Lab Quiz Review

This is not everything we have seen in lab, just some representatives. Look at the common name of an insect. Bring up a mental picture of it and think of its major characteristics. Then, click on the name to get a picture.

Beetles - Coleoptera

7-spotted lady beetle Convergent lady beetle Pink lady beetle
Lady beetle larva White grub Corn rootworm
Blister beetle Cereal leaf beetle Wireworm
Damsel bug Parasitoid wasp Parasitized Hornworm
Green lacewing adult Lacewing larva Parasitized Armyworm

Aphids, leafhoppers, Spittlebugs- Homoptera

Grass leafhopper SpittlebugAphid

True bugs- Hemiptera

Stilt bug Stink bug nymphsGreen stink bug

Grasshopper- Orthoptera



What are these? Click on the picture to get the answer.

Chewing mouthparts- the whole set.

Sucking mouthparts - the whole look.