52nd Annual Meeting
University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Wilmington, NC
January 18-20, 2013

Conference Program

Program as of January 14, 2013

The organizers of the 2013 SEC-AAS annual meeting gratefully acknolwedge the support of the Korea Foundation, the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Atlanta, the Association for Asian Studies, and from UNCW: the Office of international Programs; the College of Arts and Sciences; the Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion; the departments of English, History, International Studies, and Public and International Affairs; and the Masters in Public Administration Program.

Friday, January 18, 2013

3:00pm-6:45pm        Registration, Hilton Riverside,3rd Floor Lobby
3:00pm-5:30pm        Book Exhibit,3rd Floor Lobby
3:00pm-5:00pm        Executive Board Meeting, Hilton Riverside, Executive Board Room
5:45pm-6:45pm        Welcome reception, City Hall Ballroom, Thalian Hall, 310 Chestnut
                                    Street (See map in the printed conference program)
                                     Remarks by SEC-AAS President Shiping Hua and  
                                     Denise DiPuccio, Assistant Provost for International Programs,
                                    Sushi from Nikk's Sushi, drinks via cash bar.  You must have
                                    registered for the conference at the Hilton in order to attend the
6:45pm                      Introduction of the Film and South Korean Cinema by UNCW
                                    Professor  Nandana Bose, Theatre, Thalian Hall, 310 Chestnut
                                    Street (see map in the printed conference program).
                                    With cash bar.
7:00pm                      Film: The Good, the Bad, and the Weird (South Korea), Thalian
                                    Hall, 310 Chestnut Street (see map in the conference program).
                                    Reception, discussion and film supported by the Korea Foundation.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

7:45am-8:15am        Coffee
7:45am-5:00pm        Book Exhibit,3rd Floor Lobby
8:00am-12:00pm      Registration, Hilton Riverside Cape Fear Registration
8:15am-10:00am      Concurrent Panel Sessions I (see detailed schedule below for
                                      breakdown of panels)
10:00am-10:15am    Break
10:15am-12:00pm    Concurrent Panel Sessions II (see detailed schedule below for
                                      breakdown of panels)
12:00pm-1:25pm      Luncheon and Business Meeting.
1:00pm-6:30pm        Registration, Hilton Riverside Cape Fear Registration
1:30pm-2:45pm        President’s Address by the Association for Asian Studies
                                     President, Theodore Bestor, Harvard University, “Disaster and
                                      After: Culture and Memory after March 11, 2011,Tohoku,” Cape
                                      Fear Salon B
2:45pm-3:00pm        Break
3:00pm-4:45pm        Concurrent Panel Sessions III (see detailed schedule below for
                                     breakdown of panels)
4:45pm-6:30pm        Dinner Break
6:30pm-8:00pm        Emerging Scholar Lecture by Yong Cai, University of North
                                     Carolina-Chapel Hill, “China‟s New Demographic Reality and Its
                                      Implications.” Introduction by Jan Bardsley, SEC-AAS Vice
                                      President, Cape Fear Salon B

Sunday, January 20, 2013

7:30am-8:30am        Executive Council Breakfast Meeting, Hilton Riverside Executive
                                     Board Room
7:45am-12:30pm     Book Exhibit,3rd Floor Lobby
8:00am-8:30am       Coffee
8:00am-10:30am     Registration, Hilton Riverside Cape Fear Registration
8:30am-10:15am     Concurrent Panel Sessions IV (see detailed schedule below for
                                     breakdown of panels)
10:15am-10:30am   Break
10:30am-12:15pm   Concurrent Panel Sessions V (see detailed schedule below for
                                     breakdown of panels)
12:30pm-2:00pm      Farewell Lunch, Location TBD. Lunch supprted by the Taipei
                                      Economic and Cultural Office in Atlanta

Schedule of Concurrent Panel Sessions

Saturday, January 19

8:15am-10:00am, Concurrent Sessions I

Panel 1:      Pedagogical Approaches and Curriculum Development in Asia Studies
                    Room Bellamy
Chair: Surain Subramaniam University of North Carolina at Asheville, surain@unca.edu
Discussant: Lane J. Harris, Furman University, lane.harris@furman.edu

“A Cross-Linguistic Study of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English Prosodic Systems for Pedagogical Purposes”
Hang Zhang, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, hangz@email.unc.edu

“Writing, Character, and Community: East Asian Calligraphy in the Curriculum”
Cheryl Crowley, Emory University, ccrowle@emory.edu

“Advancement of Asian Studies: Seeing the Present for the Future”
Xuexin Liu, Spelman College, xliu@spelman.edu

Panel 2:     China’s Diplomacy in World Politics
                    Room DeRosset
Chair/Discussant: Brantly Womack, University of Virginia, Brantly@gmail.com

“China’s Conditional Affirmation of Soviet Bloc Leadership, 1956-58”
Austin Jersild, Old Dominion University, ajersild@odu.edu

“Dualistic Identity and State Emotion: A Social Constructionist Account of China’s Diplomacy”
Ning Liao, Old Dominion University, nliao001@odu.edu

“The Very Dangerous Senkaku Island Dispute Between Japan and China”
Daniel A. Métraux, Mary Baldwin College, dmetraux@mbc.edu

Panel 3:     Japanese Arts, Literature and Philosophy
                    Room Dudley
Chair/Discussant: David Blaylock, Eastern Kentucky University, david.blaylock@eku.edu

“Constructing the Divine: Depictions of Hidden Buddhist Icons in Medieval Japanese Temple Legend Scrolls”
Elizabeth Morrissey, University of Pittsburgh, emm104@pitt.edu

“Cyberpunk Ecology:  On Nihei Tsutomu”
Keith Leslie Johnson, Augusta State University, kjohns87@aug.edu

“The Eyes of an Aging Man: Kawabata Yasunari and Gabriel Garcia Marquez”
Robert C. Petersen, Middle Tennessee State University, rpeterse@mtsu.edu

Panel 4:     Korean Studies in Contemporary and Historical Perspectives
                    Room Latimer
Chair: Joshua Van Lieu, LaGrange College,  jvanlieu@lagrange.edu
Discussant: Brandon Palmer, Coastal Carolina University, bpalmer@coastal.edu

“Translating Emotion: Gendered Representation of Modernity in Newspaper-Serialized Fiction in 1910s Colonial Korea”
Jooyeon Rhee, Wittenberg University, rheej@wittenberg.edu

“Sacralizing a Korean Epidemic God: Shinra Myōjin’s Chinese Home in the Japanese Tendai imaginaries”  
Sujung Kim, Columbia University, sk2921@columbia.edu

“Where East Does Not Meet West: Historical Context for and Consequences of Musical Ambivalence in the Korean-American Protestant Church”
Paula Gates, Independent Scholar, kotchkalady@aol.com

Panel 5:     Contemporary India and Pakistan in South Asia Studies
                    Room McRae
Chair/Discussant: Savita Nair, Furman University, savita.nair@furman.edu

“Sati in Contemporary India”
Kay K. Jordan, Radford University, kjordan@RADFORD.EDU

“Contesting Vishnu: A Repainted Marriage Scene at Madurai”
Amy-Ruth Holt, The Ohio State University, asianprofessor@gmail.com

“Pakistani Women”
Nasreen Akhtar, International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan, nasreenab@yahoo.com

Panel 6:      Women and Gender Role in Chinese Societies
                    Room Skinner
Chair/Discussant: Michelle Scatton-Tessier, University of North Carolina at Wilmington, scattonm@uncw.edu

“Re-envisioning Eco-feminist Relationships in Taiwan”
Wan-Li Ho, Emory University, who@emory.edu

“The Construction of a New Womanhood in Chen Hengzhe’s Autobiography”
Tieniu Cheng, Savannah State University, chengt@savannahstate.edu

“Love, Sex and History: Beijing Story as a Gay Fiction and a Danmei Fiction”
Qin Chen, The Ohio State University, chen.1479@buckeyemail.osu.edu

“Female Voice in the Chinese Contract Tradition”
Catherine Chang, Winthrop University, changc@winthrop.edu

10:15am-12:00pm    Concurrent Panel Sessions II

Panel 7:     Development of Nationalism and Regionalism in East and Southeast Asian

                    Room Bellamy
Chair/Discussant: James Anderson, University of North Carolina-Greensboro, jaander2@uncg.edu

“Earthquake Nationalism in the Land of Catfish”
Chiaki Takagi, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, c_takagi@uncg.edu

“Commemorating Nie Er in Reform era Yunnan: Narratives of Nationalism and Regionalism”
Joshua Howard, University of Mississippi, tpynn@kennesaw.edu

Panel 8:     Ancient Chinese Philosophy Revisited
                    Room DeRosset
Chair/Discussant: Jim Beck, Lockheed-Martin Space Systems Company, james.l.beck@lmco.com

“New Perspectives on the Political Philosophy of Wang Yangming”
George L. Israel, Macon State College, larry.israel@maconstate.edu

“A Turning Point of the Canonization of Confucian Learning: Wang Yang-ming’s Interpretation of The Dao (Way) of the Sage and Its relation with the Exegesis of the Classics”
Wan-hsian Chi, National Chi Nan University, whchi@ncnu.edu.tw

“Meditation in the Tao-te-ching: Correct Posture & Breathing to Negotiate the Way”
E. Leslie Williams, Clemson University, elwill@clemson.edu

Panel 9:     Japan, Asia, and the World
                    Room Dudley
Chair: Hal French, University of South Carolina, FRENCHH@mailbox.sc.edu
Discussant: John Tucker, East Carolina University, Tuckerjo@ecu.edu

“Half the Cars are Toyotas:  Japanese Production Networks and the Future of Asian Integration”
Joel R. Campbell, Troy University, joelchina@yahoo.com

“Cross-Ethnicking Asians: Wars, Racialized Spaces and Patriarchy in Japanese War Bride (1952)”
Chikako Nagayama, McMaster University, chikako.nagayama@gmail.com

“Japan and Israel: From Erratic Contact to Recognition to Boycott to Normalization”
Jonathan Goldstein, University of West Georgia, lulab@juno.com

Panel 10:      Ancient Chinese Arts and Literature
                        Room Latimer
Chair/Discussant: David Ross, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, david_liling@hotmail.com

“Visualizing Music: Min Qiji’s “Picture of Yingying Listening to Zither” for Xixiang Ji”
Hsiao Li-Ling, UNC-Chapel Hill, hsiaoll@email.unc.edu

“Along the River: Landscape with Earthquake Poetry (地震詩山水卷 1668) by Xiao Yuncong (蕭雲從 1596-1673)”
Seojeong Shin, Northern Virginia Community College, seshin@nvcc.edu

“Bada Shanren’s Continuous Conversation with Buddhism and its Reflection through his Art”
Mina Kim, The Ohio State University, kim.3183@buckeyemail.osu.edu

Panel 11:     Japan and China in Historical Context
                       Room McRae
Chair/Discussant: Daniel Métraux, Mary Baldwin College, dmetraux@mbc.edu

“Shen Jiaben and the Japanization of the Late Qing Legal Reform”
Shiping Hua, University of Louisville, shiping.hua@louisville.edu

“Chiang Kai-shek and Konoe Fumimaro: A New Order in Far East for An Establishment of Asia for Asia”
Kazuo Yagami, Savannah State University, kazuoyagami@yahoo.com

“Song of Bazoku: Japanese ‘Mounted Bandits’ in Manchuria during the 1920s and 1930s”
Yaqin Li, Meredith College, liyaqin@meredith.edu

Panel 12:     Teaching Asian Studies
                      Room Skinner
Organizer/Chair: Tom Pynn, Kennesaw State University, tpynn@kennesaw.edu

“Cultivating the Heart, Enter the Heart of Tradition”
Gerald T. Carney, Hampden-Sydney College, gcarney@hsc.edu

“The Geometry of Consciousness:  Teaching Yogic Arts to College Students”
Jeffrey S. Lidke, Berry College

“Content Focus in Teaching the Comparative Politics of Regional Asia”
John Hickman, Berry College

“Identifying Core Values in Chinese Cultures of Thought and Practice”
Tom Pynn, Kennesaw State University, tpynn@kennesaw.edu

3:00pm-4:45pm    Concurrent Panel Sessions III

Panel 13:     Doing Translation in Asian Studies
                      Room Bellamy
Chair/Discussant: Li-ling Hsia, University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill, hsiaoll@email.unc.edu

“Story of Teaou-shin: from Chinese Fiction to English Drama on the Three Kingdoms and G. G. Alexander’s Teaou-shin”
Song Lijuan, Shanghai Normal University and the Ohio State University, song.745@osu.edu

“Translating Dialect and Culture: an Analysis of Shen Congwen’s Bian Cheng”
Hanhan Zhang, North Carolina State University, besthanhan@gmail.com

“Found in Translation: Tracing the Emergence”
Uffe Bergeton, University of North Carolina, bergeton@email.unc.edu

“Lost in Translation: Teaching Genesis in Japan”
Hal W. French, University of South Carolina, FRENCHH@mailbox.sc.edu

Panel 14:     Comparative Perspectives on State, Religion, and Social Justice in
                       Modern China

                      Room DeRosset
Chair/Discussant: Charlotte Beahan, Murray State University, charlotte.beahan@murraystate.edu

“Between God and Caesar: An Empirical Study of Religious, Social and Political Values of Chinese Christians”
Zhong Yang, Shanghai Jiaotong University,  yzhong@utk.edu

“Lost in Beijing: Ruthless Profiteer as Social Critique and Its Limits”
Wing Shan Ho, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, w_ho@uncg.edu

“Addiction and Treatment in China: Defining Recovery, China versus US Models”
James Wolf Yoxall, Baldwin College, jyoxall@mbc.edu

“The Dragon’s Clipped Wings: The Chinese Predatory State’s Failed Attempt at Developing its Y-10 Commercial Aircraft during the Mao Zedong Era”
Derek Levine, City College of New York (CCNY), dlevine13@yahoo.com

Panel 15:     Chinese Imperial History and Its Political Implications
                      Room Dudley
Chair/Discussant: Yixin Chen, University of North Carolina at Wilmington, cheny@uncw.edu

“Pilgrimage at Home: The Qianlong Emperor and Tibetan Buddhist Network in the 18th-century Qing China”
Lan Wu, Columbia University, lw2228@columbia.edu

“The Merchant and the Emperor: Shen Wansan and His Cornucopia in the Ming Dynasty Imagination”
Ariel Fox, Harvard University, afox@fas.harvard.edu

“Longing for Nature, Longing for Friends: The Exilic Dilemma in the Early Qing”
Christopher Dalton, St. Bonaventure University, cdalton@sbu.edu

Panel 16:      Constructing History in Northeast Asia
                       Room Latimer
Organizer/Chair: Ronald Green, Coastal Carolina University, rgreen@coastal.edu

“Kūkai’s Creation of Self-identity in his Prose and Poetry”
Ronald Green, Coastal Carolina University, rgreen@coastal.edu

“Writing Dokdo into the Korean National Narrative”
Brandon Palmer, Coastal Carolina University, bpalmer@coastal.edu

“The Rape of Nanking: Was it Ever a Forgotten Holocaust?”
Karissa Nicholson, Coastal Carolina University, kjnichol@coastal.edu

“Creating Art, Constructing History: Otagaki Rengetsu’s Nonviolent Opposition to Tokugawa Shogunate”
Therese Russo, Coastal Carolina University,  tarusso@g.coastal.edu

Panel 17:     Teaching Chinese in the U.S.
                       Room McRae
Chair/Discussant: Zhengbin Lu, Spelman College, zlu@spelman.edu

“Enhance Student’s Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills in Advanced Chinese Class: a Content-based Approach”
Jie Cai, Duke University, jicai@duke.edu

“Interactive Chinese Classroom Activity Design for Heritage Speakers”
Qiong Le, Emory University, Qiong.le@emory.edu

“Online Chinese Simulation Videos for Survival Chinese”
Yun-Chen Jing, University of Oregon, jingyun@uoregon.edu

“Regional and Discipline Specializations: China, Social and Cultural History, History of Science and Technology”
Liang Yao, Georgia Institute of Technology, lyao6@gatech.edu

Panel 18:     Globalization and Social Change in Asian Societies
                      Room Skinner
Chair/Discussant: Shiping Hua, University of Louisville, shiping.hua@louisville.edu

“MMORPGs in Malaysia: The global-local nexus”
Ben Loh, Ohio University, benloh@gmail.com

“Globalization and Human Rights in China”
Lanora Johnson, Morehead State University, lanoranjohnson@gmail.com

“Changes in Chinese Emigration”
Jonathan Hennika, Winthrop University, hennikaj2@mailbox.winthrop.edu

“Environment, Social Justice, and Sustainable Development in Asia”
Jieli Li, Ohio University, lij@ohio.edu

Sunday, January 20

8:30am-10:15am    Concurrent Panel Sessions IV

Panel 19:     Meeting With Editors of SERAS
                      Room Bellamy
Roundtable Organized by Dr. Hsiao Li-ling, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, hsiaoll@email.unc.edu

Panel 20:     Asia Interacting with the World
                      Room DeRosset
Chair: Joel Campbell, Troy University, joelchina@yahoo.com
Discussant: Surain Subramaniam, University of North Carolina at Asheville, surain@unca.edu

“Albert Goodwin and Points East”
David Ross, University of North Carolina -Chapel Hill, david_liling@hotmail.com

“Learners’ Perceptions of Persian Culture through Films”
Shahla Adel, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, sadel@email.unc.edu

Panel 21:     Cyberspace, Mass Media, and Politics in China
                      Room Dudley
Chair/Discussant: Harry Kuoshu, Furman University, harry.kuoshu@furman.edu

“Social Media’s Impact on State-Societal Relations in China: A Double Edged Sword”
James Robert Masterson, Morehead State University, j.masterson@moreheadstate.edu

“The Impact of Web 2.0 on the Promotion of Equality and Social Justice in China”
Zhengbin Lu, Spelman College, zlu@spelman.edu

“The Crowd as a Visual Medium: Picturing the Masses in Chinese Propaganda”
Andy Rodekohr, Wake Forest University, rodekoaj@wfu.edu

“Moviegoing in the Mainland: China’s Rising Middle Class and the New Chinese Mainstream Cinema”
Munib Rezaie, Georgia State University, mrezaie2@student.gsu.edu

Panel 22:     To Build a New China: New Perspectives on the Early PRC
                      Room Latimer
Chair/Discussant: Paige Tan, University of North Carolina at Wilmington, tanp@uncw.edu

“The Fateful Intervention: Reassessing China's Entry into the Korean War, October 1950”
Steven Levine, The University of Montana, Steven.Levine@mso.umt.edu

“The High Tide on the Tibetan Plateau: Pastoral Collectivization in Zeku (Tsékhok) County, Qinghai (Amdo), 1955-1956”
Benno Wiener, Appalachian State University

“Irrigation, Labor Diversion, and Grain Production during the Great Leap Forward”
Yixin Chen, University of North Carolina at Wilmington, cheny@uncw.edu

Panel 23:     Chinese Cinema
                      Room McRae
Chair/Discussant: Nandana Bose, University of North Carolina at Wilmington, bosen@uncw.edu

“A Cinema of Non-belonging: Rethinking the Chinese-language Film Musical”
Po-Chen Tsai, University of Chicago, ptsai@uchicago.edu

“’When Night Falls, I Still Have Words Unsaid:’ A Close Look at the Current Condition of Independent Filmmaking in China from the Case of Ying Liang”
Mei Yang, University of Mississippi, myang2@olemiss.edu

"Hindi-Chini Bhai-Bhai: A Comparison of the Collective Viewing Subject in Chinese and Indian Film".
Krista Van Fleit Hang, University of South Carolina, HANGK@mailbox.sc.edu

“Gu Changwei’s Film Love for Life
Kun Qian, University of Pittsburgh, QIANKUN@pitt.edu

10:30am-12:15pm    Concurrent Panel Sessions V

Panel 24:      Rural Revolution Reconsidered
                      Room Bellamy
Organizer/Chair: Brantly Womack, University of Virginia, Brantly@gmail.com

“Negotiating Structure: The Relationship between Mobilization and Social Structure in the Chinese Communist Revolution and Beyond”
Daniel Smith, University of Virginia, dss3zk@virginia.edu

“Broadening Notions of Judicial Activity in the Jiangxi Soviet, 1931-1934”
Robert Koeze, McGill University,  robert.koeze@mail.mcgill.ca

“Revolutionary Failure: The Collapse of the Jiangxi Soviet.”
Marc Opper, University of Virginia, mopper161@gmail.com

Panel 25:     Ancient Chinese Novels and Fictions in Critical Review
                      Room DeRosset
Chair/Discussant: Krista Van Fleit Hang, University of South Carolina, HANGK@mailbox.sc.edu

“Aesthetic Beauty in the 18th Century Chinese Erotic Novel”
Qing Ye, University of Oregon, qingy@uoregon.edu

“An Ethics of Representation in Late Qing Utopian Novel”
Makiko Mori, Auburn University, mmori@auburn.edu

“In Pursuit of ‘Justice’ —an Analysis of Ancient Chinese Court-Case Fiction”
Dongming Zhang, Furman University, Dongming.zhang@furman.edu

Panel 26:     The Versatile Adaptor: Creative Appropriation of Literary Conventions in
                       Late Imperial China

                       Room Dudley
Organizer:  Yinghui Wu, Washington University in St. Louis, yinghuiwu@wustl.edu
Chair/Discussant: Chun Mei, an independent scholar, c-mei@hotmail.com

“A Late Ming Male Scholar’s Curational Effort to Reconstruct Tang Women's Share of Poetic Renown on a Par with the Male Poetry”
Wei Wang, Washington University in St. Louis, wwanga@wustl.edu

“Qiu Jin and Her Identify of New Women”
Jue Lv, Washington University in St. Louis,  lvjuefd@gmail.com

“Young Moral Heroes and Their Undeserving Parents: the Significance of Generational Conflicts in Stories by Langxian”
Yinghui Wu, Washington University in St. Louis, yinghuiwu@wustl.edu 

Panel 27:     Chinese Literature in a World View
                      Room Latimer
Chair/Discussant: Tom Pynn, Kennesaw State University, tpynn@kennesaw.edu

“Robert Hans van Gulik’s Explanation of Chinese Gibbon and its Paradigmatic Meanings”
Shi Ye, Shanghai Normal University, shiye@shnu.edu.cn

“Wang Zengqi’s Chance Encounter on a Homebound Ferry: Rewriting Virginia Woolf’s “Mr. Bennett and Mr. Brown”
Carolyn FitzGerald, Auburn University, Cmf0009@auburn.edu

“Writing from the Margins to Reimagine the Center:  Okajima Kanzan and His Vernacular Chinese Explication of the Annals of Great Peace”
William C. Hedberg, University of North Carolina-Wilmington, hedbergw@uncw.edu

“You just kick their ass!”: Combating Chinese Stereotypes in the Golden Age of Kung Fu”
Jenatha Craven, University of North Carolina-Asheville, jcraven@unca.edu

Panel 28:     Integration of Western Ideals to Aid Development
                      Room McRae
Organizer/Chair: Jae Hyun Lee, Prime Education Consulting, Sols247, http://www.sols247.org/

Roundtable Panelists:
Hong Gu Lee, student, University of Chicago, honlee92@gmail.com
Wonseok Lee,  independent scholar, victorlee61@yahoo.com.
Seo Jung Yoon, independent scholar, jiheeyoon94@gmail.com
Jae Hyun Lee, Researcher and Director of Prime Education Consulting,  primeins@gmail.com

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Ohio University
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