Wallins School
Knobby Rock

What We Found on Knobby Rock

We decided to go for a hike.
We could not take a bike.
We saw lots of pretty trees.
They were blowing in the breeze.

On our way we saw a duck
We thought that was very good luck.
The duck had feathers, brown and white.
It flew away, out of sight.

In the forest we saw some creeks
The creeks are older than antiques.
We walked up and down the trail
and hoped our legs would not fail.

One tree had a nest of bees.
We were not very pleased.
But the bees were asleep -
in hibernation, really deep.

We did not run in to any bears.
If we had, we wouldn't care.
We saw some scratches on a tree
And to nature it was a key.

We walked and walked to Knobby Rock
And on the rock we found a sock.
We were not the first ones there!
There were Boy Scouts everywhere!

Stacey Salinas and Stacy Buell



Trees, trees everywhere.
Leaves of gold,
red, brown and green.
Branches wiggley and wild.
Trunk so straight and wide.
Roots sticking from the ground
like tree feet trying to trip you.

Seeds, seeds, everywhere
Wind will blow them here and there.
Baby trees spring everywhere.
So colorful and short.
Hopes to grow someday
into a strong straight tree.
Seeds blowing everywhere.

Branches, branches everywhere
Holding fingers in the air.
Wiggling, wildly everywhere.
Blowing gently in the breeze
Sometimes monster shadows
chasing kids,
look like they're alive.

Trunks, trunks everywhere,
tall and strong and straight.
Some are broken into stumps
where giants use to stand.
Ants, termites, living on them,
eating them.
No lumberjacks come near.

by Aaron Stephens and Andy Slusher

TreeBlanton Forest

There are beautiful mountains
and swizzling wind.
Glorious sunsets and sunrises
Up and down every day.

Crystal, sparkling creeks,
flowing gently over rocks
Sing happily on their way
to join another creek.

Glorified bird chorus
in the tops of the trees
while they hatch their baby eggs.
Sing just for us.

Towering trees,
tall, fat, leaning.
Colorful, scattered
with evergreen.
Trees Everlasting.

Winding, wandering path,
up hills and down
where animals tramped
and Indians hunted
for thousands and thousands
and thousands of years.

Muddy, squishy dirt,
ooey, gooey, smooshey.
Mixture of rain, decaying things,
turning into soil.
Giving life to all
living things in the forest.

by Tiffany Yeager and Ashley Taylor


Good for your health.
Good for drinking.
Good for swimming.
Good for playing.
Good for bathing.
Good for splashing.
Good for splishing.
Good for squirting.

by Cari Westfelt and Vanessa Buell



Judy BrysonThe photographs, drawings and poems were created by the 4th graders at Wallins School in Harlan County Kentucky. Judy Bryson's creativity and nurturing inspired the students to achieve their best.

You can write to the 4th grade class at Wallins School in care of judy.bryson@juno.com