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File Archival/Management System

Before you are able to use the file archive system (hereafter known as HSM), you must request, through project accounting in McVey Hall, a HSM userid.

After the userid is created for you, you must ssh to, log on using your userid and initial password, and set a email address. When you log on, you will be told that you do not have an email address set and you must do that before you can sftp to the system.

After the email address is set, you can change your password, or do other things on the menu that will now appear when you log on to the system.

Direct login access to the system is limited to the menu; data must be copied in via scp or sftp. Violation of this may result in suspension or deletion of your account.

Important information about system changes, trouble, and downtime are mailed to users on each machine, and it is up to the user to be aware of this information. Please read your email and keep your email address current!

Questions and problems should be sent to

For more information on the file archive system:

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