Membership Participation Information

The SEC/AAS offers its members a variety of ways to contribute--opportunities to develop professional, organizational and academic skills.

Members interested in serving in any of these capacities should contact the SEC/AAS President:

Catherine L. Phipps
5584 Ashley Square N
Memphis, TN 38120
Cell: 901-356-8234

For additional information about Executive Committee positions go to the Executive Committee Handbook.

Executive Committee Positions

Vice President/President Elect (elected by SEC/AAS membership):

Secretary/Treasurer (appointed by the Executive Committee)

At-Large Member of the Executive Committee (elected by SEC/AAS membership):

Program Chair (appointed by the vice-president/president-elect)

Council of Conferences Representative (nominated by SEC/AAS, elected by AAS)

Southeast Review of Asian Studies:

Editor (appointed by the Executive Committee)