unplug from work &
plug in to the rest of your life

January 16th, 11:30 to 1:30 p.m. est
presented by: Meredith Wells-Lepley, Ph.D., Director of Research & Consulting, iwin
where: Hilary J. Boone Center - Fireside Room

Are you addicted to your smartphone? Does your family complain about the amount of time you spend on work email when you aren’t at work? Do you have difficulty “unplugging”? Research indicates that you and your employees should NOT be working all the time! Business Lexington contributor and iwin's Director of Research & Consulting, Meredith Wells-Lepley, Ph.D. will present the facts from her recent article, "Unplug from Work & Plug in to the Rest of Your Life."

While you enjoy lunch at the UK Hilary J Boone Center, Dr. Wells-Lepley will discuss the benefits of balancing work and life, explain the true definition of turning off and why it’s so difficult for many of us to do, and provide tips to help you unplug and enjoy your much-needed time away from work. Before and after lunch you will have a chance to network with human resource and business leaders.

about the presenter:
In her research role, Dr. Wells-Lepley is responsible for iwin's research agenda including current funded projects on workplace flexibility and the multigenerational workforce. She also oversees iwin’s Innovative Employer Assessment and all employee surveys conducted for Kentucky employers. In her consulting role, Dr. Wells-Lepley is iwin’s lead consultant conducting workshops and trainings on change management, leadership, workplace communication, organizational culture, and customer service.

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