ENT 310- Insect Pests of Field Crops Fall 2005

Instructor: Dr. Lee Townsend

Room S-205-C Ag Science North phone - 257-7455
Email   Lee.Townsend@uky.edu

Welcome to ENT 310! This page is a place to review what we have covered in class and to practice your field crop problem-solving skills. I will add information on things we have covered as the semester goes along starting with links below.

Here is the course syllabus.

Getting ready for the second lab exam ...

Crunchers will help you to review the defoliators and damage from leaf feeders.

The Alfalfa Doctor will help you to review the some leaf and sap feeders.

Here are some of the stored grain insects that we have seen or grown.

Crunchers will help you to review the defoliators and damage from leaf feeders.

This page will let you painlessly review these old friends for the lab exam.

Follow this to an overview of Arthropods and Insect Orders

Here are some common caterpillars.

The Kentucky Pest News newsletter contains articles written by UK specialists in entomology, plant pathology, and weed science. The current issue is available along with an archive of previous issues. Articles in the newsletter can give you some background on pest management activity in the state.

The Kentucky Integrated Pest Management page will take you to crop scouting manuals and other useful information.

Weather has a major impact on arthropods. The UK Ag Weather Center provides valuable weather information and programs that can be used to predict insect activity. It can be a valuable resource for pest managers.

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