50th Annual Meeting
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
January 14-16, 2011

Program as of January 14, 2011

FedEx Global Education Center

Please Note the Special Addresses, Mandela Auditorium, on Saturday, January 15:
1:45 PM
Presidential Address
K. Sivaramakrishnan, Anthropology, Yale University
President, Association for Asian Studies

3:00-5:00 PM
Workshop in Electronic Resources for the Study & Teaching of
East Asia   
Davis Library 246 & 247

5:00 PM
Keynote Speech: "Inventing a 'Local" Portrait Style in the Photography of Early Modern China"
Wu Hung, Art History, The University of Chicago

Please as well the following paid advertisements in the meeting program:

January 14, 2011 (Friday) 

4:00-8:00 PM Registration (Atrium)
4:00-6:00 PM Executive Committee Meeting
                         (Room 4003  FedEx Global Education Center) 
5:30 -7:30-8:00 PM Reception, Musical Entertainment (Atrium)

January 15, 2011 (Saturday)

9:00 AM-7:00 PM   Workshop For K-12 Educators And Museum Docents
8:00 AM-5:00 PM  Registration and Book Exhibits (Atrium and 2nd floor balcony areas)
8:00-9:45 AM  1st Session

1.   Positioning Taiwanese Art in the Modern Period (1900s-1950s)
      Mandela Auditorium

"Modernity in Agony:  Contemporaneity and the Representation of Modern Life in Colonial Taiwanese Art"
Andrew Shih-ming Pai, National Taiwan Normal University

"Who is She? Taiwanese Modern Female Portrayed by Chen Chin and Her Contemporaries in the 1930s"
Yu-chun Lin, Taipei Fine Arts Museum

"Embedded Messages:  Icons, Power, and Artistic Practice in Colonial Taiwan"
Chinghsin Wu, UCLA

"Beyond Abstract: The Social Situation and Cultural Value of Taiwan New Art in the 1950s"
Chien Hui Kao,Independent art critic and curator, Chicago, Illinois

Chair:  Wei-Cheng Lin, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Discussant:  An-Yi Pan, Cornell University

2.   Japan through the Arts: Fiction, Film, Theater
      Room 1005

“Still Frames and Seriality: (International) Film Aesthetics at the Dawn of Television Animation and Manga”
Dr. Laura Lee, Florida State University

"Patronage and Popular Culture: The Effects of the Akō incident on Sengakuji Temple"
Matt Mitchell, Duke University

“Rethinking Modern Tokyo: Exit from Norwegian Wood”
Chiaki Takagi, UNC Greensboro

Chair: David Ambaras, North Carolina State University
3.   Fantasies Amidst the Ruins of Empire: Occupied Japan
      Room 1009

"Recipe for War and Peace: Discourse on Eating and Empire in 1940s Japan"
Noriko J. Horiguchi, University of Tennessee

"Imaging Comfort Women:  The Asia-Pacific War and Aftermath"
Eleanor Kerkham, University of Maryland, College Park

"Tokyo Romance: Earnest Hoberecht and his Japanese Fan Club"
Marlene Mayo, University of Maryland, College Park

Chair: Miles Fletcher, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

4.   Lessons Learned and Not Learned: Southeast Asia and the United States
      Room 2008

"The Philippine Teaches an American Teacher: John S. Noffsinger and the Global Impact of the Philippine Colonial Experience"
Paul Rodell, Georgia Southern University

"Regional Politics and Diplomacy before the Cambodian Invasion of 1970"
James Gillam, Spellman College

Chair and discussant:  William P.  Head, US Air Force

5.   Asia through the Lens of Geography
      Room 2010

"Middlemen, Entrepreneurs, or 'Type A' Migrants: Understanding East Africa Gujaratis in Indian History"
Savita Nair, Furman University   

"Commodifying Culture: Tourism in Bhutan"
Susan M. Walcott, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

"A Charismatic Glacier: Representation and Interpretation of Ice Loss at Gangotri-Gaumukh in India and Beyond"
Georgina Drew, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"Dongshan Shenggong and Nanshan Shengmu: Southwest China’s Regal Adam and Eve"
Steven Frost, LAMP Academic Magnet Program High School

Chair:  Dorothy Borei, Guilford College

6.   The Politics of Identity Past and Present
      Room 3024

"The Older, The Better: The Question of National Ancestor in Ancient History of East Asia"
Stella Xu, Roanoke College   

"The Narration of History, Identity and Chinese Modernity in Chinese Platonists"
Leihua Weng,The University of South Carolina

"East Asian Identity and Regionalism"
Alexis Littlefield, National Chung Hsing University, Graduate Institute of International Politics, Taiwan

"Framing Collective Identity: The Pro-Tapanuli Movement in Indonesia"
Suzanna Eddyono, University of Pittsburgh

Chair: John E. Van Sant, University of Alabama, Birmingham

7.   Performance in Asia; Music, Film, Boxing
      Room 2008

"Carmen as a Wild Rose: Global and Local Themes in the Music of Hong Kong Cinema"
Marzanna Poplawska, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"Globalization, Postmodernism, and World Music: The Case of Hindi Film" Song
John Caldwell, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"Muay Thai, Exhaustion and the Senses in Sacrifice"
Paul Schissel, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chair:  Jiayun Zhuang, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

8.   Workshop on Language Teaching and Culture
      Panel One: Chinese Language Instruction
      Room 4003

Workshop Leader: Wendan Li, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

“The Design And Teaching of an Advanced Business Chinese Course”
Yi Zhou, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“Curriculum Design for Advanced Heritage Learners of Chinese”
Tianshu He, Duke University

“The Use of Authentic Materials in the Training of Advanced-Level Conversation”
Hang Zhang, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“How to Present When Teaching Chinese Characters—An Experimental Study” Zhengbin Lu, Spelman College

“Strategies-based Reading Instruction of L2 Chinese Reading”
Jia Lin, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Chair: Yi Zhou, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

9:45-10:00 AM   Coffee Break (Atrium)

10:00-11:45am  2nd Session

9.   Beyond Context I:  Visuality in Chinese Narrative Literature--A Panel Honoring
      Professor Robert E. Hegel

      Mandela Auditorium
"Mapping the Cosmos: Visuality and the Classic of Mountains and Seas"
Sing-chen Lydia Chiang, Boston College
"Visualizing a Lost Capital: Space and Memory in an Early Medieval Memoir"
Manling Luo, Indiana University

"Delivering Love: The Expressive Color Stationery in The Story of Bu Feiyan"
Li-ling Hsiao, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"Physical Virtues: Corporeality and Identity in Scholar-Beauty Romances"
Mei Chun, Independent Scholar

"Theatrical Femininities: A Comparison of Mei Lanfang and Ouyang Yuqian’s Honglou meng Plays"
Jing Shen, Eckerd College

Chair: Li-ling Hsiao, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Discussant:  Robert E. Hegel, Washington University at St. Louis

10. Old Trends in New Religions, New Trends in Old: Demographics, Doctrines
and Death in Contemporary Japanese Religious Practice
       Room 1009 

"The Dance of Heavenly Wisdom: An Encounter with Tenrikyō"
Simon Partner, Duke University

"New Wine in Old Bottles?  Shinnyo-en and the Question of Categories"
Pamela  D. Winfield, Elon University

"Masking Commodification and Sacralizing Consumption: Corporate Animal Memorial Rites in Contemporary Japan"
Barbara Ambros, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"Hiraizumi Kiyoshi (1895-1984): State Shinto and National History in Wartime Japan and Beyond"
Kiyoshi Ueda, Hosei University

Chair: Pamela Winfield, Elon University
Discussant: Jay Ford, Wake Forest University

11. Taiwan:  Politics
       Room 2008

"Another Scandal of Empire? The Japanese Sugar Incident and Japanese Colonial Rule in Taiwan"
Michael B. Smith, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"Political Change from the Bottom Up: Militant Movements in Taiwan’s Democratization"
Andy Scott Chang, University of California, Berkeley

"Comparing Taiwan and the West: The Emergence of Ecofamilism"
Wan-Li Ho, Emory University

"Political Participation in Taiwan, 2001-2006"
Howard B. Sanborn IV, Virginia Military Institute

"Democratization and the Rise of Judicial Politics in Taiwan"
Chin-shou Wang, National Cheng Kung University
Chair: Eriberto P. Lozada, Jr., Davidson College

12. Asia and America
       Room 2010

"Japanese Prostitution for the State and Foreigners—Karayuki-san, Rashamen, and the RAA Comfort Women"
Masako Ikenushi, Georgia Perimeter College 

"Not Driven Out: Exceptions to the General View that All Chinese in California Faced Violent Discrimination in the late 19th Century"
Daniel A. Métraux, Mary Baldwin College

“Journey Beyond the Known: Japanese Immigration to Peru, 1899-1950”
Cheyenne N. Haney, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Chair: Daniel A. Métraux, Mary Baldwin College
Discussant:  Jim Yoxall, Mary Baldwin College

13. Imagining Shanghai  
       Room 3024

"The Greater Shanghai Project: Unfulfilled Expectations in the Wake of High Hopes and Optimism (1927-1937)"
 Fang Zhou, Georgia Gwinnett College

"National Father & Pan-Asian Brother:  The Sun Yatsen Mausoleum during the Japanese Occupation of Nanjing, 1937-1945"
Charles D. Musgrove, St. Mary’s College of Maryland

"Shanghai Modern Eroticism in the Cartoons of Guo Jianying (Kuo Chien-Tien)"
Richard Rice, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga

 “'Where the Soft Tobacco Breezes Blow': Life in the Pudong Internment Camp,1943- 1945”
Lawrence Kessler, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill   

Chair: Michelle King, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

14. Visions of Love and Beauty in China
       Room 3033

"The Joy Luck Club, Judou, Pavilion of Women: Gains and Losses from 'Cinematic Novel' to 'Literary Cinema'”
Li Zeng, University of Louisville

"Woman and Flower: The Aestheticization of ci詞 during the Late Northern Song"
Vivian She, Harvard University

Chair: Inger Brodey, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

15.  Workshop on Language Teaching and Culture
       Panel Two: The Teaching of Language and Culture – Course Design and

       Room 4003

Workshop Leader: Wendan Li, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill 

“Scaffolding Culture through Online Multimedia Materials”
Kunshan Carolyn Lee, Duke University

“Japanese Cultural Influence on Language Borrowing in China”
Xuexin Liu, Spellman College

“Teaching Culture in the Strategic Language Classroom: Is All Culture Learning Equal? Students’ Perceptions of Persian Language and Culture”
Shahla Adel, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“’Chinese Language and Society,’—A Language/Content Course”
Wendan Li, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Chair: Kunshan Carolyn Lee, Duke University

12:00-1:30 PM AAS-SEC Business Meeting
                          (Chancellor’s Ballroom, The Carolina Inn)   
-Call to Order: Cheryl Crowley, AAS-SEC President  
-Introduction: Dr. Wei C. Lin, Program Chair and Local Arrangements Chair        
-Welcome Remarks: Administrators UNC Chapel Hill   
-Luncheon and Business Meeting
1:45-2:50 PM  KEYNOTE SPEECH  (Mandela Auditorium)
"Nature and Nationalism in India"
K. Sivaramakrishnan, Anthropology, Yale University
President, Association for Asian Studies

3:00-4:45 PM 3rd Session

16. Beyond Context II:  Visuality in Chinese Narrative Literature--A Panel Honoring
       Professor Robert E. Hegel
       Mandela Auditorium

"In the Thievish Eyes: Visualizing Reading in Li Yu’s Stories"
Jing Zhang, New College of Florida

"Gaze in Li Yu’s (1611-80) Four Stories"
Jie Zhang, Trinity University

"The Making of the Lyrical Moment in the Honglou meng: The Complementarity of the Visual and the Textual"
 Li Qiancheng, Louisiana State University

"The Albums in the Land of Illusion: Visualizing Baoyu's Visualization"
Liangyan Ge, University of Notre Dame

"Pleasures in Visualized Adaptation: Repainting the Portrait of Wang Mian in Wu Jingzi’s Rulin waishi (The Scholars)"
Xiaoquan Raphael Zhang, University of Oregon

Chair:  Robert E. Hegel, Washington University at St. Louis
Discussant: Maram Epstein, University of Oregon

17. Japan beyond Japan: Transnational Culture and Japanese Writing and Art
       Room 1009

"Murakami Takashi’s Transnational Collaborations and the Question of Politics"
Rachel DiNitto, College of William and Mary

"Yumeno Kyûsaku’s Right-Wing Critique of Japan’s Imperialism: Rethinking Dogura Magura (1935)"
Mark Driscoll, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"Transnational Localities: Osaka and the Philippines in Oda Sakunosuke’s Waga machi"
Michael P. Cronin, College of William and Mary

""Ninja in the Dragon's Den: The Development of an East Asian Cinematic Imaginary" "
Marc Yamada, Wake Forest University

Chair: Mark Driscoll, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

18. Cultural Engineering in East Asia  
       Room 3033

"Changes in Korean Buddhist Soteriology during Japanese and American Occupation"
 Ronald S. Green, Coastal Carolina University
"Confucianism: A New Source of China’s Soft Power?”
Min Ye, Coastal Carolina University
"Imperial Japan’s Efforts to Militarize Korean Policy, 1937-45"
Brandon Palmer,Coastal Carolina University

Chair: Brandon Palmer, Coastal Carolina University   
Discussant: Michael J. Seth, James Madison University

19. The History and Business of Medicine in Asia
       Room 2010

"Origins of the Japanese Pharmaceutical Industry: A Study of the Modernization of the Practice of Pharmacy in the Meiji Period"
Julia Yongue, Hosei University

"The Myth of East Asian Welfare: Social Protection in a Globalized Economy"
Huisheng  Shou, Christopher Newport University

"The Legal Awakening of Women Workers in China"
Yunqiu Zhang, North Carolina A&T State University

Chair:  Sucheta  Mazumdar, Duke University

20.  Fighting Words and Pretty Pictures: Renegotiations of Hindi-Urdu in the 20th
       Room 3024

"Visual Aspects of Early 20th-Century Literary Production: Raja Ravi Varma and the Emergence of Modern Hindi Poetry"
Sujata Mody, North Carolina State University

"Tainted literature: Women’s Writing in mid-20th Century Urdu Magazines"
 Afroz Taj, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"Reprising Tulsidas: The ‘Sanskritization’ of the Radheshyam Ramayana"
Pamela Lothspeich, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"What Lies Beyond the Script: Hindi vs. Urdu Short Stories"
Christine Everaert, North Carolina State University

Chair: Pamela Lothspeich, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
21. Korean Society:  Identity, Diaspora, Education
       Room 2008

"Rethinking Diversity in Korea: Examining Ideological Underpinnings of Multiculturalism in Education Practice"
Ji-Yeon Jo, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Min-Sung Jung, Korea National Open University

"A Quest for Transnational Identity: A Contemporary Korean artist, Suh Do-Ho (1962-)"
Seojeong Shin, Northern Virginia Community College

"Not Your Ordinary Pickle: Kimchi in Scientific, Social Scientific, and Humanistic Discourse"
Steven E. Gump, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  

"The Cultural Landscape of Korean Relational Emotion, Jeong (정, 情), from the Semiotic Perspective of Proverbial Expressions"
Gui-Young Hong, Interdisciplinary Research Solutions

Chair:  Hae-young Kim, Duke University

22. Politics and Democracy in Southeast Asia
       Room 1005

"Assessing the Challenges to Liberal Democratic Change in Malaysia since the 2008 General Elections"
Surain Subramaniam, University of North Carolina, Asheville

"Reining in the Reign of the Parties: Political Parties in Contemporary Indonesia"
Paige Tan, University of North Carolina, Wilmington

"Critical Junctures and Poor Institutions: The Military’s Political Autonomy under Democratic Rule in the Philippines"
Aries Ayuson Arugay, Georgia State University

Chair and Discussant: Paul A. Rodell, Georgia Southern University
4:45-5:00 PM  Coffee Break (Atrium)

5:00-6:30 PM    Keynote Speech  

Wu Hung, "Contemporary Chinese Photography and Contemporary China."

7:00 PM  Reception at the Ackland Art Museum; all can see Silk Road Exhibit; can go to dinner on their own, several restaurants nearby

January 16, 2010 (Sunday)

7:30-8:30 AM Executive Committee Meeting (Alumni Room, Carolina Inn) 

8:30-10:15 AM  4th Session

23. Modern & Contemporary Art and Architecture
      Room 1005

"A Turning Point for Guohua?  Xu Beihong and His Encounter with the Socialist Spirit"
Weihong Du, Knox College

"The Empty Eye and the Full Heart: Lin Fengmian’s Figure Paintings"
David A. Ross, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"Nihei Tsutomu and the Poetics of Space"
Keith Leslie Johnson, Augusta State University

"Intercrossings between Cartoon and 'National Art': Ye Qianyu’s Search for the Sinicized Cartoon"
Carolyn FitzGerald, Auburn University

Chair: Ken Berger, Duke University (retired)

24. Japanese Politics and History
       Room 1009

"Structural Impediments: Hikyaku Transporters and the Problems of Communications in Tokugawa Japan"
Charles Andrews, Randolph-Macon College

"Joseph Heco and the Birth of  'Modern' Japanese Newspaper"
Todd S. Munson, Randolph-Macon College

"Of Lice and Men: Memory, Atrocity, Postcolonial Composition and Ecological Decomposition in Kim Sok-pom’s The Incredible Tale of Mandogi’s Ghost"
William H. Bridges IV, Princeton University

"Shashin Shuho (Picture Weekly): Visual Indoctrination in Militarist Japan, 1938-1945"
Judit Magyar, Waseda University 

Chair: Morgan Pitelka, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

25. Chinese History : Travel, Citizenship, Diplomacy
       Room 3024

"Pausing at Stone Gate Pass: Exploring Traces of Imperial Expansion and Local Resistance along a Spur of the Southwestern Silk Road"
James A. Anderson, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

"Teaching Citizenship, Teaching Citizens: Envisioning Guomin in Late Qing Educational Reform"
Zachary Smith, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"Evolutionism and the Critical Conflluence of Religion and Literature in the Late Qing China"
Makiko Mori, Auburn University

"Crimping on the China Coast: Recruiting and Transporting Contract Labor on the South China Coast, 1845-74"
Dorothea A. L. Martin, Appalachian State University

Chair: James A. Anderson, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

26.  After Mao: In the Wake of the Cultural Revolution
       Room 2010

"Criticism and Catharsis in Two Recent Sculptures of Mao Zedong by the Gao Brothers"
David Cateforis, The University of Kansas

"‘Sent-down Youth’ Narratives: The Chinese Cultural Revolution and the Politics of Memory in the Post-Mao Era"
Dáša Pejchar Mortensen, University of North Carolina at  Chapel Hill   

"Mao’s Ideology and Artistic Form of The Legend of the Red Lantern"
Chang Qing, Washington University in St. Louis

“'Making it new': Comics and Animation as (Official) Culture Industry"
Sean Macdonald
University of Florida

Chair: Robin Visser, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

27. Politics of Asia Today -- Part One
       Room 3033

"How to Distinguish 'Rich' from 'Poor': Perceived Markers of Wealth in Rural China"
Lu Liu, RTI International

Neo-liberalisms in China: Its Historical Background and Its Future"
Zhiyuan Chen, Appalachian State University

"Testing the Neoliberal Paradigm among Highland Smallholders of Northwest Vietnam"
Richard Owens, University of Georgia.

"North Korea’s 1990s: Famine in Historical Perspective"
Michael J. Seth, James Madison University

Chair and discussant: Kevin Hewison, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

28. Translation and Transcription in Asia: Art, Business, Politics
       Room 3009
"The Academic Rigors of Scholarly Translation"
 Jason M. Morgan, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

"Phonetic Transcriptions: The Challenge Encountered in Studying Chinese Sub-Ethnic Groups in Perak, British Malaya"
Ai Boay Tan, University of Malaya

"Western Learning and Translation Business in Early 20th Century Hubei Province: An Investigation of the Wuchang Foreign Translation Series"
Yeung Man Shun, The University of Hong Kong

"The Cultural Ideology of Korean Diasporas in Reading a Religious Text"
David W. Kim, University of Sydney
Chair: Cheryl Crowley, Emory University

29. On the Horizon: New Publications in Asian Studies
       Room 4003

"Publishing in SEC/AAS Journal, SERAS (Southeastern Review of Asian Studies)
Li-ling Hsiao
Co-Editor, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"The Encyclopedia of Hinduism: The Project and the Process"
Hal W. French, University of South Carolina
10:15-10:30 AM   Coffee Break (Atrium)

10:30 AM -12:15 PM   5th Session  

30. Chinese Media
       Room 1005

"Enchantment and Disenchantment in the Age of Nostalgia: Chen Yifei’s Evening Liaison and 'Shanghai Nostalgia'”
Qin Chen, The Ohio State University

"Screening Mediations"
Calvin Hui, Duke University

"Tracing Desire: Cell Phone and the Self-Reflexivity of Contemporary Chinese Media"
Kun Qian, University of Richmond

"A Bertolucci Triangle: Varied Modes of Doing Popular/Art Films in China"
Harry Kuoshu, Furman University

"The Global Cinema of the Seer: Deleuze, Italian Neorealism and New Chinese Cinema"
Richard Letteri, Furman University

Chair:  Yaohua Shi, Wake Forest University

31.  Reading and Teaching Japanese Literature
       Room 1009

"Fantasies of Childhood: Seirei no Moribito and Japanese Children’s Literature"
Alanna Mori, Duke University

"An Interdisciplinary Study of Environmental Challenges Using Japanese Literature"
Jason R. Harshman, The Ohio State University

"Girls Reading Magazines: Beautiful Girls Pictorial Book"
Yao Hsiao, Duke University

"Hikikomania: Existential Horror or National Malaise?"
Kathleen Hunter Lea Todd, Mary Baldwin College

Chair: Hiroko Hirakawa, Guilford College

32. Philosophy and Religion in China
       Room 2010

"A Comparison of Heguanzi and the Huainanzi with Regards to Government"
Irena Cronin, UCLA

"Xunzi’s Method of Mourning in the Late Warring States"
Thomas Radice, Southern Connecticut State University

"A Great Fight of Afflictions: Protestant Martyrology in China"
Brent Whitefield, Valparaiso University

"The Highest Efficacy: On the de of DAO DE JING"
John Peale, Longwood University

Chair:  John Tucker, Eastern Carolina University

33. Using the Past as Strategy for the Present
       Room 3024

"The Visual Culture of the Kshaharata Kshatrapas "
David Efurd, Wofford College

"Two Modes of Engagement with History and Modernity in Domoto Insho’s Buddhist Temple Art"
Yasuko Tsuchikane, Seton Hall University

"Traversing the Transnational: Representation and the Translational Models for Urbanization in Mid-twentieth Century Japan"
David P. Phillips, Wake Forest University

Chair: David P. Phillips, Wake Forest University

34. Politics of Asia Today -- Part Two
       Room 3033

"MUKTAMAR 2010: Liberal Islam Observed in Indonesia"
James Peacock, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill   

"Tibet and the Question of Genocide"
David M. Crowe, Elon University

"Sense and Sensitivity: US-China Relations at a Crossroads"
Wei-Chin Lee, Wake Forest University

Chair: Yong Cai, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
35. Imagining the Other: Asians in the West, Westerners in Asia
      Room 3009

"The Photographer and the Ex-Pat: Two Englishmen and the Russo-Japanese War"
Charles Shull,  Lynchburg College

"Occidentialism in Early Japanese Travel Literature of the Iwakura Mission"
Laurel Foote-Hudson, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"The Imagined Western World: Wang Tao’s Short Stories"
Xiaoling Shi, Allegheny College

"Women and the Wuxia Series"
Crystal S. Anderson, Elon University

"The Gizmo Question: Japan Inc and the American Nightmare"
Michael J. Blouin, Michigan State University

Chair: Mary Knighton, Washington and Lee University

36. Border Tensions, Power Plays: China, India, Japan
       Room 2008

"A Bridge Too Far? The Conflicted Religious Ecology of Contemporary Vrindaban"
Gerald Carney, Hampden-Sydney College

"Uncle John Bull and Chinese Claims to the Paracels before the Pacific War"
Thomas Breslin, Florida International University

"Village Elections and the Rise of Village Toughs"
Yusheng Yao, Rollins College

"Japanese Castaways, China Missionaries, and Renga Kusha in the Opening of Japan"
Jessie G. Lutz, Rutgers University

Chair:  Dan Gold, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

37. Bringing Home the Periphery: Hokkaido and Okinawa in Japanese History
      Room 1009

"The Historical Significance of the Arashiyama Incident of 1931"
Wendy Matsumura, Furman University

"The Civilized “Japanese”?: Competing Narratives of the Civilized and Primitives in the Late Nineteenth Century and the Early Twentieth Century"
Kasumi Hasegawa, Emory University

“Imagined Countries in Early Modern Diplomacy: Takarajima and other Fantasies”
Mark Ravina, Emory University

Chair: Richard Rice, University of Tennessee/Chattanooga

38. "Applying for a Research Grant from the NEH
      (National Endowment for the Humanities)"

      Room 4003

Information session with Mark Silver, Program Officer, Research
Division, National Endowment for the Humanities. Participants are
encouraged, but not required, to read the two sample applications
                         NEH Sample Application 1 (Sichuan).pdf (31KB)
                         NEH Sample Application 2 (Violent Politics).pdf (170KB);

12:15-2:00 PM      Farewell Luncheon, courtesy of TECO & Gourmet
                                Kingdom Restaurant (Atrium)

a. Opening reception will feature light refreshments along with faculty music performance.

b. Farewell luncheon will be casual Chinese buffet sponsored by Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office (TECO)

c. Reception at the Ackland Art Museum will be light refreshments, wine, and beverages.

d. Conference rooms available at GEC are: 1005 (seats 64), 1009 (seats 36)2008 (seats 12), 2010 (seats 12)3024 (seats 36), 3033 (seats 16), 3009 (seats 25, available after noon, Friday, Jan. 14)4003 (seats 36)