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healthy org cover kentucky's aging workforce

The Kentucky Aging Workforce Study, examines four key questions: 1) What are Kentucky employers' attitudes toward older workers? 2) What challenges do Kentucky employers face as their employee population ages? 3) What practices would help Kentucky employers prepare for the aging workforce and overcome the challenges it presents? 4) What are Kentucky employers' promising practices for creating healthy and productive workplaces for older workers?

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healthy org cover creating healthy organizations in kentucky

iwin releases an extensive case study report highlighting Kentucky organizations that promote employee health through their organizational culture. It also introduces iwin's HealthIntegrated Model, a tool to help employers integrate health into their organizational culture and operations.

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flex flexible workplace solutions for low-wage hourly workers

Co-authored by iwin and WF2010, this report provides a thorough examination of the scheduling challenges faced by many of today's workers. It also provides practical solutions for employers and policymakers.

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flex study workplace flexibility supervisor study

iwin reports on how and why flexible work arrangements are used at the University of Kentucky from the perspective of supervisors and managers.

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white paper iwin's innovative workplace white paper

iwin releases its first white paper on the eight dimensions of innovative workplaces and how they benefit employees and business results. Organizations that exemplify each model dimension are highlighted.

bees bluegrass entrepreneurial environment study

This study explores what factors invite innovative companies and individuals to Kentucky and assesses existing and potential supports that foster high-tech entrepreneurial development.

mww making workplaces work: employer best practices in kentucky

This report highlights seven areas of innovation shown by Kentucky companies that have proven effective in attracting, motivating and retaining a loyal workforce.

CitiSales Study - Researching tomorrows problems today. the citisales study: hourly workers

This section examines the employee and business benefits of a work environment that's responsive to lower-wage hourly workers' needs.

cs the citisales study: older workers

This section identifies and describes innovative strategies for a corporate culture that's responsive to the work/life needs of an older workforce.