Nominations for the 2013 Gish award are welcome at any time before Sept. 1, 2013

We seek nominations that measure up, at least in major respects, to the records of previous winners. Nominators should send detailed letters to Director Al Cross at the Institute for Rural Journalism and Community Issues, explaining how their nominees show the kind of exemplary courage, tenacity and integrity that the Gishes demonstrated in their rigorous pursuit of rural journalism. Documentation does not have to accompany the nomination, but is helpful in choosing finalists, and additional documentation may be requested or required.

Letters should be postmarked by Sept. 1 and mailed to:
Institute for Rural Journalism and Community Issues
122 Grehan Building, University of Kentucky
Lexington KY 40506-0042

For more information, contact Cross at 859-257-3744 or Al.Cross@uky.edu.

Previous Gish Award Winners

Jonathan and Susan Austin (2012)

Stanley Nelson & Concordia Sentinel (2011)

Samantha Swindler (2010)

Neshoba Democrat (2008)

Ezzell Family (2007)

Tom and Pat Gish (2005)

Institute for Rural Journalism & Community Issues
School of Journalism and Telecommunications, College of Communications & Information Studies
122 Grehan Building, University of Kentucky, Lexington KY 40506-0042
Phone 859-257-3744 - Fax 859-323-3168

Al Cross, director al.cross@uky.edu