Course Development

Distance Learning Programs offers many levels of support to faculty in developing both fully online and hybrid courses. Review the SACS definition of distance learning to determine if your course fits this definition. Our Instructional Design team will discuss with you appropriate distance learning pedagogical approaches for your particular course. We also demonstrate University supported technologies to help create engaging learning experiences. We offer a stipend of $3,000 for the development of a three credit hour course.

There are two parallel processes for you to complete in order to have your course approved for distance learning and receive the development stipend. The Course Approval Process and Course Development Process are both outlined below. We will discuss the Course Approval process in more detail during your initial meeting with our Instructional Design Team.

Click each heading below to reveal the steps involved in each process. Click here for a printable version of both processes. (Adobe Reader required)

The Course Approval Process consists of completing the necessary steps to get your course approved for distance learning by the university. The approval process for distance learning courses follows the same process as approval for new courses or changes to existing courses. Follow the policies and procedures for your own department and college to gain approval for a new distance learning course, or to add the distance learning option to an existing course. Please plan for one full academic year for course approval.

The directions for using eCATS are provided below; please be aware that in some colleges only certain department representatives are designated to use the eCATS system.

  1. Log into
  2. Click on the Enterprise Services tab at the top of the screen
  3. Click on eCATS (Curricular Proposal) under Detailed Navigation on the left
  4. Choose either New Course or Change Course
  5. Click Choose File and upload your Course Syllabus
  6. Fill out the form, making sure to complete the Distance Learning portion

Once your proposal has been entered into the eCATS system, it will then be evaluated and approved by the following committees before it can be scheduled for distance learning delivery:

  1. Department Chair
  2. College Curricular Committee
  3. Undergraduate, Graduate, and/or Health Care Colleges Councils
  4. Senate Council
  5. Faculty Senate

Once you have received written approval from the Senate, you will be able to schedule your distance learning course.

The Course Development Process involves working with our instructional design team to design, develop, and implement your course. Contact us at least one full semester prior to delivery for incentive funding eligibility. The Course Development Process is outlined below.

  1. Contact one of Distance Learning Programs Instructional Designers to schedule an initial meeting.
  2. Galen Stone | | (859) 257-8218
    Kelley Cruse | | (859) 257-9898

  3. Attend a meeting to talk about your course and learn about available DLP services and resources. If you have a copy of your draft syllabus, please bring it to the meeting. We will discuss:

    • Goals for your course
    • Timeline for course development and approval
    • Appropriate technology and usage based on your course objectives
    • Online library and media resources

  4. Submit Development Funds 1 Form (Adobe Reader required) and your draft syllabus. After your initial meeting with us, send us these two documents to receive the first half of your funding. Your syllabus should include the SACS syllabus requirements for distance learning courses.

  5. Begin developing your course. Review the Course Development Standards to assist you with course design. Use our online resources to help with developing your course.

  6. Contact us for support. Contact us whenever you would like guidance with course development. We are also available to demonstrate different technologies. Call Galen or Kelley to schedule a time.

  7. When development of your course is complete, submit the Development Funds 2 Form (Adobe Reader required). The second half of development funding will be processed when your course is offered for the first time. After you submit this form, we will also apply the course development standards to review your course.

  8. Contact us with any questions or concerns during the delivery phase. When you are teaching the course and have any concerns or issues with the delivery phase, contact us and we will be glad to help.

  9. Complete our DLP Survey and attend an optional follow up meeting. We would like to hear about your experience with developing and teaching your course so we continue to work on improving services and support for faculty.