The Southeast Conference of the Association for Asian Studies (SEC/AAS) is a non-political, non-profit scholarly organization dedicated to promoting the study of Asia in the southeastern region of the United States. To that end, SEC/AAS has held (since 1962) an annual three-day conference featuring scholarly panels, teacher workshops, and book exhibits. The year 2006 meeting of the SEC/AAS, sponsored by Georgia State University, will be held at Atlanta, Georgia, during the weekend of January 20-22.

The Southeast Review of Asian Studies is a publication of SEC/AAS.

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On Social Mobility, the Military, and Democratization:  Contrasting Evolutions in Korea and Burma.  Notes for a Preliminary Inquiry
           David I. Steinberg

Breathing Disaffection:  The Impact of Irish Nationalist Journalism on India’s Native Press
     Susan A. Rosenkranz

President Hồ Speaks to the Children:  Thiếu Sinh Magazine and the New Child in 1945 Revolutionary Vietnam
    Christina Firpo

Education and Autonomy:  Muslim Women as Effective Role Models in a Calcutta Basti
    Suchitra Samanta

Wu Zhao’s Remarkable Aviary
    Norman Harry Rothschild

Pham Duy and Modern Vietnamese History
    Eric Henry

The Hip Hop Impact on Japanese Youth Culture
    Xuexin Liu

Implicating Colonial Memory and the Atomic Bombing: Hayashi Kyoko’s Three Short Stories
    Lianying Shan

Mythologies and Miracles: The Saikoku Kannon and Peregrinogenesis

    Steven E. Gump

The Production of Holy Water: The Contribution of Puppeteers to Balinese Life Cycle Rituals
    Farley Richmond and I Nyoman Sedana

Dying for Love in The Peony Pavilion and Romeo and Juliet
    Li Qingjun


Japan’s 2002 Educational Reforms:  The American Experiment
    Lucien Ellington

A Visit to the Centre for Indian Literature in English and Translation
    Roderic L. Owen

China: Astonishing but Troubled Rising Star
    Daniel A. Metraux

Neo-Leftist Theory, Neo-Liberalist Theory and Neo-Authoritarian Theory: A Debate in the National Social Science Academy of China
    Zhiyuan Chen


Gerald Horne. Race War! White Supremacy and the Japanese Attack on the British Empire
Reviewed by Daniel A. Metraux

Kien Nguyen, The Unwanted: A Memoir
Reviewed by Christina Firpo

Karl Meyer,  The Dust of Empire: The Race for Mastery in the Asian Heartland
Reviewed by Elizabeth L. Metraux

Sharankumar Limbale, The Outcaste Akkarmashi
Reviewed by Tromila Wheat

Edward Leroy Long, Jr. Facing Terrorism: Responding as Christians
    Reviewed by Gordon Bowen

Anchee Min, Empress Orchid: A Novel
Reviewed by Daniel A. Metraux

Edward Leroy Long, Jr. Facing Terrorism: Responding as Christians
    Reviewed by Gordon Bowen

Susan L. Burns, Before the Nation: Kokugaku and the Imagining of Community in Early Modern Japan
Reviewed by Daniel A. Metraux

Sunil Khilnani, The Idea of India
Reviewed by Tromila Wheat

Annie R. Wang:  Lili: A Novel of Tiananmen
Reviewed by Constance Fletcher Smith

Wu Naing Oo,  Hidden Records of Atrocities in Burma’s Prisons
    Reviewed by Lin Lin Aung

Susumu Shimazono, From Salvation to Spirituality: Popular Religious Movements in Modern Japan
Reviewed by Daniel A. Metraux

Wu Naing Oo.  Hidden Records of Atrocities in Burma’s Prisons
    Reviewed by Lin Lin Aung

Robert Whiting, The Meaning of Ichiro: The New Wave from Japan and the Transformation of our National Pastime
Reviewed by Daniel A. Metraux

Akira Yoshimura, One Man’s Justice
Reviewed by Daniel A. Metraux


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