Additional information relevant to attending TERPNET-2003

What is TERPNET?

Terpnet is an international affiliation of researchers working on all aspects of the terpenes and isoprenoids, including investigations spanning from biosynthetic mechanisms to assessing the  biological activities of these chemicals (flavors to pharmaceutical applications). This affiliation hosts bi-annual meetings that have been held in Europe for the past decade.  The 6th Terpnet meeting was held in Bonn, Germany in April, 2001 and was organized by Werner Knoess.

Who is hosting TERPNET-2003?

The University of Kentucky is hosting Terpnet-2003 with serving as the local organizer Dr. Joe Chappell (

Who should be contacted for more information?

For information concerning registration and hotel accommodations, contact Cathy Bowers ( For information about the scientific program, submission of abstracts, oral presentations, and poster displays, contact Joe Chappell (

Who will attend TERPNET-2003?

Scientists from around the world, representing academic institutions and private industry. Paticipants will include graduate students, postdocotoral scholars, industrial scientists, research directors and principal investigators.

How is registration being handled?

In order to facilitate those wishing to use credit cards, all registrations forms are being processed through a the Conference and Institutes Management Center at the University of Kentucky. You will not be able to submit your registration form electronically because it is very expensive to establish a secure internet link. You will either have to mail or FAX your registration form to the Management Center (address and FAX number can be found on the registration form).

How will the information provided on the registration form be used?

The information will only be used to register you for only Terpnet-2003. This information will not be shared with any other organization.

Do I need to submit an abstract in order to attend?

No, anyone interested in terpenes and isoprenoids is invited to attend. We do, however, encourage you to share your experimental work and expertise with others. Abstracts and the program book will be posted on the TERPNET website at the time of the meeting.

Are there guidelines for submitting abstracts?

Yes – please click on the “call for abstracts” or “example abstract” buttons.

Are there guidelines for posters?

Yes. Posters should not be bigger than 50 cm by 36 cm. Supplies for attaching posters to easels will be provided.

What is the format for oral presentations?

We will have projectors and equipment for computer-based (powerpoint), traditional 4x4 slide and overhead presentations.

Where is Lexington, Kentucky?

We are located in the Southeastern section of the US and about 500 miles due west (as the crow flys) of Washington, D.C.

How do I get to Lexington, Kentucky?

You can fly directly into Lexington via Delta, United, US Airways, American and several other airlines. Delta has direct flights from Cincinnati and Atlanta, while United has flights only from Chicago. Other airlines use other cities for their origin to Lexington. If you are looking for the cheapest flights, you might consider flying into Cincinnati or Louisville and driving a rental car to Lexington.

If you drive, we are 75 miles south of Cincinnati, 400 miles north of Atlanta and 65 miles east of Louisville, KY. Lexington is served by several major interstate highways from all directions.

Where should we stay?

We are working on making as wide a range of options as possible. Dormitory rooms on the UK campus ($15/night for single, $19/night for double) near a food court, several conveniently located motels (University Inn and Springs Inn, general not too expensive, but not very fancy either), and of course, major hotels (Hyatt and Radisson). We will be assisting those wanting to stay in the dormitories by supplying a registration form. For those wanting to stay in a motel or hotel, you will have to book it your self. More information about these facilities can be found at our accommodations website.

If you are staying in the dormitories or the University Inn, we will pick you up at the airport. There are shuttle buses directly from the Springs Inn, Hyatt and Radisson hotels – please check their websites for more specifics.

How do we get to the meeting from our hotels and motels?

If you are staying in the dorms, you will have a 5 minute walk to the meeting, which is being held on the College of Agriculture campus. For those at nearby hotels and motels, we will be running shuttle buses.

What should I wear?

There is no dress code for TERPNET meetings. Casual attire is perfectly okay. Weather this time of year in Lexington is generally very pleasant, but it can be a bit fickle as well (from the 50's to the 80's °F). You might want a light to medium weight jacket, a sweater and definitely an umbrella.

Who should I contact for special needs?

We would be happy to help with anything from special dietary needs, handicap accessibility, etc.
Please contact Cathy Bowers (