Where Do I Get The Bubble Sheets?

Computer-related materials may be purchased from University Stores with a valid University of Kentucky account number. Cash transactions are not permitted. To purchase items, a Stores Requisition and Voucher form is prepared, and signed by the department chairman, or other authorized personnel. The requisition is then forwarded to University of Kentucky Stores Dept.

Signed requisitions may be hand carried to Stores, and the merchandise picked up immediately, or the requisition may be mailed. Merchandise will be delivered at no additional charge to offices on the University of Kentucky campus.

Users who cannot purchase supplies with a UK account number should contact their purchasing department, and request merchandise with the specifications described below.

7430-0020 General Purpose Answer Sheet #27 Light blue ink #3990-1
5-responses with 240 questions
500 Sheets
per packet
For any scan sheets users
can't find locally call:  Pearson - NCS   1-800-735-2566

Prices as of April 28, 2005