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About the Campus Directory

The campus directory lists students (except those who have marked their records as private), faculty, staff, and people associated with some organizations affiliated with the University of Kentucky.

There are several ways to search the directory. From a web browser the simplest is to use the Directories web page which provides a search form. Some mail clients, like Eudora, have a “Directory Services” function. Be sure it is configured to use as a Ph server and use the Locate or Ph button to search the directory (not Finger or LDAP). The directory is also accessible from specialized Ph client programs and some systems have Ph or Phq commands.

All these methods access the same database containing campus addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and other information. They can be searched by anyone on the world-wide Internet. The database is updated periodically with information kept in SAP. These sources provide most of the information in the database. Home telephone and address information is supplied for students unless the student has marked them hidden or the student’s entry is marked as private. (If a student’s entry is marked as private it may not be displayed at all by the campus directory. Details about privacy restrictions are available. Students who are also employees will have their office information displayed even if they have flagged their record as private. Employee information is always public.)

Some of the information comes directly from the individuals listed and is not recorded elsewhere. You can supply your e-mail address, a display name and nickname to aid searches, a short free-form note, and a URL for a web page. All of the other information listed for you comes from the University databases. If there is an error in your directory listing or if something in your listing needs to be changed, you must have it corrected in the appropriate University database using the procedures below. A few people who are not listed in the University databases have access to e-mail service from the University and these people use another procedure described below to have a phone number or address listed in the directory.

As explained above, the directory can be searched using the Directories page, an e-mail client like Eudora, or a specialized Ph client or command interface. Many of the details will depend on the platform you are using – Macintosh, iPhone, Windows, Linux, etc. Your client must be configured to use the server at and generally you provide a query string.

The default search looks for names, phone numbers, building numbers, or e-mail addresses. The best name query will usually be a first name and last name (the order isn’t important). You can also search by campus address, department and job title (for faculty and staff), or e-mail address. Most clients use a syntax like this to search a field:

 address=111 mcvey hall

(Note that the directory search web page provides a menu of fields for searching. Don't use something like "address=" to identify the field you want to search.) If your search doesn’t find the person you are looking for you can try less specific strings – omitting a first name, for example. If you aren’t sure of the spelling of a name, append a question mark:

 name=joe smith?

You can also search for partial or truncated strings by appending an asterisk to a word:

 name=joe sm*

The directory will return listings for up to 50 people for each query. If your search response is stopped by the limit without locating the person you want you can specify a second search criteria to narrow the results.


The best way to register your e-mail address is with the Campus Directory Updates page. In general only UK students, faculty, and staff can be listed in the directory.

The simplest piece of information you supply is your preferred e-mail address. (The directory can list only one e-mail address for each person.) To register your e-mail address with the Directory, you must identify yourself to the server. This is done using your eight-digit UK student or employee number and a password. Your password is initially set to your birthdate in the form yyyymmdd. For example, if you were born on September 2, 1901 your initial password would be 19010902.

When you have an e-mail address created for you with the Account Manager it will be registered automatically in the directory if you don't already have a listed e-mail address.


In addition to your e-mail address, you can set your directory password, a display name and nickname, a web URL, and a free-form note. (Most other items come from University databases. See below for how to have them updated.)

Two useful items are the display name and nickname. If you are known by some name other than that which appears in the official University records you can include it one of those places. One common example is people who are usually known by a middle name while the University's record only has a middle initial. When someone searches the directory the display names, nicknames, and full legal names are searched together. The directory search mechanisms will automatically identify many shortened forms of common names (like Bill for William), but you can also use something like that as a nickname.

Changes you make to your directory listing are reflected immediately in the responses to queries, but changes to display names and nicknames are not available for searches until the next day.


Most web browsers support the form you can use to update the items under your direct control. See the Campus Directory Updates web page.


For faculty and staff, your name comes from SAP. Contact your department's business officer to have corrections and changes made to your department or title. Other information can be updated using myUK.

For students, your information comes from the information maintained by the Registrar. To make corrections and changes, use myUK from any campus computer lab or fill out a Demographic Data Collection Form available from the Registrar's Office.

Note that to update your e-mail address you must use one of the directory update procedures above – it is not kept in any other University system.

It generally takes two or three days for changes made through myUK to appear in the directory.


If you have e-mail service through a University system but are not a University student or employee, you can still be listed in the directory. To get your telephone number or address included send the details via e-mail to

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