New Fellows Listing for February 2015

Claude Allen, III and Joyce M. Berry Eminence, KY Barker
Jim and Debra Jordan Lexington, KY Dickey
Roberts Heavy Duty Towing, Inc Lexington, KY Dickey
James Douglas Creech Lexington, KY Barker
Robert R. Bert Melbourne, FL McVey
Danny L. Koon Ft. Myers, FL McVey

New Fellows Listing for December 2014

Charles Sonsteby Dallas, TX Bowman
David W. and Dorothy S. Case Wake Forest, NC Dickey
Jason and Diana Koch Douglas, GA Dickey
William and Mary Witt Lexington, KY Barker
Mark and Rhoda Edwards Simpsonville, KY Bowman
Denis and Myra King Frankfort, KY Barker

New Fellows Listing for October 2014

Denny and Laurie Howell Louisville, KY Bowman
Janice Taylor Plain Lexington, KY Barker
Mike and Janie Heath Lexington, KY McVey
Lawrence W. and Helen B. Heil Park Hills, KY McVey
Jackie K. Resinger Lexington, KY Bowman
Arthur and Debbie Logan Shelbyville, KY Presidential
Jackie K. Resinger Lexington, KY Bowman
Karen R. Robinson Fargo, ND Dickey
Robert A. and Irma Edens Nicholasville, KY Barker
Jeffrey and Ellen Harrison Tompkinsville, KY McVey
Randolph J. and Katrina T. Scott Knoxville, TN McVey
Paul Roy and Linda Smith Lexington, KY McVey

New Fellows Listing for September 2014

Jay and Kelly Dickerson Fort Thomas, KY Patterson
Chester and Jennifer Thomas Hanson, KY Patterson
Donald C. and Penney P. Rogers Morristown, TN Bowman
Maurice J. Oakley Ashland, KY Barker
Brian K. and Mary Lou Priddle Somerset, KY Barker
Mary Janet Cartmell Lexington, KY McVey
James and Nancy Ludka Lexington, KY Patterson
Jack and Alice Kain Versailles, KY Barker
Mike and Julie Willmering Franklin, TN McVey
Jon and Brenda Schiedebusch Troy, OH Dickey
Ryan and Kelly Shrout Florence, KY Barker

New Fellows Listing for August 2014

JoEtta Y. Wickliffe Marco Island, FL Dickey
Bud and Mary Garrison Lawrenceburg, KY McVey
Kay Sargent Lexington, KY McVey
John E. and Janet Ellis Darnell Lexington, KY Barker
Nancy Ferrell Moore Concord, NC Barker
Dorotha S. Oatts Lexington, KY Bowman
J. Steven and Maria D. Shockey Lexington, KY Barker
Robert L. Waters Elizabethtown, KY Barker
Marcia G. Farris Lexington, KY McVey

New Fellows Listing for July 2014

R. Lucille Hamblen Lexington, KY Barker
William J. and Sharon G. Perzel Marietta, GA Barker
M. Lynn and Jessica Johnson Parrish Pikeville, KY Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. John Ross Gambrel Lexington, KY Dickey
Jason and Tiffany Lee Frankfort, KY Dickey
Chris T. Sullivan Tampa, FL Commonwealth
Joseph and Lisa Peters Louisville, KY McVey
Patrick R. Atkins Pittsburgh, PA McVey
Thomas and Natasha Becker Dallas, PA McVey
Barry and Mary Anne Loy Columbia, KY McVey
Randolph J. and Katrina T. Scott Knoxville, TN McVey