49th Annual Meeting
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY
January 15-17, 2010

"Democratization in Asia"
Meeting Program


As of January 15, 2010

The Brown Hotel (Downtown Louisville, Kentucky)

January 15, 2010 (Friday)  

3:00-8:00 PM Registration (Mezzanine 3rd Floor)
4:00-6:00 PM Executive Committee Meeting (Broadway A 3rd Floor)) 
6:00-8:00 PM Reception: Keynote Speaker (J. Graham Brown Suite):

            Dr. Roger Ames, Professor of Philosophy, University of Hawaii,
            “Confucian Holism and the Moral Imagination.”

January 16, 2010 (Saturday) 

 8:00-9:45 AM  1st Session

Panel 1: Chinese Political Culture (Broadway A 3rd Floor)
        Chair: Dr. Charlotte Beahan (Murray State University)
                “Revaluing the Zonghengjia  縱 橫 家: Undercurrents in Chinese Thought”
                Daniel Coyle (Birmingham-Southern College)
                 “Seeds of Immortality: Daoist use of Sesame in Early Medieval China”
                Suzanne Renée Simpson (Eckerd College)
                “Between Banking Elite and the Socialist State: Ren Fengbao’s Family

                Yuxin Ma, The University of Louisville 
                 “Lin VS. Deng: Personal Outlooks and National Directions”
                 Jing Jay Li, Duquesne University

Panel 2: Japanese Literature and Arts  (Broadway B 3rd Floor)
            Chair: Masamichi Inoue (University of Kentucky)
                “Blooming on the Wayside: Women and Poetry in Japan's Early Modern

               Cheryl Crowley (Emory University)
                “Beyond the Okinawa Initiative: Cocco's Musical Intervention into the U.S.
                Base Problems”

                Masamichi Inoue (University of Kentucky)
                “Japanese Film”
                Takushi Odagiri (Stanford University)

Panel 3: Roger Ames’s Work in Chinese Philosophy (Louis XVI Suite 3rd Floor)
            Chair: Shiping Hua (University of Louisville)  
                “Poesy vs. Democracy: Reflections on Ames’s Pragmatic Interpretation of                 Confucianism”
                Huaiyu Wang, Georgia College & State University
                “Confucian Role Ethics and Individualism”
                Steven Geisz, University of Tampa
                “Roger T. Ames’ Praxiology of Efficacy: Daoist Contributions toward a
                Comprehensive Philosophy of Peace”

                Tom Pynn, Kennesaw State University
                Response to the Three Scholars
                Roger Ames, University of Hawaii 

Panel 4: Democratization of East Asia (1) (Broadway C 3rd Floor)
            Chair: Daniel A. Métraux (Mary Baldwin College)
                “Comparing the Democratization of East Asia and South Africa”
                Sarah Davis (University of Louisville)
                “The Miyako Island Peasantry Movement and the Transformation of
                Okinawan Community”

                Wendy Matsumura (Furman University)
                “China v. United States: Has Democratization and The 1982 Constitution Led
                to a Similar Court System”

                James McKiernan III (University of Louisville)
                “The Nagayama Criteria for Assessing the Death Penalty in Japan;
                Reflections by one of the Suspects in the Case”

                Daniel A. Métraux (Mary Baldwin College)

9:45-10:00 AM   Coffee Break (South Alcove 3rd Floor)

10:00-11:45 AM   2nd Session

Panel 5: Democratization of East Asia (2): (Broadway A 3rd Floor)
            Chair: Janet Tan (Taiwan National Chengchi University) 
                “Democratization in East Asia: A Young Democracy in Taiwan”
                Janet Tan (Taiwan National Chengchi University)
                “Democratization and Judicial Independent Reform in Taiwan"
                Chin-Shou Wang, National Cheng Kung University
                 “Between Democracy and Imperialism: The Open Ports Movement, Treaty
                Revision, and Empire-Building, 1896-1899”

                Catherine Phipps, University of Memphis
                “Making Asian Identities through Global Cities: A Comparative Study of the
                Government’s Roles in Shanghai and Dubai”

                Xiao Hu, University of Idaho

Panel 6: Asian Political Culture (Broadway B 3rd Floor)
            Chair: Ginger Denton (University of Misssissippi)
                “Modes of Political Participation in Asia: Verba and Nie Revisited”
                Ginger Denton (University of Mississippi)
                “Constructing Religion in an Imagined Asia”
                Caleb Simmons (University of Florida) 
                “The Reach of Democratic Ideals through Buddhist Philanthropic Acts in

                Khun Eng Kuah-Pearce, Hong Kong University
                "Party Construction in Chinese Family Firms: A Case Study from Zhejiang"
                Jianhua Zhao, The University of Louisville

Panel 7: Politics and Modernity in Southeast Asia: Vietnamese, Cambodia, Laos(Louis XVI 3rd Floor)
             Chair: Jason Abbott (University of Surrey)                 
                “Electoral Authoritarianism and the print media in Malaysia:  Measuring
                Political Partisanship”
                Jason Abbott (University of Surrey)
                 "Polical Economy of Cambodia-China Relations: A Viewpoint of Social

                Don Jyh-Fu Jeng (National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan)
                 Phou Sambath (National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan)
                “Talat Sao and the Process of an Urban Undefinition of Lao Modernity”
                Jose Rafael Martinez (Ohio University)
Panel 8. Chinese Art and Politics (Broadway C 3rd Floor)
            Chair: Lawrence Chang (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
                “Soft Power of the Qing State during the Qianlong Period”
                Lawrence Chang (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
                “Discovering New Powers of Fiction in the Late Qing Period: Revisiting Liang
                Qichao’s Views on Fiction” 

                Yunyoung Hur (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
                “Novel Selection and the Content of Ziyou tan in Shen Bao from 1932-1935”
                Huang-lan Su (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
                "Chinese Palace Painting in Modern Japanese Art"
                Jingmin Zhang, University of Maryland at College Park
            Discussant: Dr. Yuxin Ma (The University of Louisville)

12:00-2:15PM AAS-SEC Business Meeting (The Gallery Ballroom 16th Floor)
    Call to Order: Dr. Daniel A Métraux, AAS-SEC President
    Introduction: Dr. Shiping Hua, Program Chair and Local Arrangements Chair    
    Welcome Remarks: Dr. Shirley Willihnganz, Provost, The University of Louisville
    Luncheon and Business Meeting  

 2:30-4:15 PM 3rd Session

Panel 9: Beyond Context: Chinese Painting and Illustration (Broadway A 3rd Floor)
            Chair: Li-Ling Hsiao (UNC-Chapel Hill)
                “Alarm in the Night: Lin Fengmian’s Speeding Birds in Western Context”

                David Ross (UNC-Chapel Hill)
                “Spirit of the Deep Sands”: Understanding Sha Wujing in the Illustration of
                Xiyou ji”

                Alexander Wille (Washing University in Saint Louis)
                “Framing Narratives: Illustrations of Reading in Some Chongzhen Fiction”
                Jing Zhang (New College of Florida) 
                “Beyond Words: Color Stationery and Letter Writing in Min Qiji’s Illustration
                of Xixiang ji”

                Li-ling Hsiao (UNC-Chapel Hill)

Panel 10: Japanese Culture and Society  (Broadway B 3rd Floor)
            Chair: Masako N. Racel (Kennesaw State University)
                “Ryosai Kenbo [Good Wives, Wise Mothers] and Victorian Womanhood:
                Shimoda Utako's View of the West”

                Masako N. Racel (Kennesaw State University)
                “The Role of the Identity Museum in Presenting Ainu Culture”
                Richard Rice (University of Tennessee/Chattanooga)
                “The Effects of the 2004 Reforms on Japanese Higher Education: Faculty

                Peter A. Weldon (University of California, Los Angeles)
                "Chalmers Johnson & the Role of Japanese Bureaucracy in Economy"
                Kazuo Yagami, Savannah State University

Panel 11: South Asia Democracy (Louis XVI Suite 3rd Floor)
            Chair: Benjamin Reilly (Johns Hopkins University) 
                “Political Development & Education in India”
                Steven Napier (University of Cincinnati)
                “Consensus Building and the Quest for Consolidation of Democracy in

                Mahbubur Rahman (York College of the City University of New York)
                “District Magnitude, Social Diversity and Indonesia’s Party System”
                Jungug Choi, University of Louisville/Konkuk University
                “Ideological Adaptability and the Role of Islamic Groups in Indonesia's

                LaiYee Leong (Southern Methodist University)

Panel 12: Politics in Northeast Asia (Broadway C 3rd Floor)
            Chair: Leo J. Daugherty (United States Army)
                “North Korea: A Viable State in the 21st Century?”
                Courtney Suhre, The University of Louisville
                “U.S. Naval Strategy and North Korea: Limited Means versus Significant

                Leo J. Daugherty (United States Army)
                “Creating Japan's Imperialist Image: Colonial City Building in Formosa and

                David Nelson (Austin Peay State University)
                "China and Russia in the 21st Century: Can The Dragon and The Bear
                Remain Friends?
                Jason Smith (The University of Louisville)

4:15-4:30 PM  Coffee Break (South Alcove 3rd Floor)

4:30-5:45 PM    Keynote Speech  (The Gallery Ballroom 16th Floor)
                "Religionization and the Reshaping of Asia's Religious Pluralism" 
                Dr. Robert W. Hefner, President, the Association for Asian Studies and
                Professor, Boston University.

January 17, 2010 (Sunday)

7:30-8:30 AM Executive Committee Meeting (J. Graham Brown Suite 3rd Floor)

8:30-10:15 AM  4th Session

Panel 13: Southeast Review of Asian Studies (SERAS) (Broadway A 3rd Floor)
                SERAS editorial meeting
                Steve Gump (University of Illinois)

Panel 14: Environment and Politics of China (Broadway B 3rd Floor)
            Chair: Denise Ho (University of Kentucky)
                “The Advent of a Chinese Environmental Movement? Considering the
                'Greening' of the Chinese State and Lessons from Pre-transition Poland”

                Stephen Hess (Miami University)
                “China’s Environmental Issues and Its Effect on Her Under-privileged

                James Wolf Yoxall, Mary Baldwin College 
                “China's Strategies towards Southeast Asia: An Eclectic and
                Interdisciplinary Perspective”

                Nghia Khac Nguyen (National Cheng-Kung University)

Panel 15: East Asian Culture and Society (Broadway C 3rd Floor)
            Chair: Delin Lai (University of Louisville)
                “Evidence of Artistic Transfer in Northeast Asia: Korean Goryeo Inlaid
                Celadons and Liao Three-color Glazed Ware”

                Kelly Kahmann (University of Kentucky)
                “Translation: A Strategy for Modernizing Chinese Architecture”
                Delin Lai (University of Louisville)
                “Cross the Borders: The Hip Hop Influence on the Chinese Youth Culture”
                Xue Xin Liu (Spelman College)
                “Early Ming Dynasty Health Principles for Long Life”
                E. Leslie Williams, Clemson University

Panel 16: East Asia Education (Louis XVI Suite 3rd Floor)
            Chair: Eddie McGee (Ohio University)
                “The Re-entry of U.S.-educated Chinese Students: A Historical Perspective”
                Eddie McGee (Ohio University)
                “East Asia in Geography and World History: Pedagogy and Assessment
                (Outreach Session)”

                M.A. McCoy (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga)
                “East Asia in Geography and World History: Pedagogy and Assessment
                (Outreach Session)”

                Alan Whitehead (White Station High School)
                 “East Asia in Geography and World History: Pedagogy and Assessment”
                Lucien Ellington (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga)
                 Ronald Kalafsky (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga)
10:15-10:30 AM   Coffee Break (South Alcove 3rd Floor)

10:30 AM -12:15 PM   5th Session

Panel 17: East Asian Literature and Politics (Broadway A 3rd Floor)
            Chair: Zeng Li (University of Louisville)
                "Two Models of Goddess Depictions in Medieval Chinese Literature"
Zhang Zhenjun (St. Lawrence University) 
                “Orientalism, Passions under Gaze, and Chinese Leitmotif Film in the 1990s:
                A  Case Study of Grief over the Yellow River”

                Yipeng Sheng (College of the Holy Cross)
                “Guns and God: Christian Missionaries, Internal Conflict, and Portuguese
                Weaponry in Japan 1542-1639"

                Helen Kaibara (Eastern Kentucky University)
                "Civic Engagement or Community Engagement in Modern Korea”
                Do Hyun Han (Academy of Korean Studies)

Panel 18:  Politics in Southeast Asia 2
            Chair: Jungug Choi (University of Louisville/Konkuk University)
                “Methamphetamine & Work in Mainland Southeast Asia: Call for a
                Multilevel Examination of Drug Use”

                Stacey McKenna (University of Colorado, Denver)
                “China's Strategies towards Southeast Asia: and Eclectic and

                Jen-Jaw Soong (National Cheng-Kung University)
                “District Magnitude, Social Diversity and Indonesia’s Party System”
                Jungug Choi, University of Louisville/Konkuk University
                 “Ideological Adaptability and the Role of Islamic Groups in Indonesia's

                 LaiYee Leong, (Southern Methodist University)

Panel 19:  Literary Democracy:  Diversity of Contemporary Chinese Literary Scene
            Chair: Harry Kuoshu (Forman University)
                “Feminizing the Communist Message: Women and the Communist Male Spy
                in Qianfu”

                Hongbing Zhang (Fayetteville State University)
                "Waiting for Derrida, in Bed: Jiu Dan, Uncanny and the Chinese Literary

                Harry Kuoshu (Furman University)
                "Chinese Chivalrous Romance"
                Dongming Zhang
                “Seeing is Believing: Faith, Doubt and Narrative in Ge Hong's Baopuzi

                Matthew Wells (University of Kentucky)     
Panel 20:  The Tension between the Self and Society in East Asia  (Louis XVI Suite 3rd Floor)
            Chair: Natasha C. Vaubel (Indiana University)
                “Inscribing ‘The Wisdom to Survive the Dark’: A Critical Response to the
                Survivalist Literature of Ota Yoko”

                Natasha C. Vaubel (Indiana University) 
                “A Spy Who Came from Within: Divided Nation, Divided Subjects in Kim
                Young-Ha’s Empire of Lights

                Ju Young Jin (Indiana University)
                “The Hidden and the Silent Subject: Rejection and Revision in Eileen Chang’s
                The Little Reunion

                Claire Chen (Indiana University)

Panel 21:  The Peasantry and Modernization–The Agrarian Question in
                    Contemporary China
(Citation A 1st floor)
            Chair: Jane Hayward (New York University)
                “China’s Agrarian Question and the Internationalization of the State”
                Mark Laffey (School of Oriental and African Studies)
                “The New Model Peasant in China’s Urban Industrialization”
                Jane Hayward (New York University)
                “Understanding the Everyday Life of Female Migrant Workers – A Historical

                Qian Zhu (New York University) 
                "Chinese Modernization and Politics International and Civilian
                Organizations: The Development of a New China"

                Robert Works (University of Louisville)

Co-Sponsored by (in alphabetical order):

    Academy of Korean Studies
    Crane House
    Sister Cities of Louisville
    Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Atlanta
    The University of Louisville:
            College of Arts and Sciences
            Department of Political Science
            The McConnell Center
            Asian Studies Program 
            The Institute for Democracy and Development