Voices & Faces

Mission: The Voices & Faces project is for UK students and was created by UK students. This student-led initiative is designed to create interest, heighten awareness, and stimulate curiosity among students and their understanding of diversity at UK. It is intended to create an ongoing conversation that will challenge students to think about their understanding of others and build a community at UK and beyond."

  • Create an environment where students are comfortable having a dialogue about diversity
  • To assist students in moving from their "comfort zone" and into their "learning zone" through peer education model
  • Identify resources for students inquiring how to get involved at UK and learn more about University resources.

Learning Outcomes: As a result of Voices & Faces, students will be able to:

  • Identify strategies for creating understanding across different groups;
  • Enhance understanding of themselves and their peers
  • Increase Knowledge of university resources available to students.

What students had to say after experiencing Voices & Faces:

"I actually didn't even think about the fact that I was going to school with different people until today when we watched the video."

"After class I felt a sense of responsibility to contribute to diversity at UK."

"Diversity is at our front door once we step onto campus regardless of how things were back at home and when you were growing up, it's no escaping it now."

"Time to step up, no more ignorance, and ignoring the idea; diversity is there it is time to embrace it."

Funding for Collaborative Efforts!

Student Organization Program Collaboration Sponsorships Form

The purpose of this funding opportunity is to foster inclusivity in student organizations through networking and working toward common goals.

CATalyst Membership Application

Application Letter

Membership Application

CATalyst's mission is: The CATalyst Coalition has been cultivated to assist in the process of moving our campus forward on diversity initiatives and creating a student leadership community around social justice.

Their Core Values: Educate, Facilitate, Innovate, Collaborate, & Progress

Boxes & Walls 2012
Boxes & Wallstreet: Occupy Campus is coming to UK on April 13th, 16th, and 17th from 4pm-7pm. Tours will be led every half hour beginning in the Center for Student Involvement in the Student Center.

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