Accommodated Test Proctoring Scheduling Guidelines for Faculty

Guidance to Faculty Seeking to Utilize the Accommodated Test Proctoring Service

If arrangements CANNOT be made within your office or department, a request can be submitted by the instructor to the DRC Accommodated Test Proctoring Service.

  • Students are told by their DRC Consultant to provide faculty their letter of accommodation (LOA) seven (7) or more days prior to any upcoming exam/quiz. If the LOA is NOT distributed and discussed with enough time to reasonably have the accommodations made for the upcoming exam/quiz, the accommodations can be denied on the coming assignment, but must be made for all future assignments.If the letter is not for the current semester refer the student to the DRC.
  • Request to schedule an exam through the DRC proctoring services must submitted by the instructor a minimum of seven days prior to the examination scheduled time. 
  • Complete the “Accommodated Testing Form” completely by the deadline in the electronic form
  • The exam time and location will be determined by DRC exam coordinator based on the availability of testing space and proctors.
  • Check the online schedule for the details of the exam(s) 1-2 days before the scheduled exam. Exam schedules will be posted on the homepage of our website as soon as they are complete for the student and instructor to view. Please share the below information with your student(s).

Students/Instructors should view the UK DRC Accommodated Exam Schedule 1-2 days before an upcoming exam date at the following link:

  • Faculty must deliver the exams to the DRC office by 12:00 pm (noon) the day prior to the scheduled exam. Exams can be delivered by email, fax, or hand delivery.
  • Completed exams are to be picked up by the instructor, or whom they designate, the day after the scheduled exam at the DRC office between 8 am-5 pm Monday through Friday.

Again, please note that scheduling exams through the DRC exam service is optional; thus, academic departments who have the resources to provide accommodated exams are encouraged to do so.

Throughout the semester we recommended that students confirm with their faculty prior to each exam/quiz their accommodations and arrangements. Prior to the day of the exam, the DRC office suggests that the instructor detail all exam arrangements to the student in writing (re: email) and ask that the student reply to confirm those arrangements. If you have any questions about how to meet any accommodations please contact the DRC.

Final Exams

If the student's accommodation needs cannot be met in department‚ instructors will need to contact Lindsay Jansen with a revised list of the students’ names who need the testing center’s services for their final exam. Due to time and space limitations, exams can only be scheduled for the students whose names have been provided to the exam coordinator no less than 7 days prior to the final exam date.