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Is it Wrong to Clone Human Beings? -- A Debate

Human Cloning

I. Definition: the practice of creating or attempting to create a human being by transferring the nucleus from a human cell from whatever source into a human egg cell from which the nucleus has been removed

II. Types

-Embryo Cloning: mechanically forcing a cell to divide into two separate, individual cells asexual reproduction vs. twinning- sexual reproduction replicate the embryos

-Positional Cloning: identifying genes by location then discovering the the gene's function

III. Methods

-Embryo Splitting blastomeres separated and covered artificially each blastomere becomes an embryo

-Nuclear Transfer Technology transfer of a nucleus from one egg into an ovum where the native nucleus has been removed

Life after Dolly - Human Cloning

  1. Embroynic Stem Cell Development

II. Why we want to Clone

  1. Perfectly Matched Donor Organs
  2. Abundant donor Organ Supply
  3. Certain Reproduction
  4. Eugenics-an attempt to improve the human race
  5. Magalomania-a desire to reproduce one's own qualities
  6. ?
    1. Cancer Research
    2. Bodily Autonomy
    3. Extra Cloning Facts