OpScan21 Scanner

A computerized exam grading program is available at the University of Kentucky using the OpScan21 scanner, and NCS General Purpose Answer Sheets (GPAS) (EW-3990-1:72717069 and T4887-543).

The blue and white GPAS (EW-3990-1:72717069) answer sheet allows 5 choices per a question, and answers for 240 questions. The blue and white, 5-response answer sheet is available at University Stores, and the UK stores part number is (7430-0020).

The green and white GPAS (T4887-543) answer sheet, allows 10 choices per a question, and answers 120 questions. The green and white answer sheet must be ordered directly from NCS.

The grading programs sorts student scores into differently ordered lists, produce histograms, and item analysis.

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