Spring 2012
Lecture Schedule
Lecture Dates Assignments
January 2 Introductions, Class Syllabus
January 17 Environmental Timeline
Text, Chapter 4
Study Assignment (SA) #2
SA #3 to be completed in class
January 19 Environmental Thought: Pioneers
John Muir, "The American Forests"
Henry David Thoreau, "Walden"
George Perkins Marsh, "Man and Nature"
(SA #4)
January 24 Environmental Thought: Progressive Era
Gifford Pinchot, Aldo Leopold, Rachel Carson
(SA #5)
Gifford Pinchot link: " Breaking New Ground "
Aldo Leopold link: " The Land Ethic " -> " Table of Contents "
Rachel Carson link: " Silent Spring "
January 26 Contemporary Environmental Thought
William Cronon, Michael Pollan and Alston Chase
(SA #6)
William Cronon link: "Trouble with Wilderness"
January 31 The Meaning of Conservation, Wilderness Preservation, and Ecosystem Science
(SA #7)
February 2 Contemporary Environmental Propoganda
Text, Chp 4 pgs 103-107
Jared Diamond, excerpt from book, COLLAPSE, pgs 472-479 (handout)
(SA #8)
February 7 Green Thinking 2012
(SA #9)
February 9 Natural Resource Policymaking
Text, Chapter 3
(SA #10)
February 14 Happy Valentine's Day!
Policy Case Studies
William Lowry, "The Capacity for Wonder"
Ron Suskind, "The Price of Loyalty"
Mann & Plummer, "The Awful Beast is Back"
(SA #11)
February 16 Natural Resource and Environmental Agencies
Text, Chapter 6
(SA #12)
February 21 Forest Service Case Study
(SA #13)
February 23 Forest Service Case Study (continued)
(SA #14)
February 28 Forest Service Case Study (continued)
(SA #15)
March 1 NPS Case Study: Playing God in Yellowstone
(SA #16)
March 6 Review for Mid-Term Exam
Policy Case Studies
March 8 Mid-Term Exam
March 20 Return Mid-Term Exams
Policy Analysis Intro
Text, Chp. 7
(SA #17)
March 22 Mid-Term Exam Re-write (optional)
Policy Analysis Case Study- Topical
Information Sources
(SA #18)
March 26

Mid-Term Re-write must be complete by 4:30 pm. Contact Dr. Infanger
or Kathy Roe (

March 27 Policy Analysis Methods
Kraft and Furlong, "Assessing Policy Alternatives" (handout)
(SA #19)
March 29-April 12 Policy Analysis Case Study Assignments
April 17 Final Draft Memo due for Policy Analysis Case Study
April 19, 24 & 26
Case Study Oral Presentations  
April 19  
S. Kelley and C. Meek Invasive Species Management
F. McCoy, A. Bard and Brent Bomback Kentucky PACE Program
M. Gilmore, B. Aceto and L.Mudd Safe Drinking Water Act
C. Buschermohle, M. Allen and K. Loughrin Clean Water Act Section 303d
April 24  
B. Cocanougher, P. Hayes, and Ryan Kessler KY Wild and Scenic Rivers Program
E. Patten, N. Redish, and A Krajewski KY Brownfield Restoration
E. Hope, P. Johnson and L. Boone LFUCG Stormwater Management

April 26

T. Snedegar, S. Lovett, A. Masthay and J. Chappell USDA Wetland Reserve Program
A. Lewis, K. Schmidt and K. Eaton NEPA EA Requirements
C. Applegate, R. Bundschuh, E. Wesley, and A. Muncy KY Nonpoint Source Management



May 3 at 8 am Revised Memo and PPT due for Policy Analysis Case Study