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iwin staff regularly contribute to a work-life column for Business Lexington. We have archived articles here for your convenience.

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December 2012: Unpredictable scheduling brings added stress to the holidays for hourly workers

November 2012: Bingham McCutchen move illustrates challenges of employee relocation

October 2012: UK researchers partner with Thoroughbred industry to address worker health

September 2012: Pets in the workplace

August 2012: Exploring breast cancer surviorship and employment

August 2012: Office spaces: is yours helping or hurting your business?

July 2012: Workspace personalization: Clutter or meaningful personal displays?

May 2012: Employee engagement critical to business success

March 2012: Flexibility is critical for older workers

February 2012: Health is the bottom line: Kentucky employers make good nutrition and exercise a priority at the office

December 2011: Using technology to engage all generations

May 2010: Leveraging the WEG requires flexible thinking

February 2010:
Businesses find benefits in volunteering: Events like the WEG can bring free growth opportunities

February 2010: Innovation on a dime: Businesses reap large rewards for little to no cost

September 2009: Workers with aging parents need resources, flexibility

August 2009: 40 KY Businesses Recognized for Workplace Innovations

July 2009: The price of incivility: Bad behavior costs businesses billions

April 2009: Taking maternity leave--how best to prepare

March 2009: Don't just save energy; manage it

February 2009: Flexibility can offer alternatives to downsizing

December 2008: Congress revisits Healthy Families Act

October 2008: The future of work: changing rules for a new company

August 2008: UK roundtable partners with business to promote employers of choice

July 2008: Recruiting and retaining older workers

June 2008: Commuting by bike: good for individuals, good for business

May 2008: Do you overwork? More production, but at what cost?

April 2008: Make 'em all happy: caring for hourly workers pays dividends through happy customers

March 2008: Study looks at Lexington's entrepreneurial environment

January 2008: Show your flexibility

November 2007: Workplaces thrive by promoting inclusion

October 2007: One step closer to greatness

September 2007: For military families, the conflict never ends

June 2007: Happy equals productive

May 2007: Workplace flexibility: making it work

March 2007: Effective managers keep things flexible

February 2007: Workplace innovation: An imperative for economic and workforce development

January 2007: A New Year's resolution: achieving work-life balance

December 2006: Intimate partner violence: Workplace response is long overdue

November 2006: The leaves aren't the only things changing

September 2006: Are we a work-obsessed culture?

August 2006: Finding the traffic fix in workplace flexibility

May 2006: Job justice: A key to retaining talent

April 2006: Office spouses: A boon for productivity or a mess for home-life?

March 2006: Beyond living wages

February 2006: Living wages for working families: A policy paradox

January 2006: Baby boomers changing trends ... again

December 2005: Men want work-life balance too!

November 2005: WorkLife: The win-win of workplace flexibility

October 2005: Striking the work-life balance