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The Environmental Systems Certificate 

Who Can Benefit

The UK Certificate in Environmental Systems is designed for both degree-seeking graduate students and certificate-seeking professionals. Degree-seeking students apply the certificate courses toward their degrees. Certificate-seeking professionals complete the certificate requirements only.

Environmental Systems classes at UK consist of both degree-seeking students and certificate-seeking professionals. Thus, participants in the Certificate interact in a setting that includes practitioners, researchers, and teachers. In this way, a practical and interdisciplinary focus on environmental systems is enhanced.

The Certificate program improves:

UK's program is the only opportunity in the Commonwealth to obtain a graduate-level interdisciplinary Certificate in Environmental Systems.

The Certificate can be easily completed in one year. 

The Systems Approach to Environmental Management

A systems framework that integrates law, policy, and science is the national and international standard for environmental management. An environmental systems approach has been adopted by teachers, researchers, and practitioners in universities, governments, corporations, public-health professions, public-interest professions, and science education.

You can benefit in any of these settings by obtaining the Graduate Certificate in Environmental Systems at the University of Kentucky.

The Environmental Systems Program

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