Tobacco Cutworm Pictures


Black cutworm adults.


Varigated cutworm larva.  The fully-grown caterpillar is approximately 2 inches long and has yellow diamond shaped spots down the middle of its back.

The granulate cutworm is dark gray to sandy brown in color, about 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 inches long (30-38 mm) and
           each segment has distinct V-shaped figures on the back.

The black cutworm is important in numerous crops.  This slide shows the key features used to identify larvae of this pest.


Close-up comparison of black and dingy cutworms





Comparison of tubercles of the black cutworm larva, above left (note that they are different sizes) and the dingy cutworm larva, below left (the tubercles are the same size).  This is a good field characteristic for distinguishing these two cutworm species.