Summer I 2013 ITV Schedule

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  • These pages are constantly updated but all information should be checked against the official course catalog as times/dates/instuctors may have changed.
  • In case of inclement weather please check your local TV stations for closings. If the county schools are closed, Distance Learning courses at those sites will be canceled.

The following courses are taught via Interactive Video. Please note that some courses have select meeting times in addition to online delivery.

ITV Coordinators

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Distance Learning Programs Summer I 2013 ITV Schedule

Course Number Title         Credits Instructor Class Size
  Section Day Time Location Room Assignment Notes   Enrollment
CE 382 Structural Analysis 3 George E Blandford 30
210 TWR 5:30-8:30p UK RMB RO309* 5/7 - 6/19
CNU 503 Nutrition for Health Professions Blackboard 1 Maria G Boosalis 43
210 T 1-2:50p UK Adobe Connect
TBA Instructor in MI
211 Morehead State University
EDS 601 Applied Behavioral Analysis 3 Victoria F. Knight 20
210 MTWR 4:30-7p Adobe Connect
EDS 633 Single Subject Research Design 3 Melinda J Ault 24
210 MTWR 4:30-7p UK DH B33*
211 Heuser Hearing Institute
212 Big Sandy CTC
213 Somerset CRD
EDS 649 Advanced Practicum: Special Education Techniques 1-4 Donald M Stenhoff 10
210 TBA Adobe Connect
MLS 440 Molecular Techniques 3 Steven Schwarze 20
210 TR 1-5p UK
MTR 10-11:50a
W 10a-12:30p
510 Hazard CERH
PAS 610 Research Methods and Epidemiology in PA Studies 3 Tamara Lyn Bennett 43
210 MWF 9a-12:00n UK
W 1-3p
211 Morehead State University
PAS 640 Survey of Geriatric Medicine 3 Gerry A Gairola 43
210 MTWR 9:30a-12:00n UK CTW 216
211 Morehead State University
First Summer Session 2013 dates: May 7 Classes begin
May 20 Midterm
May 27 Memorial Day - Academic Holiday
June 4 Last day of class/Final exams