iwin's employee surveys

employees How engaged are your employees?
What do they like best about your organization?
What do they like least?
What percentage expects to leave within the next year?

Research consistently finds that employee attitudes and behaviors are the most important determinants of the success of your business. Knowing how your employees rate on certain indices can help you make strategic management decisions. The best way to assess employee attitudes is through employee surveys.


make informed, strategic decisions

Soliciting feedback from employees about organizational practices tells you what's working, what's not, determines areas of concern before they become major problems, and can help you prioritize future activities and investments.


employee-focused outcomes

iwin's surveys and assessments measure important employee-level outcomes such as:


checkemployee engagement
checkintent to leave
checkteamwork & social supports
checkwork-life fit

checkjob satisfaction
checkemployee health & well-being
check learning & advancement opportunities
checkemployee stress


customized for your organization

Your organization is different; your employee surveys should be too. iwin's employee surveys are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client whether they be comprehensive employee engagement and satisfaction surveys or surveys to assess employee attitudes on one particular issue.


complex statistical analysis

iwin's trained researchers employ advanced statistical techniques to evaluate the true determinants of organizational or employee-level outcomes at your unique organization.


timely, easy-to-understand results

iwin specializes in translating complex research into practical tools and resources for organizations. We summarize your survey results concisely and in a timely manner so you can react quickly to organizational concerns and build on what is working well. In addition, we provide graphics and illustrations that make survey results easy to understand for employees in every level of your organization.