Boxes & Walls 2014

Check back in the Spring for more information about Boxes and Walls 2013. As we gear up for Boxes & Walls 2014, we are looking for dedicated student leaders to serve on our Leadership Team.

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Until then, take a look at our past B&Ws:

Boxes & Walls: Social Justice Unit (Spring, 2013)
Boxes & Wallstreet (Spring, 2012)

Boxes & Walls

Boxes and Walls personalizes oppression and the importance of activism by "bringing it home" for the individual. Participants are led by a tour guide through a series of "rooms". Each room is designed to focus on a historically oppressed group, culture, or social justice concern named by students. Along the way, participants are placed into situations, doing activities, while being confronted with a wealth of information. The Boxes & Walls experience gives us all a glimpse of what being part of each group might be like, both historically and in the present day.

Boxes and Walls, or versions of it, have been part of diversity education initiatives througout the midwest.

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This initiative has been created to assist in building relationships among student community and enhancing cultural programming opportunities. Please note that requests that reflect a collaboration or partnership between two or more organizations will be given priority access to funding.

CATalyst Membership Application

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CATalyst's mission is: The CATalyst Coalition has been cultivated to assist in the process of moving our campus forward on diversity initiatives and creating a student leadership community around social justice.

Their Core Values: Educate, Facilitate, Innovate, Collaborate, & Progress

Fall '13 Schedule of Events

Fall '13 is shaping up to be a great semester for Diversity Education and CATalyst. Check back soon to see what we have in store for the new school year!