1.     Description of the study and its purpose

2.     The information the subject will be asked to provide, if any

3.     A description of what the subject will be asked to do

4.     A description of potential risks and benefits

5.     A statement that participation is voluntary and that the subjects can withdraw at anytime without penalty

6.     Reassurance that all data will be kept confidential

7.     The name and phone number of a person the subject may call if he or she has any complaints as a result of participating in the study

8.     Places for the subject and researcher to sign the form





Make sure research is necessary.


Use naturalistic observation or archival records whenever possible.


Unless good reason…

          Inform subjects of procedures

          Do not deceive subjects

          Do not invade subjects' privacy


Ask friends, colleagues, and potential subjects to review your proposal.


Do pilot studies and ask for reactions.


Screen out potential subjects who might be at risk…


Keep subjects' identities confidential.