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workplace assessments

As a university-based entity, iwin is uniquely positioned to offer applied research and development solutions based on rigorous workplace research. iwin uses research to assess an organization's culture, innovation and readiness for change. If you have any questions about iwin's workplace assessments, please contact Dr. Meredith Wells-Lepley, director of research and consulting.

innovative workplace model

Our innovative workplace assessment is based upon Dr. Swanberg's Innovative Workplace Model (featured above). Research shows that the eight dimensions of an innovative workplace highlighted in the model lead to increased employee recruitment, retention and engagement. They include:

-cultivation of teams & social supports
-meaningful work
-culture of inclusion
-promotion of workplace flexibility
-opportunities for learning & advancement
-effective leadership & supervision
-promotion of health & wellness
-compensation and competitive benefits

innovative workplace assessment


The innovative workplace assessment benchmarks local companies' workplace practices against data gathered through the National Study of the Changing Workforce.

If you have any questions about the Innovative Workplace Assessments, please contact Dr. Meredith Wells-Lepley.