56th Annual Meeting
University of Mississippi
Oxford, MS
January 13-15, 2017

Recommended Guidelines for Conference Participants

Panel Chairs: Please introduce all the panelists on your panel. You can make introductions all at once, at the beginning, or you can introduce panelists one-at-a
time before each presenter reads his or her paper or makes their presentation.

Panel Timing: All panels are one (1) hour and 30 minutes long. Please keep a tight rein on the length of the presentations.

Moderators for Roundtables: Please follow the same general guidelines as the panel chairs even though some specific procedures must be different due to the nature of the setting and purpose of the roundtable.

Panel Presenters: Again, the vast majority of you are experienced scholars so try to remember that common courtesy and professional etiquette demand that all those who are presenting papers stick to their assigned time limits?

Roundtable Presenters: Please follow the same general guidelines as those presenting papers on panels–EXCEPT: keep in mind you are NOT presenting a complete paper. As such, limit your opening remarks to 5 minutes, or less if you have three (3) or more presenters.

Discussants: Try to follow the general guidelines laid out above. As the vast majority of you already know, the discussant’s job is to find a common thread and link the papers into a general thematic framework.

Audience: While it may not seem so, members of the audience have a responsibility too! Again courtesy and good manners should be your guiding principles.

Final Note

Again, I know the majority of you are familiar with these procedures, but it never hurts to be reminded in order to assure a smoothly run meeting.

I know we are all looking forward to a great conference and a deeply enriching experience. Remember that SEC/AAS exists to bring people from all over the world and from a myriad of disciplines together to exchange ideas in an effort to find consensus. We do that so people all over this planet can have a richer, fuller, longer and more peaceful existence. Indeed, the magnificence of humanity is in its infinite diversity and how that diversity can be blended into a magnificent tapestry for progress and peace. In short, not everyone does things the same way so try to be patient and understanding of language and cultural differences as well as professional and disciplinary uniqueness. Thanks for your participation and support! I look forward to seeing everyone in Jekyll Island!

Proposed by Bill Head
Program Chair
42nd Annual Meeting
Jekyll Island, GA
January 17-19, 2003