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Prof. Jack Furlong -- Keynote Speaker

Division Chair - Humanities

Professor of Philosophy

Transylvania University, Lexington (KY)

Jack Furlong is currently Division Chair of the Humanities and Professor of Philosophy at Transylvania University. As teacher and scholar, he has spent his career in interdisciplinary work. Receiving his PhD in philosophy from the Catholic University of America, he specialized in recent continental philosophy and analytical philosophy of mind, and wrote his dissertation on the ontology of mental images, melding cognitive psychology, philosophy of mind, and phenomenology. Early in his career, he published on issues relating to reasoning, critical thinking, and the connection between scientific psychology and philosophy, also co-editing several books on issues in the history of philosophy. More recently, he has applied critical approaches found in recent continental philosophy, including feminist theory, to issues in neuropsychology, evolutionary psychology, and ethology.

Professor Furlong spent the first part of his teaching career at Coppin State College in Baltimore, Md., where he first got interested in team-teaching. One of those courses, "Designing Genes," taught with a geneticist and a microbiologist, was featured by the Maryland Collegiate Honors Society. At Coppin, he also wrote several grants leading to the development of the Maryland Center for Thinking Studies, which he became Director of. In 1989, he accepted a joint appointment at Transylvania as assistant professor of philosophy and Director of Foundations of the Liberal Arts, a first year writing and discussion two-course series. He continues to advocate and to practice team-teaching at Transylvania, most recently teaching Bioethics with a physician.

Furlong has received several teaching awards in his career beginning in 1981 with a Danforth Associates appointment. He received a Bingham Award for Teaching Excellence in 1989 from Transylvania, the 2000 Acorn Award from the Kentucky Advocates for Higher Education, and is currently the CASE Kentucky Professor of the Year.

Prof. Ramona R. Rush -- Closing Remarks 

Dean/Professor Emerita of Communications

University of Kentucky, Lexington (KY)

Prof. Rush has served as an administrator, professor, and researcher in mass and international communications at several universities, including the University of Kentucky where she was the founding dean of the College of Communications in 1977. Her teaching and research interests include international/intercultural communications, mass communication and society, environmental and ecological communications, communication and "others" (especially women and minorities) peace communications, media literacy.

Rush is co-editor of and chapter author for Women Transforming Communications: Global Intersections (Sage 1996) and Communications at the Crossroads: The Gender Gap connections (Ablex 1989). In 2003, a 30-year update on the progress of women in journalism and mass communications will be published by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc., for which Rush also will be a co-editor and chapter. The title of the book is: The Search for Equity :Women in Journalism and Mass Communications Education.

Professionally, Rush has been a press secretary to a U.S. Senator, a promotion writer for a major market television and radio station, a public relations practitioner in health communications, among other positions. Her most recent honor was a research roundtable named for her in 2002 by the junior scholars of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR).

Ramona Rush resides in Lexington, Kentucky, and can be reached at, or 859/272-2723.