GenoPro: On-line genogram building site

Genealogy-Family History

Family Search- Site sponsered by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Ancestry.com- World's largest online genealogy library
National Genealogical Society
Kentucky Historical Society
Local genealogy library in Lexington - 1789 Tates Creek Road - call for hours 269-2722
Using genealogy in family intervention
Cyndi's list of genealogy sites on the internet
Local History and Genealogy Reading Room

Family Systems Theory

Principia Cybernetica Web- Cybernetic theories and technologies
Complex Systems Virtual Library


From the Border to the Bluegrass- Why Hispanics come and what they leave behind
Alliances formed to assist Hispanics
Advocates pressing for safer travel for Hispanics
Overcoming differences: Influx of Hispanic residents changes face of community


African American Heritage
Ex-Slaves Narratives
Historical African American Churches of Lexington Web Page Project
Remembering Kentucky's "Black Businesss Capital"


Islam at a glance

Mulitcultural Education

Rethinking Schools
Teaching Tolerance