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PSY 313-401
Personality and Individual Differences
Spring 2006
Wednesdays 5:30 to 8 p.m.

Instructor:  Mary Beth McGavran, Ph.D.

Office:  Kastle Hall 112
Phone: 257-3779
Office Hours: Tuesdays 2:30 to 3:30 p.m.,
drop-in, or by appointment



UK Academic Requirements

**Please note:  slides from class can be downloaded from links below.  Having these slides is NOT a substitute for coming to class.  These are provided as an aid to taking notes and learning the material. You will find it helpful to print these out before class to provide an outline of the material. You will need Microsoft Powerpoint (available on most computer lab computers) and/or Microsoft Word to access these files.  Once you have downloaded the files, you are welcome to edit the overheads into whatever format is most convenient for you.

 You can download PowerPoint Viewer for free and will be able to view and print the slides used in class from your home computer.  Also, if you have Microsoft Office, you may already have Powerpoint on your computer--check under the start menu, then Microsoft Office.  Click here to download PowerPoint Viewer.   You will need to search for "PowerPoint Viewer" and then follow the directions.

Overheads used in class for Exam #1:
    1.  Personality:  Theories and Methods
                Chapter 1:  introduction to the issues
                Chapter 2:  scientific study of personality
                                    part 1: measurement of personality
                                    part 2: research design
    2.  Trait Theories
                Chapter 8
                    part 1:  Intro., Allport, Eysenk, Cattell
                    part 2:  Five Factor Model, factor analysis
                                        additional slides from this section  
                   part 3:  Motives

Measurement of Personality -- Links

Links to Trait Theorists


Overheads used in class for Exam #2:

1.  Psychodynamic approaches to personality
                Chapter 3:  Freud
                Chapter 4:  Neo-analytic theorists and modern applications
                            (Horney, Erikson, Adler, attachment theory)
                excellent link:  a summary of psychoanalystic themes and assumptions

                        a great summary of Freud's psychosexual stages of devlopment:  click here
**You won't be sorry that you reviewed the above links--a clear and thorough review of the material!**

            Carl Jung's typologies:

2.  Biological approaches to personality
                 Chapter  5:  genetics, temperament, evolution, BIS/BAS, hormones

                                    part 1 slides
                        part 2 slides

Links of interest:

Overheads used in class for exam #3:

        follow-up to biological material

    1.  Humanistic Approaches to personality

   2.  Cognitive and social-cognitive approaches to personality
3.     Behaviorist and Learning approaches
                        summary page of learning approach

Links of interest:

Exam Scores

In order to find your score, check under your shortened student ID #:  I have dropped the first four numbers of your student ID number.  You will see the remaining five numbers of your student ID.  In the rare occassion that the remaining 5 numbers begins with a zero, it has been dropped (by the Excel program) and you will only see four numbers.

    Exam Grades:  link to exam#1 scores

            45 - 50 = A       (27% of class)
            40 - 44 = B        (43% of class)
            35 - 39 = C        (14% of class)
            30 - 34 = D        (14% of class below C)
            below 30 = E

    link to exam#2 scores   for my Wednesday night class (has all grades to this point, including extra credit)  Grading scale for this exam is same as above.  Mean of this exam was 38.  

    The following link contains your exam#3 scores and all of the extra credit to date:  

Information for Dr. Greg Smith's Tuesday/Thursday 313 class only

  Exam #2 grades for Dr. Smith's 313 class.  

  Extra credit information, as announced in class on March 23rd:
  A reminder that class will be canceled on Thursday March 30th.  I need to attend a lab during that time.

04/07/06:  The contact information for the extra credit alcohol study is Jamieson Duvall and his email address is:

04/07/06:  Info. about exam #3: and exam #4:  as announced in class, exam 3 will cover chapters 3 and 11 but NOT chapter 6.  We will move Chapter 6 to the next section.  Please note that Chapter 6 (Humanistic/Phenomenological Approaches) will be covered in the last section of the course and will be tested on exam #4 rather than exam #3.    

04/13/06:  Link to all exams to date, including exam #3.  A reminder that if you want to do the extra credit, the last day to turn it in is April 20th at 3:30.  I will not accept any extra credit assignments after that time.  I will post all extra credit grades online the last week of classes.  

Slides for theories of intelligence
                        part 1
                        part 2

04/27/06:  Link to all grades to date, including extra credit.  The last exam is Friday, May 5th at 10:30 a.m.

04/28/06:  Update link to all grades to date, including extra credit.  Please check this file because I had a stack of extra credit papers on my desk that I missed.  I have now read and recorded those.  You should see the extra credit here.  Thanks to those who emailed me.