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iwin certified in the change cycle™

iwin is certified in The Change Cycle™ which provides many services in order to help business manage change. Check out our offerings below.

aging workforce white paper

iwin's newest White Paper is now available! Kentucky's Aging Workforce: employers' perspectives on the benefits, challeges and promising practices for an engaged older workforce.


"UK's Institute for Workplace Innovation provides significant outreach to our state's employer community by conducting and translating research into tools and resources. iwin's continued work and vision will help propel the Commonwealth to become a state-of-choice, where both employers and employees thrive."
-Lee Todd, former President, University of Kentucky

"Central Bank is proud to have been one of iwin's first Roundtable Partners. As an organization we have benefited greatly from the leading edge information, networking, and resources this unique organization provides."
-Luther Deaton, President of Central Bank and Founding Innovative Employer Roundtable Partner

"Our affiliation with iwin has been one of the best investments Dinsmore & Shohl has made. Not just the quantity, but the quality of the resources, trainings and networking opportunities that iwin provides are invaluable. "
-Donna King Perry, Partner, Dinsmore & Shohl, LLP and Founding Innovative Employer Roundtable Partner

"The networking opportunity provided through iwin is invaluable and the educational offerings are always informative and timely. Participation and exposure in the Innovative Employer Roundtable has allowed us to benchmark our current workforce and practices and consider new ways of looking at things impacting our workforce, which in turn has lead to changes in policies/practices and development or expansion of existing programs such as telecommuting."
-Lynette Walker, Director, Human Resources, Central Baptist Hospital and Founding Innovative Employer Roundtable Partner

"The speakers and seminars that iwin offers have provided beneficial information and insight. Participating as a partner has caused our company to look at the way we manage our people in a broader perspective."
-Tammie Taylor, President, R.J. Corman Railroad Group, LLC and Innovative Employer Roundtable Partner

"Wow! What a fantastic training and session. I received lots of positive feedback from our team, and it seems many of our members were happily surprised to be energized and intellectually stimulated by an all-day retreat rather than exhausted. Even since the workshop, I've had multiple conversations about communication styles and DISC types and I think that there was a hunger for conversations about communications, generations and work-life fit between our team. Thank you, again - you were wonderful."
-Hannah LeGris, AmeriCorps VISTA, The Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning

"Logan Aluminum worked with iwin and Dr. Meredith Wells-Lepley on revising and updating our Employee Satisfaction Survey during 2011. As with many things in the Logan culture, the Employee Survey was an annual event that our employees took very seriously and did not consider changing as a minor event. We could not have been more satisfied with the work that Dr. Lepley did with our team of employees on the revision process. The survey product and the presentation of the survey results were easy-to-use and to understand, professional and insightful. Our employees, managers and our board of directors were very impressed with the useful information that came from iwin's interpretation of our results. For the first time, we have information, not just data. Most importantly, we now have a guidebook for improvement. Thanks Meredith and iwin!!
-Stacey Hughes, Manager, Human Resources, Logan Aluminum

"iwin conducted an impressive, in-depth employee survey for CAC and is currently working with us to improve the areas of concern. iwin is our most valuable partner in our continuous improvement and organization development efforts."

-Jack Burch, Executive Director, Community Action Council