Southeast Conference/Association for Asian Studies

53rd Annual Meeting

Duke University

January 17-19, 2013

As of January  16,  2014

January 17 (Friday)

4:00-6:00 pm


Thomas Room, Lilly Library, East Campus

2:00-4:00 pm

Library Databases Workshop

103 Lilly Library, East Campus

3:00-5:30 pm

Executive Committee Meeting

225 Friedl, East Campus

4:00-6:00 pm


Thomas Room, Lilly Library, East Campus

7:00 pm

Japanese Film Screening – Always (link to Always Flyer), with comments by Simon Partner

White Memorial Hall, East Campus



January 18 (Saturday)
The Quad entrance to Perkins (near #14) doesn't open until  9  AM on Saturday and 10 AM on Sunday
Use the entrance between Perkins Library (#28) and Bostock  Library (#40) for earlier entrance to Perkins.


8:00 am-5:00 pm

Registration and Book Exhibits

217 Perkins Library West Campus

8:30-10:15 am

Session 1

Perkins; Old Chem


1/1.  “Power and Local Identities in South Asia, From the Medieval to the Modern”


“The Poetics of Power in the Formation of Malayalam”

Rich Freeman, Duke University

“Distinctions Within the ‘Unhappy Valley’: Merchants, Local Culture and the British Expansion into Sindh”
Matthew A. Cook, North Carolina Central University

Goan Culture since Indian Independence: Still a Place Apart?
Rob Anderson,
Winston-Salem State University

“‘You Didn’t Hear it from Me, Brother’: Power and Politics in Ramlila Committees”
Pamela Lothspeich, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Chair and Discussant: Anna Bigelow, North Carolina State University

Perkins Link 059, Seminar Room 1


1/2. "Supporting the Dharma, Challenging the Dharma: The Activities of Buddhist Nuns and Laywomen"             


“Lady Zhao and Engraved Buddhist Texts on Mt. Zhonghuang and Mt. Jian”
Jungmin Ha, Duke University

“Conflicts and Compromises: The Relationship between Zenkōji’s Daihongan Convent and Daikanjin Monastery”
Matt Mitchell, Duke University           

“Exile as Opportunity: The Tibetan Nuns Project in India”
Swati Chawla, University of Virginia

“Under a Traveler's Sky: Tagami Kikusha's Poetic Journeys”

Cheryl Crowley, Emory University   


Chair and Discussant:  Paul Groner, University of Virginia

Perkins, Link 065, Classroom 2


1/3.  “Teaching Language in Creative and Flexible Ways”


“The Poetics of Learning: A Student-Led Haiku Workshop in Advanced Japanese”

Aya McDaniel, Emory University


“Effects of Singing on Chinese Vocabulary Learning: A Quasi-Experimental Study”

Zhengbin "Richard" Lu, Spelman College    


“Textbook Comparisons in Chinese, Japanese and Korean Language Teaching”

Xiaojing Sun, Emory University


 “Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language in a Sociocultural Context”

Xuexin Liu, Spelman College          


“Flexible Methods of Teaching Chinese Characters in TCSL”

Meiqing Sun, University of North Carolina at Greensboro


Chair and Discussant: Hiroko Hirakawa, Guilford College

Perkins 217


1/4.  “Imperial Japan in Asia” 


“Japan's Malevolent Designs on Korea after the Russo-Japanese War: The Direct Warnings of Canadian Journalist Fred Arthur McKenzie”       

Daniel Métraux, Mary Baldwin College


“The Construction of ‘Collective Hamlets’ in Manchukuo: An Investigation of ‘Bandit Suppression’ Campaigns from an Administrative Perspective”

Yaqin Li, Meredith College


“Wartime Nationalism and Sacrifice of Women: Imperial Japan's Comfort Women System as Nationalistic Cult”            

Chiaki Takagi, University of North Carolina at Greensboro


“Self-Serving Collaboration: The Political Legacy of ‘Madame Wang’ in Guangdong Province, 1940-1945”

Joseph Yick, Texas State University               


Chair and Discussant:  Richard Rice, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Perkins 218


1/5.  “Economic Development: Patterns, Rights, and Ethics” 


“Patterns of Economic Development Among the Asian Countries”

Hae Kim, Troy University


“Ethical Empowerment, Development Praxis, and the Arts in India: Three Case Studies”              

Bindu Madhok, Albion College & Punam Madhok, East Carolina University


“Vietnam's Illiberal Pluralism: The Nexus between Economic Decentralization and Contested Politics”

Thomas Jandl, American University


“Property Rights with Chinese Characteristics: An Analysis on Chinese Property Rights over Land Ownership”         

Helen Mian Wu, Duke University

Chair and Discussant:  Yan Jun, Shanghai University

Old Chem 119


1/6.  “Cultural Borrowing and Reception in Film”      


“China's Reception of Michelangelo Antonioni's Chung Kuo

Xin Liu, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


“Adapting Shakespeare in Bollywood and Beijing”     

Krista Van Fleit Hang, University of South Carolina    


“The Absurd Existence: Underneath the Comicals of The Piano in a Factory         

Xiaoling Shi, Allegheny College      


Constructing an Interiority for Chinese Martial Arts: Knowledge, Emotions, and Peter Chan's Wuxia

Hongbing Zhang, Fayetteville State University

Chair: Leo Ching, Duke University

Discussant:   Colleen A. Laird, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Perkins: Link 060, Classroom 1


1/7.  “Politics in China: State Control and Local Power”         

“Why the Yangzi Delta Region Did Not Become Industrialized During the 19th Century?”

Fang Zhou, Georgia Gwinnett College


“Gentry, Cadres and Rural Township Officials: Revolutionary Transformation of Leadership in Rural China, 1910s-2010s”

Peng Deng, High Point University   


“Which White Horse Temple?: The Problems of National Public Archaeology in Republican China”

Jeff Kyong-McClain, University of Arkansas


“Challenges of China's Corruption Control” 

George Xuezhi Guo, Guilford College            


Chair and Discussant: Joshua A. Howard, University of Mississippi

Old Chem 123


1/8.  “Finding Strength in Displacement” 

Bakumatsu Beginnings: Tenpō and the Opium War”

John E. Van Sant, University of Alabama-Birmingham


“The Taroko Story: Aboriginal Women and Environmental Protection in Taiwan”

Wan-Li Ho, Emory University                           


“‘The Cry of the Crane’: Japanese Women, Women's Groups, and the Fukushima Disaster Recovery”

Kristen L. Luck, Virginia Commonwealth University


“Strange Person in a Strange Place: Discourses on Displacement in a Japanese Temple”

Aaron Delgaty, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Chair and Discussant:  Simon C. Partner, Duke University

Perkins 118

10:15-10:30 am

Coffee Break


10:30-12:15 pm

Session 2

Perkins; Old Chem


2/1.  “Environmental Challenges in Asia”


Critical Minerals Mined Destructively: A Case Study of Environmental Impact of Rare

"Earth Production and State Reregulation Policies in China”

Yujia He, Georgia Institute of Technology


“Uncovering the Drivers of Development and Conflict in the Mekong River Basin”

Weini Li, American University          


“Environmental Protection and the Developmental State:  Lessons from Japan, South Korea, and China”
Brian Woodall, Georgia Institute of Technology & Siqi Han, Georgia Institute of Technology


Chair and Discussant:  Margaret A. McKean, Duke University

Perkins 118


2/2. “The Edge of Empire: Imperial Encounters in China, Japan, and India”              

 “Post Imperial:  The Creation and Abolition of ‘Alien Post Offices’ in Treaty-Port China, 1843-1923”

Lane Harris, Furman University


“Connected Histories: Remittances and Refugees from East Africa to India”

Savita Nair, Furman University


“Shifting Boundaries of  'Japan Proper': Okinawan Sugar and the post-World War One Agricultural Panic”
Wendy Matsumura, Furman University

Chair: Lane Harris, Furman University

Discussant: David Ambaras, North Carolina State University

Perkins 218


2/3.  “Printing the Countryside: Depictions of Rural China in Prints and Posters”          


“Folk Worship of the Power of Deities Displayed by Chinese New Year Pictures—Research on Neiqiu Shenma
Huiqing Shen, Hebei University      

“The Supremacy of the Traditional Time: Nianhua produced by the Chinese Communist Party in the Early Twentieth Century”
Shaoqian Zhang, Oklahoma State University

“A Utopia of Self-Reliance: Landscapes of ‘Learning from Dazhai in Agriculture’”
Young Ji Lee, Duke University

“The State and the Folk: The Creation of Modern Peasant Prints in Qijiang, China”
Sonja Kelley, Maryland Institute College of Art

Chair: Sonja Kelley, Maryland Institute College of Art
Discussant:  Wei-cheng Lin, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Perkins: Link 059, Seminar Room 1


2/4.  “Course Design and Assessment in Advanced Chinese Language Instruction”     


“Social Networks and Research in Accelerated Writing Instruction”
Yang Xiao, University of South Carolina

“The Use of Movies in Advanced-level Chinese Language Instruction”

Jia Lin, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


“Self and Peer Assessment of Oral Presentation in Advanced Chinese Classroom: An Exploratory Study”

Dan Wang, Duke University


“Chinese-English Translation and Interpreting:  A New Skill for the New World”
Wendan Li, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill           

Chair: Wendan Li, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  

Discussant:  Carolyn Kun-Shan Lee, Duke University

Perkins 217


2/5.  “Buddhism in Meaning and Practice”


“Cows, Horses, and the Tale of Jōzon”

Jeffrey Nicolaisen, Duke University


“Meditation in the Tao-te-ching: Negotiating the Way by Means of Single-Minded Effort”

E. Leslie Williams, Clemson University        


“What's Wrong With This Picture?: Zen Iconoclasm Reconsidered”

Pamela D. Winfield, Elon University               


Chair and Discussant: John A. Tucker, East Carolina University

Perkins: Link 065, Classroom 2       


2/6.  “Film in Global Context”


Forever Fever and That's the Way I Like It: Singaporean Film as History”

Carolyn FitzGerald, Auburn University                            


“Wars Between Two Women: Politicization of Family in Chinese Television”           

Wing Shan Ho, Montclair State University


“Runaway Narratives: Contemporary Japanese Female Directors and the Rejection of Home”
Colleen A. Laird, University of North Carolina at Greensboro   


“Document or Surveillance? The Politics of the Camera's Presence in Recent Chinese Film”

Andy Rodekohr, Wake Forest University        


Chair and Discussant: Krista Van Fleit Hang, University of South Carolina

Perkins: Link 060, Classroom 1


2/7.  “Signification in Music, Texts, and Art”


“Nie Er: Composing China's Sonic Nationalism and Revolutionary Music” 

Joshua Howard, University of Mississippi    

“The Music and Mental Union in the Scene Listening to the Zither: Analysis of an Illustration (He Bi 1616 Edition) of the Story of Western Wing”      

Yihui Sheng, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


“Memorial Reflections on Professor Michael Sullivan and His Paintings”            

David Ross, Institution      


“For William Fenn's Elegant Enjoyment": Western Reception of Chinese Art during the Sino-Japanese War”

Amanda S. Wright, University of South Carolina

Chair and Discussant: Jim Yoxall Mary Baldwin College

Old Chem 119


2/8.  "Representing Bodies, Families, and Nationalities"        

“‘We Have Fathers and We Know Who They Are!’: Fatherhood, Paternity and Jealousy in Southwest China's Na Communities”

Tami Blumenfield, Furman University            


“Dreamland of Love Suicide: Revival and Transformation of Naxi Culture in Contemporary China”            

Chunmei Du, Western Kentucky University


“Transnational Ties and Breaks: Familial Lives of Ethnic Korean Return Migrants in Their Transnational Traversals and Reversals”

Ji-Yeon O. Jo, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


“‘Japanese Food’ and Healthcare”

Pamela Runestad, Elon University

Chair and Discussant: Lara Kusnestzky, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Old Chem 123

12:15-1:45 pm

SEC/AAS Luncheon & Annual Business Meeting

Levine Science Research Center

1:45-3:00 pm

SEC/AAS President’s Address

Thongchai Winichakul, University of Wisconsin
"Different Asian Studies"

Levine Science Research Center

3:15-5:00 pm

Session 3

Perkins; Old Chem

3/1. “Gender and Identity in Chinese Visual Culture”

“Consumerism and Chinese Postfeminism: Visual Economy and Cultural Politics in Contemporary Chinese Cinema”

Jinhua Li, University of North Carolina at Asheville


“Gender and Identity in Chinese Ecocinema”
Runlei Zhai, Purdue University

“Women Hold up Half of the Sky: Representation and Construction of Women Subjectivity in Cultural Revolution in China”
Yuhan Huang, Purdue University

“The Progress of Women’s Gender Consciousness in Contemporary Chinese Cinema”
Luyang Wang, Purdue University

Chair: Jinhua Li, University of North Carolina at Asheville
Discussant::  Ana Huang, Duke University

Perkins: Link, 060, Classroom 1


3/2. “Noh Help in Translation: Pedagogy from Across the Pacific”    


“Introduction: The Confucian Context”

Gary Mathews, North Carolina State University


“Noh School For You”

Matthew Dubroff, Hampden-Sydney College


“Inverting the Experience of Noh in Undergraduate Music Classes”
Kevin Salfen, University of the Incarnate Word

“How A Noh Professional Teaches Amateurs, Professionals, And Workshop Participants In Japan”
John Oglevee, University of Hawaii

Chair and Discussant:  Eika Tai, North Carolina State University

Old Chem 123


3/3. “Religion in Modern Asia: Extremism, Engagement, and Imperialism”               

“Imperial Shintōism in Korea: Its Rise and Propagation”
Brandon Palmer, Coastal Carolina University

“Bodhisattva Precepts and Their Application in Korea”
Chanju Mun, Coastal Carolina University

“Burmese Buddhist Nationalism and Islam”
Sydney Nichols, Coastal Carolina University

“Buddhist Doctrinal Teachings Offered as Theories of Peace”
Ronald Green, Coastal Carolina University

Chair and Discussant:  Amy Miller, Mary Baldwin College

Perkins: Link 059, Seminar Room 1


3/4. “Spiritual Ideals, Material Realities” 


Fighting Spirits: The Japan Militant Atheists Alliance and Interwar Antireligious Thought”

Michael Yoshiharu Quick, Duke University


“Pure Experience of the Pure Land: Kaneko Daiei’s Shin Buddhist Studies and Heresy Incident”

Jeff Schroeder, Duke University


“Dōgen as Übermensch: Watsuji Tetsurō’s Priest Dōgen”
 Jacques Fasan, Duke University

“Nishida Kitaro’s Theory of Religion”

Takushi Odagiri, University of Iowa                  


Chair and Discussant: John A. Tucker, East Carolina University

Perkins: Link 065, Classroom 2                


3/5.  “Education and Transcultural Encounter in Early Modern and Modern East Asia”


“An Education in the Marginal:  Shuihu zhuan as Study Material in 18th-Century Japan”
William C. Hedberg, University of North Carolina, Wilmington

“An Ode to Revolution: Su Manshu’s The Lone Swan and the Poetic Translation of ‘Japan’”
Makiko Mori, Auburn University

“A Portrait of the Artist As A Schoolboy: Autobiographical Impulse and the Emergence of Educational Novel in Bao Tianxiao’s Little Xin Goes to School
Maria Franca Sibau, Emory University

“The Development and Function of Modern Business Education in Meiji Japan”             

David Blaylock, Eastern Kentucky University


Chair: Maria Franca Sibau, Emory University 

Discussant: Eileen Cheng-yin Chow, Duke University

Perkins 217


3/6. “Premodern Literature, China”


On Life after Death: Historical Self-Consciousness in the Zuozhuan
Piotr Gibas, College of Charleston

Forks in the Road: Early Medieval Interpretations of the Zuozhuan

Pauli Tashima, University of North Carolina at Greensboro


“Narrative as the “Unfolding” of qing in time in the Story of the Stone

Harrison Huang, University of Georgia           


Chair and Discussant:  Nathaniel Isaacson, North Carolina State University

Old Chem 119


3/7. “Environmental Safety and Sustainability Concerns in Asia” 


“A Critical Discourse Analysis of American and Chinese Newspaper Coverage of Environmental Issues:  A Case Study of Beijing Air Pollution”                   

Ran Duan, Michigan State University              


“Dealing with 3/11: An Analysis of Japan's Response to Fukushima and Future Energy Options”         

Lauren E. McKee, Old Dominion University   


“‘Green’ Building in India: Examining LEED-India and GRIHA”

Russell M. Smith, Winston-Salem State University

“From Opponent to Proponent: Explaining the Dynamics of China's Nonproliferation Policies”

Hongyu Zhang, University of Georgia              


Chair and Discussant:  Margaret A. McKean, Duke University

Perkins 118


3/8.  “Essentializing Nations”      


“The Role of the Whale in the 19C Japanese Mental World”

Noell Wilson, University of Mississippi           


“Tiger, Peninsula, and the Geo-body of South Korea”

Hyeseon Jeong, The Ohio State University            

“Revisiting Chinese Nationalism: The National Products Movement and the Coca-Cola Protest in Shanghai, 1945-1949”

Liang Yao, Georgia Institute of Technology


“Essentializing ‘Japanese Nationality’: Japanese Advertising in the 1970s”

Dongming Zhang, Furman University


Chair and Discussant:  Sucheta Mazumdar, Duke University

Perkins 218




5:00-5:15 pm

Coffee Break


6:00 – 9:00 pm

Lecture by Sumathi Ramaswamy,  "Art on the Line: Cartography and Creativity in a  Divided World,"
followed by Reception

Nasher Museum of Art

Note:  Educator’s workshop will be held Jan. 18, 9:00-5:00, Old Chem 116, West Campus


January 19 (Sunday)

The Quad entrance to Perkins (near #14) doesn't open until  9  AM on Saturday and 10 AM on Sunday
Use the entrance between Perkins Library (#28) and Bostock  Library (#40) for earlier entrance to Perkins.


7:30-8:30 am

Executive Committee Meeting

218 Perkins Library

8:00-12:00 pm

Book Exhibits

217 Perkins Library

8:30-10:15 am

Session 4

Perkins; Old Chem


4/1.  “Teaching Asia and Promoting Democracy in Early Cold War Japan”                   


Part 1, with  Q & A

“Teaching Asia's Geography through the Great Rivers”

Alice Luthy Tym, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga


“Infusing the ‘Four Little Dragons’ into Survey Courses"

Lucien Ellington, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

[at about 9:20] Part 2, with Q&A

“Coeducation as Democratizing Measure During the Allied Occupation of Japan, 1945-1952”
Julia C. Bullock, Emory University

“A Moral Presence in Early Cold War Japan? Eleanor Roosevelt Explains Democracy to Japanese Women”
Marlene J. Mayo, University of Maryland

Chair and Discussant:  Eleanor Kerkham, University of Maryland

Perkins 118


4/2. “Interplays among Politics Economy and Ideology: Transformation of Chinese Society and Contending Forces in Republic China”          

“The Introduction of “Zhengzhi” and the Rise of Modern Politics in Early Twentieth China”
Dandan Chen, State University of New York at Farmingdale

“Limited Liability Companies in Republican China”
Taisu Zhang, Duke University

“Interpreting Everyday Experience and the Communist Revolution in 1930s China”

Miao Feng, University of Wisconsin at Whitewater


Chair: Dandan Chen, State University of New York at Farmingdale
: Jonathan Ocko, Duke University

Old Chem 123


4/3. “Vital Natural Resources in a Contested ‘Manchuria,’ 1905-1945”

“Producing Full-Fat Controversy:  Politicizing Dairy Production in Post-Colonial North Manchuria, 1924-1930”
Blaine Chiasson, Wilfred Laurier University

“Production and Vitality in an Agrarian Utopia:  Propaganda Images of Japanese Settlers in Northern Manchuria, 1938-1943”

Annika A. Culver, Florida State University

“A Cultivated Sheep Chase: Agriculture, Livestock, and Experimental Farms in Colonial Manchuria”
Robert Perrins, Acadia University

“Looking for Oil: Scientific and Quasi-scientific Petroleum Explorations in Pre-1945 Manchuria”
Daqing Yang, George Washington University

Chair and Discussant:  Richard Rice, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Perkins 218


4/4. “Confronting Traditions of East Asian Art, 1600 to Present” 


“Personalizing Visual Idioms: Xiao Yuncong’s Album of Seasonal Landscapes
Seojeong Shin, Northern Virginia Community College    

“(Re)Casting Significance: The Bronze Animal Heads of Giuseppe Castiglione and Ai Weiwei”
Madeline L. Gent, University of Maryland

“Challenging Architectural Traditions in Tokyo during the Early 1930s: Migishi Kōtarō’s atelier (1934) by Yamawaki Iwao”
Suzie Kim, Northern Virginia Community College         

Chair: Seojeong Shin, Northern Virginia Community College     
Discussant: Jim Yoxall Mary Baldwin College

Perkins: Link 060, Classroom 1


4/5.  “Literary Language”               


“Cool, Cold, or Indifferent? Gairaigo (Loan Words) in Japanese”

Harumi Miyake. Emory University 


“Murakami Haruki on Translating”

Masaki Mori, University of Georgia                                       


Nanga and Post-Impressionism in Akutagawa Ryunosuke's Aesthetics”                   

Anri Yasuda, The George Washington University             


“Attitude and Act: Recontextualizing Li Qingzhao's Poetry”

Hanhan Zhang, Confucius Institute at North Carolina State University


Chair and Discussant:  John Mertz, North Carolina State University

Perkins 217


4/6.  “Law, Power, and Belonging” 


“Socio-economic Perspective of the Foreigners Problem of Assam (India)”             

Anurag Hazarika, Delhi University


“‘Rule By Law’: Chinese Instrumentalism in Legal Culture (1890-2013)”

Shiping Hua, The University of Louisville


“Measuring Political Clientelism in Thai Provinces”         

David A. Owen, Millersville University                                   


“Constitutionalism in Thailand: Focusing on ‘Directive Principles of Fundamental State Policies’”

Ayako Toyama, Kyoto University   

Chair and Discussant:  Yong Cai, University of  North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

Old Chem 119


4/7.  “Rendering the Nation through Myth and Fantasy”    

“Fragments of Racial Discourse in China: Understanding ‘Person of the Year’ and ‘ObaMao’ Images”

Zöe Hess Carney, Georgia State University


“Manga and the Post-Nuclear Imagination”   

Keith Leslie Johnson, Georgia Regents University          


“‘Real and Fancied Outrages’: The Boxer Rebellion in the Indian and Irish Nationalist Press”

Susan Rosenkranz, Independent Scholar     


Chair: Leo Ching, Duke University
Discussant:  Catherine L. Phipps, University of Memphis

Perkins: Link 059, Seminar room 1


4/8.  “Religious Rituals and Pilgrimage” 


“Temple Moneychangers Revisited”

Gerald T. Carney, Hampden-Sydney College


 “Student Zhang's Journey to the West: Min Qiji's Illustrations of the Morally Corrupted Monastery for Xixiang ji

Li-ling Hsiao, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill    

"From Shanghai to Mecca: Hajj as a Space of Encounter and Contestation"

Hyeju J. Jeong, Duke University   


“After a Genealogy of the Concept of Ritual: Toward Ritual as Event & Discipline in South Asia” 

Alexander McKinley, Duke University


Chair and Discussant: Jessica Namakkal, Duke University

Perkins: Link 065, Classroom 2                

10:15-10:30 am

Coffee Break


10:30-12:15 pm

Session 5

Perkins; Old Chem


5/1.  “Ethical Engagement in Traditional Chinese Literature” 


“Making a story around ‘physiognomy’: Human Agency and Predetermination in Li Yu’s (1610-c. 1680) Vernacular Story ‘Bliss follows the calamity of losing a fortune’”

Mei Chun, Independent Scholar   


“What is the Pearl Shirt?: Visuality and Identity in Feng Menglong’s (1574-1645) Short Story”

Jing Zhang, New College of Florida


“Seeking Redemption through Text: Wang Zheng (1571-1644) and Chongyitang riji suibi”

Yunjing Xu, Washington University in Saint Louis


A Leisure Grass Transformed into A Jade Camellia: The Meaning of the Names for Tang Xianzu’s Poetry Anthologies”

Meng-yun Chen, National Tsinghua University                  


Chair and Discussant:  Li-ling Hsiao, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Old Chem 123


5/2.  “Japanese State and Society in the China War: The Ideological Ecology of Wartime Japan” 


“A Crisis in the Humanities, Circa 1937: Intellectuals Respond to the War in China”
John Person, Hamilton College

“‘The Pleasant Aftertaste of Pure Fright’: Thrills, Reportage, and the Hundred Man Killing Contest in the China War”
Benjamin Uchiyama, University of Kansas

“Representing the China Incident as World-Historical Event: The Tokyo Thought-War Exhibition of 1938”
Max Ward, Middlebury College

“The China War and the East-Asia League”
G. Clinton Godart, University of Southern California         

Chair and Discussant: Mark Driscoll, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Perkins 218


5/3.  “The Search for Immortality in Japan”


“Exhortations of a Fabricated Lord: The Shogunal Legacy of Tokugawa Yoshimune and the Definition of Good Rule in Early Modern Japan”
Tim E. Cooper III, Siena College

“Pawns of Immortality: The Consequences of Soteriological Care in Japan’s Modern Tuberculosis Epidemic”
Elisheva A. Perelman, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“Prosthetic Afterlife: Reconstructing Broken Bodies in Postwar Japan”
Sara Osenton, University of Toronto

Chair: Elisheva A. Perelman, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill                   

Discussant: Morgan Pitelka, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Perkins: Link 065, Classroom 2


5/4.  "Innovative Approaches to Language Teaching: Creativity, Authenticity and Implementation for Linguistic and Cultural Competence"                  


“Digital Persian Storytelling: A Pedagogical Tool”        

Shahla Adel, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

“Using Authentic Hypermedia Materials to Develop Literacy and Cultural Proficiency”

Lini Ge, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


“Using Manga for Content-Based Instruction (CBI) in the Advanced Japanese Language Classroom”   
Fumi Iwashita, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“A New Perspective on the Mandarin Tone Pedagogy”

Hang Zhang, University of George Washington                


“Using Popular Culture to Enhance Language Learning

Hanna Sprintzik, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill        

“Developing an Online Course for Advanced Learners of Chinese”
Yan Liu,
Duke University                

Chair: Yi Zhou, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
: Shahla Adel, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill            

Perkins 217


5/5.  “Movements for Decolonization and Peace”          


“Finding Success in Failure: The French Empire in India”

Jessica Namakkal, Duke University


“Gandhi on Power”

Roderic L. Owen, Mary Baldwin College


Peace Movement of the Early Twentieth Century and a Japanese Orator”        

Masako N. Racel, Kennesaw State University


“‘The Broad Toiling Masses in All the Continents’: Asian Anticolonial Activists and the Atlantic Charter”

Mark Reeves, Western Kentucky University  

Chair and Discussant: David Gilmartin, North Carolina State University 

Perkins: Link 059, Seminar Room 1


5/6. “U.S. Geopolitics in Asia”     


“Political Resolve and Strategic Uncertainty in Taiwan-US Relations”                     

Alexis Littlefield, Feng Chia University                                 


“US National Security Challenges in South Asia Beyond 2014: Trends, Talibans, and the Emerging Turmoil”

Shahid Shahidullah & Shyamal Das, Elizabeth City State University  


“The U.S. ‘Pivot’ to Asia and Evolving China-Taiwan Relations” 

Vincent Wei-cheng Wang, University of Richmond           


“China's Response to the U.S. ‘Pivot to Asia’ Strategy”

Yunqiu Zhang, North Carolina A&T State University         


Chair and Discussant:  Daniel Métraux, Mary Baldwin College

Perkins 118


5/7.  “Performers, Artwork, and Audiences” 


“CrazySexyCool: Multiple Modes of Femininity in K-pop Girl Groups”    

Crystal Anderson, Elon University


“Ushering change: The ‘Playful’ Theatre of Theatre Formation Poribortok”                    

Arnab Banerji, University of Georgia

“‘How to Look at Art’: The Ministry of Education Fine Arts Exhibition and Its Audiences (1907-1918)”    

Magdalena Kolodziej, Duke University


“Innovating Mise en Scène in Contemporary Noh Theatre”          

C. Michael Rich, Eastern Kentucky University


Chair: Gennifer Weisenfeld, Duke University
Discussant:  Patrick Galbraith, Duke University

Perkins: Link 060


5/8. “Chinese and Hindu Philosophies Amidst Shifting Certainties”                 


“Xu Ai, mid-Ming Politics, and the Early Origins of the Wang Yangming Movement”

George L. Israel, Middle Georgia State College


“Knowledge and Virtue in Ancient Western and Ancient Chinese Philosophies”

John Peale, Longwood University                    


“Manufacturing the Mandate: Establishing Imperial Legitimacy during the Eastern Jin”                   

Matthew Wells, University of Kentucky             


“It's Completed! The Encyclopedia of Hinduism in Eleven Volumes”

Hal French, University of South Carolina

Chair and Discussant:  Dorothy V. Borei, Emerita Professor of History, Guilford College

Old Chem 119




12:15-2:00 pm

Farewell Luncheon

217 Perkins Library