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Please explore the various College of Education distance learning opportunities organized departmentally by expanding each program heading listed below.

Early Childhood Special Education and Rehabilitation Counseling

Project INCREAS (Increasing the Number, Competence, and Resources of Early Interventionists in Areas of Shortage)

Scholars who are selected for funding will be able to complete the IECE certification program through two years of part time study, with continued funding contingent upon successful performance in the program. Project INCREAS coursework will be delivered almost exclusively through distance education formats, though no guarantee can be made that every course will be offered via distance education. In addition to the nine required courses, each scholar will be required to complete three, 100-hour practicums. One 100-hour practicum must be completed in a classroom setting with children ages 3-5 and may be spread across more than one semester. Since IECE certification qualifies recipients to teach birth through kindergarten, practicum in a classroom is necessary to meet the certification standards. The other two practicums may be completed during developmental intervention service provision through First Steps. In order to apply for funding, you must complete the INCREAS application for funding. In order to apply to the program, you must also complete both a University of Kentucky Graduate School application and a Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation Counseling application. Contact:

Carrie Bales ( for additional information regarding the INCREAS-DL application. All questions regarding the IECE program application should be directed to the IECE Director of Graduate Studies, Kim Townley (

Locations: Statewide (ITV Directory)
Delivered via: Internet, Interactive Video

The Graduate programs in Moderate and Severe Disabilities (MSD) delivered via distance education technologies have three areas of focus: (a) an alternate certificate program in MSD, (b) a master’s degree program with a focus on leadership in special education, and (c) advancement in teaching rank. Coursework is delivered through distance education technology to teachers employed in settings that serve students with low incidence disabilities. For more information, please contact the MSD program faculty chair as follows:

Belva C. Collins, Ed.D.
University of Kentucky
College of Education
Department of Special Education and
Rehabilitation Counseling
229 Taylor Education Bldg.
Lexington, KY 40506-0001
(859) 257-8591
Fax (859) 257-1325

Locations: Central, Northern, and Eastern Kentucky (ITV Directory)
Delivered via: Synchronous Technologies for Class Delivery with Asynchronous Components for Assignments

In response to increasing student demand, a large number of postsecondary institutions and agencies in public health, government and private business are developing distance learning programs. However, distance education requires a unique set of skills for course program development, management, support, and delivery. To prepare current and future faculty and administrators, the University of Kentucky offers a graduate certificate in distance education through the collaborative efforts of the Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation Counseling (EDSRC) and the Department of Curriculum and Instruction (EISD) within the Instructional Systems Design (ISD) program and Distance Learning Programs.

Who Should Apply?

  • Graduate and Doctoral Students
  • Faculty
  • Distance Learning Administrators
  • Teachers Developing Online Programs
  • Government and Private Sector Employees

Benefits to You:

  • Earn course credit that can be applied to any Graduate program
  • Utilize a variety of technologies
  • Analyze the research in the field of distance education delivery, management and support
  • Design the framework for a higher education course using distance education technology
  • Examine and evaluate existing distance education programs
  • Identify key factors that are critical to the success of a distance education program

Applicants to the EDSRC track should contact Dr. Belva Collins, applicants to the ISD track should contact Dr. Douglas Smith, and cross-disciplinary applicants should contact Constance Baird:

Dr. Belva C. Collins - Special Education and Rehabilitation Counseling Contact
(859) 257-8591,

Dr. Doug C. Smith - Instructional Systems Design Contact
(859) 257-1824,

Constance M. Baird - Cross-Disciplinary Contact
(859) 257-8135,

Delivered via: Internet

The Masters degree in Rehabilitation Counseling program is offered statewide and throughout the nation via asynchronous web instruction for all courses except fieldwork, which are delivered live via webcam. The program trains students to understand the physical, psychological, social, economic, and vocational needs of persons with disabilities in terms of personal, social and vocational adjustment. Rehabilitation counseling combines a humanitarian concern for the individual with a business and management philosophy of effective utilization of human resources. Utilizing a social justice model the emphasis is on enhancing quality of life, independent living, and employment outcomes for persons with disabilities. Rehabilitation counseling is a challenging and expanding profession. The rehabilitation counselor must demonstrate competencies in establishing counseling relationships, vocational assessment procedures, program planning, vocational placement, cultural diversity, and have an awareness of professional and community resources. Course work is integrated with extensive field work totaling 55-60 credit hours. The program can be completed in a 16 month timeframe. Students work as cohort groups. The program is geared towards individuals employed in public or private rehabilitation agencies who are full time employees of such agencies. For information about the program, please contact:

Ralph Crystal, Ph.D.
University of Kentucky
College of Education
224 Taylor Education Bldg.
Lexington, KY 40506-0017
(859) 257-3834
Fax (859) 257-3835

Locations: Statewide and National (ITV Directory)
Delivered via: Internet

Educational Leadership Studies

The Department of Educational Leadership Studies offers programs leading to the Master of Education (MEd) degree, the Specialist in Education (EdS) degree, and the Doctor of Education (EdD) degree in Educational Leadership Studies and the Interdisciplinary Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Educational Sciences. These programs are designed to prepare graduates for leadership positions in P20 schools and other educational agencies or for careers in educational research laboratories, corporations, or higher education institutions.

Programs are delivered through a hybrid model (i.e., face-to-face class sessions, online synchronous class meetings, asynchronous learning activities, fieldwork, independent reading and writing) or completely online. Thus, all students must have regular access to and use of information technology.

  • Teacher Leadership
  • Principalship
  • Supervisor of Instruction
  • Superintendent
  • Doctor of Education (EdD) in Educational Leadership Studies
  • Interdisciplinary PhD in Education Sciences

Deadline for application submission: February 15 for the EdD or PhD program, May 1 for all other programs.

For further information, contact the Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Educational Leadership Studies, 111 Dickey Hall, College of Education, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky 40506-0017.

Delivered via: Internet, Onsite Instruction

The University of Kentucky Department of Educational Leadership Studies, in cooperation with the Department of Education at Northern Kentucky University, offers a state approved certificate program for supervisors and superintendents. All course work for this program is offered on the Northern Kentucky University campus. Please contact:

Lars G. Bjork, Ph.D.
University of Kentucky
College of Education
Professor and Chair
Department of Educational Leadership Studies
111 Dickey Hall
Lexington, KY 40506-0017
(859) 257-2450
Fax (859) 257-1015

Delivered via: Interactive Video

Educational Policy Studies and Evaluation

The Ed.D. program in Educational Policy Studies and Evaluation provides advanced study for those who seek careers in the administration or evaluation of educational programs in schools, colleges, or other institutional settings. EdD dissertations are expected to address problems of practice. Admission to this program is offered regularly on UK’s Lexington campus and every four years through a statewide distance learning cohort model. The EdD in EPE cohort addresses problems of practice in open-access post-secondary institutions including but not exclusive to community and technical colleges. For those participating in the EdD in EPE cohort, course delivery follows an "executive" model of monthly class meetings complemented by on-line learning. Another innovative feature of the EdD cohort model is a collaborative capstone process which may include co-authored elements as well as individual scholarship. These capstone projects reflect compelling problems of practice identified by regional post-secondary leadership. EdD in EPE cohort students follow a shared program of study and are supported by an advisory committee made up of at least four members of the Graduate Faculty of the University (including at least three members from the Department). The degree requires completion of a minimum of 42 credit hours of coursework, a comprehensive exam, and approval of an individual dissertation proposal for admission to doctoral candidacy. The EdD in EPE cohort model is part of a larger Carnegie Foundation Project on the Education Doctorate and is designed to prepare a group of thoughtful, focused, and creative individuals for key administrative and leadership posts in post-secondary institutions across the country. Contact:

Jane McEldowney Jensen, Ph.D.
University of Kentucky
Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
Educational Policy Studies & Evaluation
134A Taylor Education Building
Lexington, KY 40506-0001
(859) 489-7050
Fax (859) 257-4243

Locations: Statewide (ITV Directory)
Delivered via: Internet and Face to Face meetings once a month and two weeks in summer.