Cheating And Plagiarism

                                Cheating is defined in "The Student's Rights and Responsibilities Handbook" and includes
                                but is not limited to, the wrongfully giving, taking, or presenting any information or
                                material by a student with the intent of aiding himself/herself on any academic work which is

                                considered in any way in the determination of the final grade.







                                   Examples of Behaviors That Would Be Considered Cheating In NUR 863

a) Copying another students homework assignment
b) Copying another students nursing care plan / journal entry
c) Obtaining answers from another student or a "cheat sheet" on an exam / test
d) Documenting physical assessment findings / vital signs in your written assignments as your own when you obtained the information from the patient's medical record

e) Obtaining assistance while performing your skills mastery video demonstration

f) Obtaining assistance from another student or written material when taking online lab tests

g) Copying lab preparation assignments from another student


  Plagiarism (From "Student's Rights And Responsibilities")

All academic work, written, or otherwise submitted by students to their instructors or other academic supervisors, is expected to be the result of their own thought, research, or self-expression. In cases where a student feels unsure about a question of plagiarism involving their work, they are obligated to consult their instructors on the matter before submission.

Plagiarism includes reproducing someone else's work, whether it is published article, chapter of a book, and a paper from a friend, a file or whatever. Plagiarism also includes the practice of employing or allowing another person to alter or revise the work, which a student submits as his/her own. Students may discuss assignments among themselves or with an instructor or tutor, but when the actual work is done, the student alone must do it.

See June 2000 Student Rights & Responsibilities pamphlet for complete information relating to cheating and plagiarism.


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