47th Annual Meeting
Hiton Head, South Carolina
January 18-20, 2008

Meeting Program

Program for 2009 Meeting Forcoming, Fall 2008

Program for 2008 Meeting below

SEC/AAS Annual Meeting, January 18-20, 2008

Hilton Head, SC
Program [as of 1/18/08]


4:00pm-7:00 pm        Registration

7:00pm-8:00pm        Plenary Session:
“Overview of the History of Yoga, with Demonstration” Stacey Collins, Certified Anusara Yoga Instructor and Owner of City Yoga, Columbia, SC

9:00pm-11:00 pm      Reception for Students


7:00am                      Executive Committee Meeting

6:45am-7:30am       Yoga session with Stacey Collins

8:30am-4:00pm        [Workshop for K-12 Teachers]

8:30am-10:15am     Session 1

A.  Poetry and Place in the Chinese Artistic Tradition
Chair:  Paul Winther (Eastern Kentucky University )

 “Centaurs on the Silk Road:  Recent Discoveries of Hellenistic Textiles in Western China”
Robert  Jones (University of Louisville) 

“The Multiple Voices of a Masterpiece:  Poetry and Image in Spring Saunter on a Mountain Path by Ma Yuan (active 1180-1224)”
Li-ling Hsiao (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) 

“The Connoisseur’s Eye:  The Erotic in Robert Hans van Gulik’s Reading of Late Ming Erotic Prints”
 Jie Guo (University of South Carolina)

“Zha Shibiao’s Paintings of the Huangshan: Politics, Antiquity and Mountains of the Immortals”
Diana Tenckhoff (Southwestern University) 

B.  India:  Identity and History
Chair:  David Blaylock (Eastern Kentucky University) 

“Declined Social Welfare Regimes in India during the Post-Reform Period”
Sai Ma (Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies)

“Gandhi’s Grandchildren:  The Legacy Continued”
Hal W. French (University of South Carolina) 

C. Buddhism in East Asia:  Animals and Text
Chair:  John Thompson (Christopher Newport University) 

“Familiar Bonds Beyond Death:  Animal Mortuary Rites in Contemporary Japan”
 Barbara Ambros (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

“The Tower of Power’s Finest Hour:  Stupa Construction and Veneration in the Lotus  Sutra
 John Thompson (Christopher Newport University)

D. (Roundtable) From Other to Ren:  Asian Studies in a Humanities Course for the Homeless
Chair:  Barbara Tucker (Trident Technical College)

 “A History of Clemente in Charleston”
 Mary Ann Kohli (Trident Technical College)

 “Mentoring Clemente Students’
Sandy Lopez (Trident Technical College)

“Teaching East Asian Studies in the Clemente Course’
 Katharine Purcell (Trident Technical College)

E.  Envisioning China from the Margins of Empires and Nation-States
Chair:  Donald Sutton (Carnegie Mellon University)

“On ‘Blending the Nationalities (minzu ronghe)’:  Local Official and Unofficial Perspectives at a World  Heritage/Pilgrimage Site in Northern Sichuan”
Donald Sutton (Carnegie Mellon University)

 “Ming China’s ‘Imagined’ Multiethnic Southwest”
John E. Herman (Virginia Commonwealth University)

“‘Nationalities’ Beyond the Nation?:  Overseas Tibetan Compatriots and the ‘Chinese’ in ‘Overseas Chinese’”
  Christopher Vasantkumar (Hamilton College)

 “Thinking about Ethnicity in Early Modern Wuding:  Envisioning Han and Yi from Both Sides of the Ethnic Divide”
 Jacob Whittaker (Wake Forest University)

F.  The Politics of Communism in Mid 20C China and Vietnam
Chair: Lawrence Kessler (UNC Chapel Hill)

“The ‘Fire’ in dang Thuy Tram’s Last Night I Dreamed of Peace
Quan Manh Ha (Texas Tech University)

 “The Degeneracy of the Guomindang Regime:  The Case of Juntong in Beiping in 1949”
Joseph Yick (Texas State University, San Marcos)

 “Saving Zhou Enlai and Other Revolutionary Adventures:  A British Businessman in China, 1929-1950”
 Lawrence Kessler

10:15 am-10:30 am     Coffee Break

10:30am-12:15am      Session II

G.  (Roundtable) The Application of Technology in the Teaching of Chinese Language:  Distance Learning, iPod and Podcast Projects

Johnny Waggener (Emory University)
Yu Li (Emory University)
Hong Li (Emory University)
Jing Zhang (Emory University)

H.  Japan through Modern Literature and Film:  The Uses of Vision and Visual Texts
Chair:  Charles Shull (Lynchburg College)

“Adventures in Seeing:  Photography and Language in the Writings of Uno Koji and Tanizaki Jun’ichiro”
Elaine Gerbert (University of Kansas)

“Metaphor and the Pre-Modern Mode in Hirokazu Kore-eda’s Maborosi
David Ross (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

Okoge v Hush:  Global or Local Lives and Representation”
Charles Shull (Lynchburg College)
 I.  From the Symbolic to the Everyday:  Perspectives of Chinese Cinema
 Chair:  Richard Letteri (Furman University)

 “The Body in Zhang Yimou’s Judou
 Vivian Shen (Davidson College)

“From Eat, Drink, Man and Woman to Lust, Caution:  Everyday Detail and Ang Lee’s Vision of Reality”
 Jiwei Xiao (Fairfield University)

 “The Latter 5th Generation and the Urban ‘Status Movie’”
 Harry Kuoshu (Furman University)

 “Shanghai Dreams and the Impossibility of Home”
 Richard Letteri (Furman University)

 J.  Popular and Elite Spaces in Modern Chinese Literature and Film
 Chair:  Michael Gibbs Hill (University of South Carolina)

“Where Martyrs Learned to Smile:  1930s Shanghai Leftist Cinema and the Unlikely Antecedents of  Mao’s Divine Comedy”
 Christopher Rea (Columbia University)

 “Crowds and Collective Subjectivities in Lu Xun and Qu Qiubai”
 Andy Rodekohr (Harvard University)

 “From Larva to Butterfly:  Ding Ling’s ‘Miss Sophia’s Diary” and Wei Hui’s Shanghai Baby
Xiaoqing Liu (University of South Carolina)

“New Realism or New Occidentalism?—The Struggle of the Sixth Generation Films”
Wenji Zhou (University of South Carolina)
K.  Japan Imperialism and Its Legacies
Chair:  Noell Wilson (University of Mississippi)

“Konoe and Hull:  Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity and the Monroe Doctrine”
Kazuo Yagami  (Savannah State University)

“Discarded Memories and Longing for Empire”
 Jonathan Glade (University of Chicago)

“Your Loyal Servant:  Yoshida Shigeru and the Chrysanthemum Throne”
 Michael Bess (Georgia Southern University) 

“Religion, Politics and Constitutional Reform in Japan: How the Soka Gakkai and Komeito have Thwarted Conservative Attempts to Revise the 1947 Constitution “
Daniel Métraux (Mary Baldwin College)

L. “Regionalizing” the History of Dynastic Change, Trade and, Punishment in  Pre- modern East Asia
Chair:  James Anderson (University of North Carolina, Greensboro)

“Massacre at the White Horse Station:  Dynastic Transition and Literati Culture in Early Tenth Century China”
Kwok-Yiu Wong (Susquehanna University)

“’Slipping through the Holes’”:  the 10th-13th Century Sino-Vietnamese Coastal Frontier as a Subaltern Trade Network”
James Anderson (University of North Carolina, Greensboro) 

 “The Consolidation of Place and Punishment in Seventeenth Century Japan:  Kanazawa Prisons and Criminal Justice”
David Nelson (Austin Peay State University)

“Not in a Fit of Absence of Mind:  The British East Indian Company’s Empire-Building in Early 18th Century Borneo”
Marc Jason Gilbert (Hawaii Pacific University)

12:15pm-1:45 pm        Luncheon and Regional Business Meeting

2:00pm-3:45pm         Session 3 

M. (Roundtable) Japan:  An Online Teaching Module
 Chair:  Lucien Ellington (University of Tennessee, Chattanooga)

 “Japan in World History”
Lucien Ellington (University of Tennessee, Chattanooga)

“Japanese Cultural Landscapes”
Craig Laing (University of Tennessee, Chattanooga)

“Centripetal Forces in Japan”
Alice Tym (University of Tennessee, Chattanooga)

“Hiroshima and Nagasaki:  Atomic Bombing and Resultant Biological Effects of Radiation”
Sandra Watson (University of Tennessee, Chattanooga)

N. Identity and Modernization in the Koreas
Chair:  Michael J. Seth (James Madison University)

“Myths and National Identity:  The Case of Korea’s Tan’gun”
Michael J. Seth (James Madison University) 

“Representing Industrialization:  Infinity and Inversion in Selected Work of Kim Yong-Ik and Cho Sehui”
Charles Montgomery (San Jose City College) 

“The City of the Specter:  The Image of Seoul in Kim Ki-duk’s film, 3-Iron
Ju Young Jin (Indiana University) 

O.  Chinese Overseas:  Immigrants, Sojourners, Tourists
Chair:  Dorothea Martin (Appalachian State University)

“Chinese Migration into Latin America – Diaspora or Sojourn?”
Dorothea Martin

“How Many Steps are There to the Front Door of Your House:  Interrogation of Paper Families During the Chinese Exclusion Act”
John Thornell (North Carolina Wesleyan College)

“Seal of Approval:  Modern Chinese Outbound Tourism and ADS”
Jane Marie Russell (Florida International University)

P.  Everyday Life, Nation and the World: Perspectives from China and Japan in the 1920s and 30s
Discussant:  Rebecca Karl (New York University)

 “Tenko and (Inter-)National Crisis in Interwar Japan”
Max Ward (New York University)

“From the Ordinary Life to the Beautiful Life:  Mei, Life and Politics in 1930s China”
Lorraine Wong (New York University)

“Life of the Masses and Mass Politics:  A Lost History in the 1930s China”
Qian Zhu (New York University)

 “New Life for the Nation and the World, 1934-1937”
Maggie Clinton (New York University)

Q.  Art, Architecture, and Globalization in the Construction of Japanese Cultural Nationalism
 Chair:  Steven E. Gump (University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign)

“Okakura Kakuzo’s East and West”
Masako Racel (Kennesaw State University) 

“The Transformation of Japanese Architecture from a Modern to Postmodern Age”
Mohammad Gharipour (Georgia Tech) 

 “Japanese Cultural Nationalism in and Age of Globalization”
 Roy Starrs (University of Otago) 

R.  Political and Social Changes in Contemporary China
Chair: Yusheng Yao (Rollins College)

“Rise of the New Elite in Chinese Villages:  A Study of 2 Village Elections in Rural Northern China”
Yusheng Yao (Rollins College)

“Venturing into the Unchartered Territories:  The Phenomenon of Sister Furong”
 Hong Zhang (University of Central Florida)

“Deconstructing the Provincial Identity with Fiction:  Jia Pingwa”
Yuan Gao (University of Memphis)

“The Effect of HIV/AIDS on the Orphan Population of China”
 James Yoxall (Mary Baldwin College) 

3:45pm-4:00 pm        Coffee Break

4:00pm-5:45pm         Session 4 

S. Religious Practice in Asia:  Ecology, Literacy and Ocular Behavior
Chair: Wan-Li Ho (Emory University)

“The Religious Significance of Water Distribution in Vrindavana”
Gerald Carney (Hampden-Sydney College) 

 “Believing in an Earthly Pragmatism:  Taiwanese Women’s Environmental Groups and Interreligious Cooperation”
Wan-Li Ho (Emory University)

“Global Literate Networks and Karen Social Identity in Colonial Burma”
William Womack (Samford University) 

“The Eyes Have It:  On the Nature of Hindu Ocular Behavior”
 Thomas B. Ellis (Appalachian State University) 

T. The East Asian Economy in the 21st Century:  Export Trends, Intellectual Property, Innovation Clusters and Social Welfare
Chair:  William Head (Robins Air Force Base)

“Asian Merchandise Export Trends”
Howard H. Cochran, Jr. (Belmont University ) 
Dean A. Peterson (Nashville Export Assistance Center)

“Digital Music Distribution in China:  Opportunities and Challenges”
David Moser (Belmont University )

“The State and Innovation Clusters in Global Networks:  A Comparative Case Study on China’s Zhongguancun Science Park and South Korea’s Daedeok Valley”
Youngmin Jo (Indiana University) 

U.  Engendering the Nation in Modern China: Women Reformers, Social Authority, and Historiography
Discussant:  Karen Garner (Empire State College)

 “Reforming Women:  Female Social Workers and Social Work Educators in Republican China, 1920-1940”
Helen Schneider (Virginia Tech) 
“Gendering a Worker’s Revolution:  YWCA Industrial Worker Education in Shanghai, 1927-1942)
Elizabeth A. Littell-Lamb (University of Tampa)

“Feminism and Chinese Historiography”
Yunqiu Zhang (North Carolina A&T State University)

V.  Commercialism, Journalism and Modernity in Late Imperial and Modern China
Chair:  Susan Fernsebner (University of Mary Washington)

“Surveying ‘Articles Particular to the Locality’:  China at Turn-of-the-Century World’s Fairs”
Susan Fernsebner (University of Mary Washington)

“Selling Modern Hygiene in Late Qing Tianjin:  Commercial Ads on Hygenic Products in Dagong bao,  1902-1911”
Juanjuan Peng (Georgia Southern University) 

“Between Sensationalism and Didacticism:  News Coverage of the Huang-Lu Affair and the China News Industry in the Late 1920s”
 Qilang He (University of South Carolina, Upstate)

W.  Political Trust and Border Control in an Era of Globalization
 Chair:  Jonathan Z, Ludwig (Rice University)

“The Hidden Anti-Globalism in the PRC”
Domink Mierzejewski (University of Lodz) 

“Paradigm Conflicts among Allies:  Historical Origins of the Current US-South Korean Crack over North Korea”
Dongryul Kim (Saint Augustine’s College) 

“What are the Origins of Political Trust in China?  Toward a Causal Model”
Zhilin Tang (Purdue University)

“China’s Bilateral Relations with Central Asia”
Jonathan Z. Ludwig (Rice University)

X.  Screening of “Eating the Scorpion”

This documentary profiles North Carolina middle and high school teachers on educational travel in China, highlighting the importance of first hand experience in East Asia for secondary school faculty professional development. 
Discussion to follow moderated by Bogdan Leja (University of North Carolina)

6:00pm-7:00pm         Presidential Address- Elizabeth Perry (Harvard University)

9:00pm-11:00 pm      Reception for Faculty

6:45am-7:30am        Yoga session with Stacey Collins

8:00am-5:00pm        Registration and Book Display

8:30am-10:15am      Session 1

Y.  The Southeastern Review of Asian Studies (SERAS)

An introduction to the editorial policies of the journal and its audience.
Steven E. Gump, editor (University of Illinois and Urbana Champaign)
Z. Japanese Imperialism Through the Lens of Korea, Taiwan, and China
Discussant:  William Dorrill (Longwood University)

“Imperial Japan’s Recruitment of Korean Students for War, 1943”
Brandon Palmer (Coastal Carolina University)

“Japanese Colonial Administration:  A Warming or Scorching Sun?”
Hugh William Henry (Georgia Southern University)
“Serving the Japanese Empire:  The Ladies’ World
Yuxin Ma (University of Louisville) 

AA.  Strangers at the Gates of Learning:  Foreign Encounters with the Examination System of Late Imperial China
Discussant:  Ari Daniel Levine (University of Georgia)

“Hostile Takeover, 1683:  Ferdinand Verbiest’s Attempt to Infuse Christian Philosophy into the Civil Examination Curriculum”
Joachim Kurtz (Emory University)

“The Carrot As Stick: Civil Service Administration in Jiangnan and the Consolidation of Qing Rule”
John Williams (The Colorado College)
“Anatomy of Anomaly;  The Taiping State and Civil Service Examinations”
Rui Magone (Emory University)

“The Examination System and Western Knowledge: ‘Policy Essays’ (Celun) in the Civil Service Competitions, 1902-1904)
Iwo Amelung (University of Frankfurt am Main)

BB.  Defining Human Rights and Justice in Contemporary South East Asia
Chair: Paul A. Rodell (Georgia Southern) 

“Transitional Justice in Post-Suharto Indonesia”
Paige Tan (University of North Carolina, Wilmington)

“Aceh:  Contested Human Rights Discourse in Indonesia”
 Richard Rice (University of Tennessee, Chattanooga)

“Situating the Democractic Trajectories in Malaysia and Singapore within a Global Context”
Surain Subramaniam (University of North Carolina, Asheville)

CC.  Ethical and Political Discourse in Chinese Philosophy
 Chair:  Tom Pynn (Kennesaw State University)

“Confucianism as Memeplex:  Understanding the Interplay of Ritual, Moral Charisma and Bald Political Power in the Analects and Mencius”
Steven Geisz (University of Tampa)

“The Ethics of No Ethics in the Diamond Sutra and the Zhuangzi:  Similarities, Contrasts and Problems”
Joseph T. Johnson (Kennesaw State)

“Dao and Language:  Effective Rationality Deferentially Expressed by the Wu-forms”
Tom Pynn

DD.  Defining Civil Society in Contemporary Asia:  Linguistic, Comparative and Educational Perspectives
 Chair:  Daniel Métraux (Mary Baldwin College)

“The Chinese View of the World:  An Examination from a Linguistic Perspective”
Phebe Xu Gray (Lee University)

“Social Motivations for the Revival of Address Terms in China”
Xuexin Liu (Spelman College)

“Civil Society in East Asia:  Diverse Trajectories and Shared Particularities”
Kyung-Sup Chang (Seoul National University)

“The Impact of Economic Reforms on the Education Expenditure in India”
 Uma Kelekar (George Mason University)

10:15-10:30         Coffee Break

10:30-12:15        Session 2 

EE.  Media Matters:  Formal Transpositions in East Asian Culture
 Discussant:  Yoshihiro Yasuhara (Florida State University)

 “A Book in the Stream:  The Vicissitudes of the Voice in The Dream of the Red Chamber and Its Film Adaptations”
Ling Hon Lam (Vanderbilt University)

 “Silent Words and Sentient Objects:  Kuroi Senji’s ‘Running Family’ as ‘Engagement Literature’”
Peter Tillack (Tulane University)

“Politics, Language, Possibility:  Formal Transformations of Revolutionary Narratives in Maoist China”
Krista Van Fleit Hang (University of South Carolina)

“Chains of Elusiveness:  Buson and Kito’s Momosumomo Haikai Sequences”
Cheryl Crowley (Emory University)

FF.  Transportation Networks in China: Historical Origins and Environmental Implications
Chair: Hongbing Zhang (Fayetteville State University)

“Historical Development of the Public Transportation System in Shanghai During the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries”
Fang Zhou (Georgia Institute of Technology) 

“Between Nature and Nation:  Ancient Landscapes, Modern Transportation and the Historical Debates on Steamship and Railroad in Modern China, 1860-1890” Hongbing Zhang
“Best Foot Forward:  Cities Buildup China’s Environmental Footprint”
Isabella Notar (Mount Saint Mary’s University)

GG.  Film screening and discussion:  Bringing Lived Religion to the Teaching of Japanese Buddhisms Through Ethnographic Film

Donna Mote (Emory University) will screen and lead discussion of her documentary A Miyoshi Obon (46 minutes).  An “observational cinema” film about Obon, the Japanese Buddhist Festival of the Dead, this movie follows a family in rural northern Hiroshima prefecture as they commemorate the first Obon since the father’s death.  Discussion will focus on the uses of observational film in classroom teaching.

HH.  Modern Japanese Fiction:  Language, Ethnicity and Psychoanalysis
Chair: Nozomi Irei  (Coastal Carolina University)

“Mishima’s Sun and Steel and Endo’s Silence:  Instances of ‘Minor Literature’”
Nozomi Irei 

“The Intoxicating Heriarchies of Numa Shozo’s Domesticated Yapoo
Jason Herlands (University of Michigan)

“The Psychological Journey of the Hero in Murakami Haruki’s Kafka on the Shore
Jonathan Dil (Canterbury University)

II. Gender and Power in Chinese Fiction, Poetry and Film
Chair: Sally Jolles (Florida State University)

“Competing with History:  Tang Poetic Retelling of the Story of Emperor Xuanzong and His Prized Consort”
Li Zeng (University of Louisville)

“Mother Earth Tuya’s Marriage”
Ya-chen Chen (City College of New York)

“Body, Money, and Power in Feudal China:  Ideological Mutation in Eileen Chang’s Golden Cangue
Yu-Min (Claire) Chen (Indiana University Bloomington)

“Cao Yu’s Thunderstorm Against Zhang Yimou’s Curse of the Golden Flower:  Zhang Yimou’s Strategy in Today’s Current Film Market”
Sally Jolles  (Florida State University)

JJ. Utopianism and Christianity in East Asian History
Chair:  Anthony Clark (University of Alabama)

“The Origin of Sin and Evil in Christianity and the Chinese Tradition”
John Peale (Longwood University) 

“Utopianism in the Traditions of China, Japan and Russia”
Shiping Hua (University of Louisville)

 “China and the Church Militant:  Vatican Secret Archive Texts on the Conversion of China”
 Anthony Clark 

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