1. The client has a G-tube for feeding purposes. Which of the following is true regarding a gastrostomy tube?
A. The physician inserts it via endoscopy
B. TPN is preferred over G-tube feedings, if possible
C. It is for long term nutritional therapy
D. The nurse does not need to check residual prior to tube feeding administration

2.  The nurse notes that a severely anemic client is experiencing respiratory distress and has cyanotic mailbeds. She recognizes these signs are probably secondary to a/an:
A. Increased hemoglobin and pre-albumin
B. Increased albumin and hematocrit
C. Decreased hemoglobin an hematocrit
D. Decreased albumin and pre-albumin

3.    The nurse is administering Ibuprofen (Advil) to the client. She recognizes that it is a non-opioid, therefore it:
A. Is used for moderate to severe pain
B. Has a ceiling effect
C. May cause respiratory depression
D. Is not to be given with opioids

4.    The client with persistent insomnia is admitted to the sleep lab overnight for evaluation.   Which of the following procedures are conducted simultaneously during a           polysomnography?
A. Electroencephalogram, electrocardiogram, & electro-oculogram
B. Electromyogram, electro-oculogram, and electroencephalogram
C. Electrocardiogram, electromyogram, and electro-oculogram
D. Electroencephalogram, electromyogrma, and electrocardiogram

5.    When auscultating the client's lungs, the nurse notes some fine, discrete interrupted crackling sounds in his bases bilaterally. You correctly term these as:
A. Rales
B. Rhonchi
C. Wheezes
D. Pleural rubs

6.    The nurse takes the scheduled dose of Milk of Magnesia (MOM) - a laxative - to the client as ordered by the doctor. The client states, "I have had 3 loose B.M.'s today." The nurse appropriately responds:
A. "I will set the medicine here at your bedside. You may take it if you change your mind."
B. "I will not give you this medicine and will consult the doctor when she comes in."
C. "Are you sure don't need some of this medicine before I discard it?"
D. "I am required to give you this medicine since I have already signed it out."

7.    The nurse is caring for a client who is a 64 year old female suffering from chronic malnutrition. Which of the lab findings noted by the nurse would be consistent with this problem?
A.  Hematocrit - 37%
B.  Hemoblobin - 13 gm/100ml
C. Pre-albumin - 21 mg/dl
D. Albumin - 2.8 g/dl


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