Nursing 823 Medication Dosage Practice Exam

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Med Math Practice Test

To take this practice test, follow these directions:
Work out the math on a separate sheet of paper. When you are ready to see the correct answer, click on the linked answer key page. When you mouse pointer becomes a pointing hand then click in that spot. The answer for that question will be shown.






1. The physician ordered: Digoxin 250 mcg po qid. The label reads 1 tablet equals 0.25 mg. How many tablets will you administer to your patient?

2. The nonsteroidal medication naproxen (Naprosyn) has been prescribed for a patient, 1375 mg/day in divided doses. Each tablet contains 0.275 g. How many tablets equal this daily dose?

3. The order reads: Ketrolac gr iss. The ampule reads 0.06 g per 1 ml. How many milliliters will you administer to the patient?

4. The label reads Heparin Sodium 10,000 USP Units/mL. The order is for Heparin 6,000 U q6h sc. How many milliliters will you administer to the patient?

5. The physician ordered 0.4 mL of potassium iodide (Iostate) expectorant. The label reads 325 mg/tsp. How many milligrams are contained in this dose?

6. The order is to give 600 mg of Ampicillin IM q8h. The directions for dilution on the 2 gm vial reads: Reconstitute with 4.8 mL of sterile water to obtain a concentration of 400 mg per mL. How many mL will you adminster per dose?

7. The physician ordered 180 mg of Dilantin po q8h. The patient weighs 98 lb. The label of the drug reads 250 mg per 5 mL. How many milliliters will you adminster to this patient per dose?

8. The physician ordered Amoxicillin 10 mg IM q6h. Amoxicillin is supplied in 125 mg per 5 mL. How many milliliters will you administer per dose?

9. The patient receives Keflex oz ss po q6h. Keflex oral suspension is ordered because he is not able to swallow pills. Keflex oral suspension is avalable as 125 mg per 5 mL. Give ___ mg or ____ Tbsp.

10. Ordered: Atropine 0.6 mg IM. Label reads 0.3 mg per 0.5 mL. How many milliliters will you give per dose?


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