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Freshman Programs
Photo of students at Freshman Focus

Critical First Year Program
The Critical First-Year Program is an academic support program for multicultural freshmen designed to ensure their successful transition from high school to college. The goal of the program is for students to have a 3.0 grade point average at the end of their freshmen year.

The following are the components of the program:

  • Multicultural Student Fall Orientation
  • Freshman Focus Seminars
  • Academic Progress Sessions
  • Study Groups
  • Tutoring
  • Mid-term Grade Check

The Multicultural Student Fall Orientation - an orientation designed especially for Multicultural Freshmen. The orientation gives students and parents the opportunity to meet and share with faculty, staff, and students. Students receive a wealth of information about resources, tips for success, and campus life.

First Year Focus Seminars - Seminars are held throughout the academic year. These seminars focus on a variety of informative and motivational topics.

Academic Progress Sessions - All students are required to meet with the freshmen counselor up to three times during the semester. Information regarding class progress, grades, time management, study skills, test taking strategies, personal/social issues and other topics relating to becoming a successful student are discussed.

Study Groups/Tutoring - Students are assigned to study groups to help with classes that have traditionally shown to be challenging for students. A facilitator leads the group in discussion on material covered in class, homework, test review, etc. Students can also request individual tutoring for any subject in which they are experiencing problems.

Mid-term Grade Check - Each semester, the CARES staff receives information about students academic progress. This information is relayed to the students and decisions made according to their graduation goals.


Parker Scholars Retention Program

As a recipient, you will be required to do the following:

  • Enroll in UK 101
  • Participate in tutoring
  • Attend Academic Progress Sessions with the freshman counselor
  • Participate in workshops focused on issues of concern to first year students

Freshman Focus Series Spring 2015

Lessons Learned
Monday, Jan. 26th
Student Center - Worsham Theater

This workshop will allow students to reflect on the fall semester to identify tools for success, tools to improve, and learn tips from other students. Participants will leave the workshop equipped to utilize the resources necessary to have a successful spring semester.

Education Abroad and NSE
Wednesday, Feb. 11th
Student Center - Worsham Theater

This session will acquaint students with the world of study/travel opportunities awaiting them— beyond the UK campus. This workshop will include a panel of staff and students that will share their experiences and new students will learn how to participate in this life-changing activity.

Body Modifications and You
Tuesday, Mar. 24th
Student Center - Worsham Theater

Considering a tattoo and/or a body piercing? Already have it, but plan to get more? This session is for you. A body modification expert will be on hand to share all of the “things to consider” when thinking about body modification. Participants will learn more about how body modifications are viewed and ways that it can affect the future (i.e. employment/career), as well as ways to achieve the look you want while conforming to more traditional ideals.

Maximizing Your Summer Break
Thursday, Apr. 16th
Student Center - Worsham Theater

With the current state of the economy, landing a job right after college graduation has become more difficult in recent years. Though employers are still hiring, they are more likely to hire graduate with more experience, higher levels of motivation, and a focused interest in their industry. Students should attend this workshop to receive important information about how to research, obtain, and succeed in positions during their college summer breaks related to their major and/or career field.

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