Staff-led Workshops

Student leaders and leadership development are the most important parts of the Office of Student Involvement. Our core values of Character, Service, and Inclusion guide our interactions with students. We develop and host workshops based on an assessment of student needs in order to foster inclusive knowledge, awareness and skills in our students.

Contact Robert Odom for more information on Diversity Education's workshops.

Peer-led Workshops

CATalyst's Diversity education component provides workshops and trainings, including (but not limited to): race, gender, class, sexual orientation, intersections of identity, ability, religion and nationality.

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Funding for Student Programming Efforts!

Student Organization Program Sponsorships

Apply for funding for student-led initiatives and programming.

This initiative has been created to assist in building relationships among student community and enhancing cultural programming opportunities. Please note that requests that reflect a collaboration or partnership between two or more organizations will be given priority access to funding.

CATalyst Membership Application

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Membership Application

CATalyst's mission is: The CATalyst Coalition has been cultivated to assist in the process of moving our campus forward on diversity initiatives and creating a student leadership community around social justice.

Their Core Values: Educate, Facilitate, Innovate, Collaborate, & Progress

Fall '13 Schedule of Events

Fall '13 is shaping up to be a great semester for Diversity Education and CATalyst. Check back soon to see what we have in store for the new school year!