Course Revision

Thinking of revising your course? Distance Learning Programs is here for support. We offer a stipend of $1500 for faculty revising their courses that meet these criteria:

  • 3 years have passed since the original development of the course
  • Your revision will result in a change of 50% or more of the content within the course.

The steps below outline the process for course revision. Please contact the Distance Learning Instructional Design Team with any questions.

Click here for a printable version. (Adobe Reader required)

Revision Process

  1. Contact one of Distance Learning Programs Instructional Designers to schedule an initial meeting.
  2. Kelley Cruse | | (859) 257-9898
    Galen Stone | | (859) 257-8218
  3. Attend a meeting to discuss your goals for the course and learn about available DLP services and resources. If you have a copy of your draft syllabus, please bring it to the meeting. We will discuss:
    • Goals for your course
    • Timeline for course revision
    • Appropriate technology and usage based on your course objectives

  4. Submit a Revision Proposal Form (Adobe Reader required) and your draft syllabus. Your syllabus should include the SACS syllabus requirements for distance learning courses.

  5. Begin revising your course. Review the Course Development Standards to assist you with course design. Use our Development Resources to help with revising your course.

  6. Contact us for support. Let us know when you would like guidance with course revision. We are also available to demonstrate different technologies. Call Galen or Kelley to schedule a time.

  7. When development of your course is complete, submit the Course Revision Funds form (Adobe Reader required). Your DLP Instructional Designer will contact you to schedule a review meeting.

  8. Attend a review meeting. During this meeting we will discuss the changes that were made to your course.

  9. Receive your course review and revision payment. After you submit the Course Revision Funds form, we will apply the Course Development Standards to review your course. We will also process the revision payment. Please complete our DLP Survey to provide us with feedback on our services.