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Sponsored by the University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky.

January 14-16, 2005


This program has been corrected to reflect what occurred, rather than what was planned.  In accordance with AAS policy, only those registered attending participants are listed and the titles of papers are those as they were presented at the meeting.  Papers that are abstracted in this volume are indicated by an # before the title.


Friday, January 14, 2005

3:00pm                                  Executive Council Meeting (Burley Room)

4:00-7:00pm                        Registration (Hotel Lobby)

6:00-7:00pm                        Welcome Reception (Downtown Arts Center, 141 East Main Street)

7:00-9:00pm                        Asian Music Concert (Downtown Arts Center, 141 East Main Street)


Saturday, January 15, 2005

8:00-5:00pm                        Registration (Hotel Lobby)

8:30-10:15am                      Session I (see detailed program following for locations of individual panels)

9:00-12:00pm                      Outreach Session on Asian Music for K-12 Teachers (Spirits Room)

10:15-10:30am                    Break

10:30-12:15pm                    Session II (see detailed program following for locations of individual panels)

12:15-12:30pm                    Break

12:30-2:00pm                      Lunch and Annual Business Meeting (Ball Room)

2:00-2:15pm                        Break

2:15-4:00pm                        Session III (see detailed program following for locations of individual panels)

4:00-4:15pm                        Break

4:15-5:30pm                        AAS Presidential Address: How Many People are in Your French

Department? (Lincoln Room)

5:45pm                                  Center for Global Partnership, Japan Foundation Information Session (Boone II)

6:00pm                                  Graduate Student Meet-up (Optional) (Boone III)

6:00pm                                  “Meet SEC-AAS Members” Dinner (Optional) (Boone I)

7:30pm                                  The Secret of My Success, Chinese film (Downtown Library Theater, 140 East Main



Sunday, January 16, 2005

7:30-8:30am                         Executive Council Meeting (Burley Room)

8:00-10:00am                      Registration (Hotel Lobby)

8:30-10:15am                      Session IV (see detailed program following for locations of individual panels)

10:15-10:30am                    Break

10:30-12:15pm                    Session V (see detailed program following for locations of individual panels)

12:15-1:00pm                      Farewell Reception (Lincoln Room)






8:30-10:15am              Session I


            Panel I A.  From the Silk Road to Korea: East Asian Art History (Boone I)

Chair: Punam Madhok, East Carolina University

                        The Qizil Grottoes in the Kucha Kingdom

   Fred H. Martinson, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

                        Rooster or Phoenix: Some Tang-dynasty Ceramic Ewers and Their Possible

                        Stylistic and Iconographic Sources

   Yu Jiang, National Gallery of Art

Shin Yun-bok as Folk Hero of Late-Choson Art

   Susan Lee, Florida State University

                        Wu Zhao’s Remarkable Aviary

                           Norman Henry Rothschild, University of North Florida


Panel I B. Rebellion and Exhibition: Perspectives on Indian History (Boone III)

            Chair: Paul A. Rodell, Georgia Southern University

            The Moplah Rebellion of 1896: Communalism, Historical Narrative, and Muslim

“Fanatics” in India

               Heather T. Frazer, Florida Atlantic University

            India’s Industrial Exhibitions: Showcase of Goods or Political Tool?

               Sandra L. Norman, Florida Atlantic University

            Breathing Disaffection: The Impact of Irish National Journalism on India’s

Native Press

               Susan Rosenkranz, Florida Atlantic University


Panel I C.  Three Views of Japanese Religion and Religious History (Davis Room)

            Chair: Daniel Metraux, Mary Baldwin College

            Debate on the Nature of the Religious Beliefs and Attitudes of the Japanese

               Hideo Watanabe, William Patterson University

            Zen Buddhists in Bed with Japan’s Militarists: A Critical Analysis of Brian

Victoria’s Perspectives on Modern Japanese Buddhist History

               Daniel Metraux, Mary Baldwin College

            Pilgrimage, Travel, and Tourism in Contemporary Japan: Desacralization and

Commercialization of the Saikoku Kannon Pilgrimage

               Steven E. Gump, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign


Panel I D.  Entrepreneurs: Women, Townships, Microenterprises, and Nations (Asian

Political Economy (Boone II))

            Chair, Joel R. Campbell, Kansai Gaidai University (Japan)

            Going Beyond Township and Village Enterprises in Rural China

               Juan Wang, Johns Hopkins University

            Who is the Leader in Formulating World Soybean Prices: The U.S., Argentina,

Brazil, or China?

               Baohui Song, et. al., University of Kentucky

            Economic Development in the Kingdom of Nepal: The Role of Microenterprise

               Douglas L. Fugate, Kirk Heriot, and Raja Bhattacharya, Western Kentucky



Panel I E.  Dialogue Among Nations: East Asian International Relations (Kincaid)

            Chair: Robert Topmiller, Eastern Kentucky University

Cautious Deserts: Transnational Press Coverage of Charles Robert Jenkins’

Resettlement from North Korea to Japan

               Glenn W. Scott, Elon University

            The United States’ Imposition of Religious Freedom: The International Religious

Freedom Act in India

               Laurie Cozad, University of Mississippi

            Human Rights Mechanism in the ASEAN Region

               Hideotshi Hashimoto, Towson University

            The Treaty of Friendship, Commerce, and Navigation of 1946: Investigating

Diplomatic Ties between the United States, Taiwan, and China

   John Leebens, Denison University


9:00-12:00pm             Asian Music Workshop (Spirits Room)

Local K-12 teachers will be participating in a workshop lead by Dr. Han

Kuo-Huang.  At this hands-on workshop teachers will learn Chinese luogu

(percussion) with lion dance activities, Javanese gamelan, and Southeast

Asian angklung (bamboo rattles).


10:15-10:30am                        Break


10:30-12:15pm                       Session II


            Panel II A. Roundtable:  Madama Butterfly, M. Butterfly, and Meiji Japan (Boone II)

                        Chair: George M. Wilson, University of Kentucky

   Panelists: Sally Stunkel, University of Kentucky

                              Vanessa Nolan, Indiana University

                              Farley Richmond, University of Georgia


            Panel II B.  Colonialism and Anti-Colonialism in 20th Century Viet Nam (Kincaid)

                        Chair: William Head, Robins Air Force Base

                        'Bac Ho Speaks to the Children': Thieu Sinh Magazine and the Formation of the

Revolutionary Child, 1945

                           Christina Firpo, University of California-Los Angeles

                        “Killed Some Viet Minh? Shabash!”: British-Indian Military Culture and the

Repression of the Viet Minh by the 20th Indian Division in Viet Nam, August-

November 1945

                           Marc Jason Gilbert, North Georgia College and State University

                        Discussant: Dan Duffy, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill


            Panel II C.  Art & Reality: East Asian Literature (Boone I)

                        Chair: Erin Cline, Brown University

                        Imagining Exile in Early Japan: Rethinking Orikuchi Shinobu’s Kisshu Ryuritan

                           Jonathan Stockdale, University of Puget Sound

                        Modernism and the Politics of Madness in Yokomitsu Riichi’s Machine

                           Ray W. Chandrasekara, Albany College of Pharmacy

                        Peach Blossom Spring v. Shangri-La: A Comparative Study of Chinese and

Western Utopian Literature

                           Karl Zhang, George Mason University

                        Whose Reality? An Examination of Realism in the Work of Mao Dun

                           Joana R. Carlson, Florida State University


            Panel II D.  East Asian Political Economies in Transition (Davis)

                        Chair: Larry Burmeister, University of Kentucky

                        Recent Japanese Food Safety Scandals: The Institutional Response

                           Kiyohiko Sakamoto, University of Kentucky

                        Globalization, Democratization, and the Middle Class Crisis in Taiwan

                           Jui-Chang Jao, University of Kentucky

                        A South Korean Agricultural Ladder? Farm Size Expansion and Sectoral

Adjustment in the WTO Era

                           Yong-Ju Choi and Larry Burmeister, University of Kentucky

                        Doi Moi and Beyond:  A Statistical Analysis of Hai Phong and Thai Binh


                        Jeff Todd, University of Virginia

Discussant: Keiko Tanaka, University of Kentucky


            Panel II E. Teaching and Parenting (Boone III)

                        Chair: Richard Rice, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga

                        Traditional Music and Cultural Heritage: An Exploration of the Extra Curriculum

                        in Music in Chinese Education

                           Binyao Zheng, Kennesaw State University

                        Service-Learning as a Meaningful Pedagogy in Asian Studies

                           Brian MacHarg, Eckerd College

                        Visualizing Asia: Potentials and Problems in Teaching with Images

                           Richard Rice, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga

                        What Euro-American Parents Can Learn from Asian Parents

                           Thomas W. Taylor, Delta State University


12:15-12:30pm                       Break


12:30-2:00pm             Lunch and Annual Business Meeting (Ball Room)


2:00-2:15pm               Break


2:15-4:00pm               Session III


            Panel III A.  Liezi Could Ride the Wind: New Scholarship on the Liezi (Boone I)

                        Chair: Ronnie Littlejohn, Belmont University

                        How to Fish Like a Daoist

                           Erin Cline, Brown University

                        I, Robot: Self as Machine in Liezi

                           Jeffrey Richey, Berea College

                        Is Not Your Body Stolen? The Virtue of Theft in the Liezi

                           James Miller, Queen’s University (Canada)


            Panel III B.  Intercultural Communication: Becoming Japerican (Boone II)

                        Chair: Beth Goldstein, University of Kentucky

                        Performer: Sachiko Tankei, Southern Illinois University


            Panel III C.  Creativity and Conflict: Religion in China (Davis)

                        Chair: Qingfu Hong, Appalachian State University (Visiting) and Soochow

University (China)

                        The Wonder of Dao: Entering the Primordial Source of Creativity

                           Tom Pynn, Kennesaw State University

                        Buddhism in Wartime China, 1937-1945

                           Jan Kiely, Furman University

                        Can One Be Both Chinese and Christian?

                           John S. Peale, Longwood College


            Panel III D.  The Arts in Three Asian Nations: India, Vietnam, and China (Boone III)

                        Chair: Fred Martinson, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

                        Jinas and Their Female Guardian Spirits: The Temples of Mount Abu in


   Punam Madhok, East Carolina University

Pham Duy and Vietnamese History

   Eric Henry, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

The Body as Brush: the Homology of Calligraphy, Kung-fu, and Dance

   Li-ling Hsiao, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill


            Panel III E.  Coping with Change: China’s Domestic Politics and Psychology (Kincaid)

                        Chair: William Dorrill, Longwood University

                        Neo-leftist Theory, Neo-authority Theory, and Liberalism

                           Zhiyuan Chen, Appalachian State University

                        Local Institution Building and Social Capital Accumulation: The Politics of the

Neighborhood Council System in Shanghai

                           Chunrong Liu, City University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

                        On the Silk Road: Change, Stress, and Coping Strategies

                           Nicky Ozbek, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga


4:00-4:15pm               Break


4:15-5:30pm               AAS Presidential Address: How Many People are in Your French

                                    Department? (Lincoln Room)

Mary Elizabeth Berry, President, Association for Asian Studies


5:45pm                        Center for Global Partnership, Japan Foundation Information Session (Boone II)

                                    Speaker: Adam Hempling


6:00pm                                    Graduate Student Meet-up (Optional) (Boone III)

                                    Facilitator: Kiyohiko Sakamoto, University of Kentucky


6:00pm                                    Meet SEC-AAS Members” Dinner (Optional) (Boone I)

                                    Facilitator: Paige Tan, University of North Carolina, Wilmington


7:30pm                                    The Secret of My Success, Chinese film (Downtown Library Theater, 140

East Main Street).  A discussion following the film will be led by Shengqing

Wu, Professor of Chinese, University of Kentucky.



            Panel IV A.  Teaching India through Theater: The Little Clay Cart, a Case Study (Boone I)

                        Chair: Farley Richmond, University of Georgia

                        Teaching India and the Problem of the Cultural Studies Paradigm

                           Dorothy Figueira, University of Georgia

                        The Distance Traveled: The Little Clay Cart in Athens, Georgia

                           Lauren Hobbs Sexton, University of Georgia

                        Costuming “The Other”: A Fusion Exploration

                           Catherine A. Parrott, University of Georgia


            Panel IV B.  Pirates, Patriots, and Reformers: Rediscovering Chinese History (Boone III)

                        Chair: Dorothea A.L. Martin, Appalachian State University

                        Piracy and the Underground Economy in Early Modern China

                           Robert Antony, Western Kentucky University

                        Li Changgan: Patriot, Populist, and Paternalist Engineer

                           Joshua Howard, University of Mississippi

                        Vision and Struggle: Reformers in Traditional China

                           Dorothea A. L. Martin, Appalachian State University


            Panel IV C.  Observing Asia’s Politics (Boone IV)

                        Chair: Paige Johnson Tan, University of North Carolina-Wilmington

Japan’s 2002 Educational Reforms: Creating a “Zest for Living”

   Lucien Ellington, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga

                        Understanding North Korea: The Impact of the Korean War

                           Michael Seth, James Madison University

                        Variety of Labor Politics in Asian Democracies: Political Institutions and Unions’

Responses in Korea and Taiwan, 1987-2002

                           Yoonkyung Lee, Duke University

                        Towards a Win-win Model for the Kashmir Conflict

                           Jen Yi  Lee, University of North Carolina-Wilmington


            Panel IV D. Adapting to the Modern in Japan: Business, Political Economy, and

            Technology Transfer (Clay)

            Chair: David W. Blaylock, Eastern Kentucky University

            The Domestic-Globalization Paradox: The Japanese Political System Faces

Transition and Gridlock

               Joel R. Campbell, Kansai Gaidai University

                        Technology Transfer in Modern Japan: The Shinkansen Bullet Train as a Case


   Takashi Nishiyama, Dibner Institute, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Preaching to the Choir: A Study of Ryumonsha (Dragon Gate Society)

   David W. Blaylock, Eastern Kentucky University


            Panel IV E.  Education, Gender, and Geography (Breckinridge)

                        Chair: Stanley Brunn, University of Kentucky

                        Poverty and Gender Issues in Nepal Seen from a Secondary School at Brunchulli


                           Kenji Yamazaki, Meiji University (Japan)

                        Gender Formation Process and Home Environment: An Initial Comparative

                        Study of Japanese and Thai High School Students

                          Tomoko Yamazaki and Yukiko Nagasawa, Iwate University (Japan)

                        Implementation of Cultural Values in Korean Early Childhood Curriculum

                           Mee-Ryoung Shon, Morehead State University

                        Lhasa: Growth and Transformation: 1950-2003

                           P.P. Karan, University of Kentucky


            Panel IV F.  Roundtable: Americans and South Asian Islam Today (Davis)

                        Chair: John McLeod, University of Louisville

Panelists: Riffat Hassan, University of Louisville

   Robert Stenger, University of Louisville

   Mary Hora, Kentucky Court of Appeals, Frankfort

   James Brown, retired Presbyterian pastor

   Sarah Brown, Jefferson Community College, Louisville (ret.)


10:15-10:30am                        Break


10:30-12:15pm                       Session V


            Panel V A.  Girls and Women in Three Asian Nations: Japan, India, and China (Clay)

                        Chair: Charlotte Beahan, Murray State University

                        The Hip Hop Impact on Japanese Youth Culture

                           Xuexin Liu, Spelman College

                        Mothers, Daughters, and Dowry in the Context of Poverty: Some Case Studies

from Calcutta

                           Suchitra Samanta, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

                        On the Home Front: Women’s Work Corps and Social Welfare in the Sino-

Japanese War

                           Helen M. Schneider, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


            Panel V B.  Chinese Film and Society (Boone I)

                        Chair Dorothea A. L. Martin, Appalachian State University

                        Cultural Models of Love in China

                           Bob Moore, Rollins College

                        The Eastern Phaidra: The Reincarnation of a Greek Myth in Chinese Drama and


                           Li Zeng, University of Louisville

                        Dis-respecting Faces: Multifaceted Metaphorical Violence of Sons against Fathers

                        Described by the Generational Warfare Tactice

                           Paul B. Foster, Georgia Institute of Technology

                        Internationalization of Chinese Cinema: Exoticism, Orientalism, and


   Marten Carlson, Denison University


            Panel V C.  Perspectives on Memory and Identity: Japan (Boone II)

                        Chair: Matthew Levey, Birmingham-Southern College

                        Memory of World War II in a Multinational Perspective

                           Matthew Levey, Birmingham-Southern College

                        Implicating Colonial Memory and the Atomic Bomb

                           Lianying Shan, Princeton University

                        The U.S. Military, Okinawa, and Social Movements in an Age of Globalization

                           Masamichi S. Inoue, University of Kentucky


            Panel V D.  President’s Roundtable—Strengthening Asian Studies Departments:

Traveling, Teaching, and Rethinking (Boone III)

Panelists:  Kate Kaup, President, SEC-AAS, Furman University

   Savita Nair, Furman University

   Shusuke Yagi, Furman University


            Panel V E. Hinduism and Islam: Religion in South and Central Asia and the Caucasus


                        Chair: William Harman, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga

                        Questioning Authority in Current Scholarship: Neo-Orientalism and the

Language Police

                           Michael Gressett, University of Florida

                        The Tactics of Islamists’ Jamaats in the Caucasus in the Context of Ethnic

Conflicts and Beslan’s Tragedy

                           Anatoly Isaenko, Appalachian State University

                        Challenging the Logo-Syllabic Nature of the Indus ‘Fish’

                           Michael Korvink, University of North Carolina-Charlotte