Dear TERPNET-2003 Participant:

I've tried sending you email attachments with information, but many of you have size limits set for receiving such messages. Therefore, I'm providing some of the information below and strongly encourage you to visit the website (http://www.uky.edu/Conferences/TERPNET/) to get the updated program and to print several helpful pages of information.

The selection of additional speakers from the submitted abstracts has been completed and the corresponding authors for those abstracts have been contacted. There were many requests for oral presentations of exciting results. I apologize to those not selected, but we were constrained by the number of presentations we could accommodate in the program. We hope any disappointment is partially offset by having the posters up for the entire meeting and providing numerous opportunities for poster viewing and open discussions.

We are getting ready for your arrival and thought you might appreciate some additional information.

1. We will be running a shuttle service from the airport to the respective housing sites on Tuesday, May 13th and Wednesday, May 14th as follows. Additional runs can be scheduled if needed, so please let Cathy Bowers know at cbowers@uky.edu as soon as possible. Once you arrive, the shuttle bus will be directly outside the baggage claim area and will have TERPNET-2003 notices in the window. The shuttles will be leaving the terminal area at the times designated below. The drivers will not be able to enter the terminal, because they must stay with the vehicle, and you might want to let them know of your arrival before claiming your luggage. If you are staying at the Hyatt, Radisson or Springs Inn, these hotels run a shuttle service as well. You should call the hotel using the courtesy phones found in the baggage claim area, or call the numbers provided on the map below. Taxi service (231-TAXI) is also available outside the baggage claim area.

If you want to be on a list of passengers for a particular shuttle, please send Cathy Bowers (cbowers@uky.edu) your name and indicate which shuttle time on which day to be listed. Shuttles will not be able to wait for delayed flights, but you can always call for a back-up.

2. For your planning purposes, lunches on Thursday and Friday, the opening reception Wednesday evening, the banquet dinner on Thursday evening and some light breakfast foods for Thursday and Friday are all included in your registration.

3. Pictures and cell phone numbers for various members of the local organizational team are attached below. Please feel free to contact any of us.

4. On Tuesday, May 13th, Bryan Greenhagen from my group will begin his Ph.D. defense by giving a seminar "Origins of isoprenoid diversity: A study of structure-function relationships in sesquiterpene synthases" at 2 PM in the new Plant Science Building (same site as TERPNET-2003). Please feel free to attend the seminar if you are inclined. More importantly, my family will be hosting an informal gathering nearby at our home from 6 to 10 PM that evening (Tuesday). We will have drinks and food. Everyone is invited and we will have the shuttle service up and operational to help you get around.

Shuttle Bus Schedule as of 4/30/03:

Tuesday - May 13th

Airport pick-ups: 5:15 PM; 6:30 PM; 8:30 PM; 10:30 PM

Hotel pick-ups for Greenhagen seminar: 1:00 PM

Hotel and university pick-ups for evening social: 5:45 PM

Wednesday - May 14th

Airport pick-ups: 10:30 AM; 11:45 AM

Hotel pick-ups for TERPNET-2003: 1:00 PM

Hotel returns from TERPNET-2003: 8:00; 9:00 PM

Thursday - May 15th

Hotel pick-ups for TERPNET-2003: 7:30 AM

Hotel returns from TERPNET-2003: 10:00 PM

Friday - May 16th

Hotel pick-ups for TERPNET-2003: 7:30 AM

Hotel returns from TERPNET-2003: 5:00 PM
Joe Chappell, Professor
Plant Physiology/Biochemistry/Molecular Biology Program
Agronomy Department
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40502-0091
tel. 859-257-4624
cell. 859-536-4593
FAX 859-257-7125