share Issue Privatization Worked in China?”
Yuling Zhao (Vanderbilt U / PhD candidate), “The Puzzle of Low Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions in China”
Junlin Du (Indiana U / PhD candidate), “Culture and Household Financial Choices in China”
Taka Suzuki (Ohio U), “The East Asian Developmental Model in the Era of Global Finance: The Case of Japan”

17. The Anthropology of Gender and Sexuality in Japan
Chair: Ida Fadzillah (Middle Tennessee State U)
Discussant: William Leggett (Middle Tennessee State U)
4 presenters are students of Middle Tennessee State U.

Matthew Levi Collins, “Geisha, Gei, and Gaijin: Gifting and Gay Men in Japan”
Angela Stroupe, “Being Japanese in Tennessee: Gender and Transnational Identity in the New South”
Kelly Hays, “The Glass Slipper is Half Full: Western Princess Mythology in Japanese Society”
Sandra Franks, “Birth Control Trends in Japan”

18. Old in the New: Problem-Based Learning in Asian Studies as a Study Abroad
      Experience (Roundtable)

Moderator: Ronnie Littlejohn
A panel of Belmont University faculty will talk about their creation of an interdisciplinary, problem-based learning experience in the China Travel Study for 2006.

Howard Cochran
Qingjun Li
Ronnie Littlejohn
David Moser

Session IV

19. Teaching “Exotic” Asia: Active Learning, Critical Thinking
(DVD Player/Monitor)

Chair: Li-ling Hsiao (U of N Carolina, Chapel Hill), hsiaoll@email.unc.edu

Eric Henry (U of N Carolina, Chapel Hill), “Can a Classroom Contain a Culture? Vietnamese Music and American Collegiate Listeners”
Jan Bardsley (U of N Carolina, Chapel Hill), “Teaching Memoirs of a Geisha: Novel, Film, and Controversies”
Li-ling Hsiao (U of N Carolina, Chapel Hill), Kung Fu in the Classroom: Teaching Kurosawa, Louis Cha, and Zhang Yimou”
Inger Brodey (U of N Carolina, Chapel Hill), “Revenge, Honor, and Nation: A Comparison of Samurai and Cowboy Film Genres”

20. Taiji, Qi, and Medicine: Physical, Meta-Physical, and Psychological Gateways in Asian Studies
Chair: Paul Winther (Eastern Kentucky U)

Mingdong Gu (Rhodes College), “The Theory of the Dao/Taiji: A Conceptual Model of the Mind?”
Shawn Arthur (Appalachian State University), “Chinese Medicine: A Gateway to Asian Studies and Beyond”
Eric Karchmer (U of N Carolina at Chapel Hill), “Postcolonialism, Qi, and the Making of Chinese Medicine”
Irene Nichols Ozbek (U of Tennessee at Chattanooga), “Clinical Psychology and Asian Psychotherapy”

21. Towards Modernity in China: Culture, Society & Rhetoric
Chair: Charlotte Beahan (Murray State U)

Michael Chang (George Mason U), "Local Tribute and Imperial Gift Exchange in High Qing China, 1684-1713"
Zhiyuan Chen (Appalachian State U) & Xinggan Zhao (Suzhou U) "Economical Miracle in East of China and Its Social Consequences"
Haosheng Yang (Harvard U / PhD candidate), “The Poetics of a Traitor: Zhou Zuoren’s Alternative Response to Chinese Modernity”

22. India, Religion & Peace
Chair: Hal W. French (University of S. Carolina, Columbia)

Gerald T. Carney (Hampton-Sidney College), “From Ashram to Condo: Transformation of a Religious Ideal”
Hal W. French (University of S. Carolina, Columbia), “The Self as an Instrument of Peace: Wisdom from the Indian Tradition and Modern Sources”
Roderic Owen (Mary Baldwin College), “Teaching Gandhi and Peacemaking”

23. Sacred Origins of Arts and Religions
Chair: Veena Khandke (USC Upstate)

N. S. Valluvan (Independent researcher, Chennai, India), The Indus Sign Denoting the Sky Loop of Time or The Maha Kala of Siva Linga that Encompasses the Five Staffs of Time or Pillars of Time”
Emily A. Bell (U. of Florida / Ph.D. candidate), “Dhrupad-Singing: The High Art of an Unbroken Tradition”
Michael Rich (Georgetown College), “Sacred Origins of Japanese Somatic Theories”

Session V

24. Images and Memories: Asia in Cinema, Photography and Writing
(DVD Player/Monitor)
Chair: Daniel Metraux (Mary Baldwin College)

Daniel A. Metraux (Mary Baldwin College), “Cambodia Today: The Slow Road Back from the Inferno and Killing Fields Revisited”
Charles L. Shull (Sociology, Lynchburg, VA), “Images of Japan and the Japanese: What American Saw of Through Stereo-Photographs Between 1880-1920”

25. Application of Some Newer Communications Technologies to Japan Studies in
      the United States (Roundtable)

Chair: James Auer (Vanderbilt U) James.E.Auer@vanderbilt.edu
Discussant: Edward J. Lincoln (New York U) elincoln@stem.nyu.edu

Leonard Schoppa (U of Virginia)
Kristina Troost (Duke U)
Robert Angel (U of S Carolina)

26. Community, Democracy, and Chinese Political Thought

Chair: Brett Benson (Vanderbilt)
Discussant: Brooke A. Ackerly (Vanderbilt)

John Delury (Yale U), “Too big for Democracy? Perspectives on the Problem of Extent in Early Modern Chinese Political Thought”
Leigh Kathryn Jenco (U of Chicago), “From Commonality (tong) to Difference (yi): Zhang Shizhao’s Challenge to the Idea of Public Space”
Steven F. Geisz (U of Tampa), “Deliberative Interactions and Confucian Perspectives”

27. Characters, Diaglossia & Enigma: Language and Rhetoric Issues in Asian Studies
Chair: Binyao Zheng (Kennesaw State U)
Binyao Zheng (Kennesaw State U), “Character Education in Changing Society: A Study of Cultural Values in a Contemporary Chinese Reading Textbook”
Li Lu (Wuhan Star Art Kindergarten, China), “Using Classical Poetry for Understanding Cultural Traditions and Aesthetic Education”
Li Zeng (U of Louisville), “Hermetic and Enigmatic: ‘Problematics’ of Ambiguity in Li Shangyin’s Poetry”
Yahui Huang (U of Texas at Austin / PhD candidate), “Diaglossia in Taiwan and the Influence of Nationalism”

28. Interpreting China Through Student Eyes
Chair: Mana Shagoli (Belmont U)
Discussant: Sean Ashworth (Belmont U)
A group of Belmont U students talk about their work on interdisciplinary, problem-based learning projects in China travel study for 2006

Shannon Neel, “China’s Forgotten People: the Disabled in the Land of the One Child Policy”
Mana Shagoli, “An American in Club Banana”
Zachary Koffler, “Face Painting the Self”