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The UK Commission on Excellence, Diversity and Inclusion
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The UK Commission on Excellence, Diversity and Inclusion (which supplants the former President’s Commission on Diversity and the former President’s Commission on Women) is an issues-oriented and Task Force driven commission.

Task Force on Student Services—Heavy on student membership and focused on issues of diversity and inclusion in undergraduate co-curricular activities and engagement.  The focus is more collaboration in programming and implementation among the various student groups and offices.  The intended result is tighter, more comprehensive programming with greater economic efficiency.  

Task Force on Academic Support & Enrichment—Focused on issues of undergraduate retention and graduation.  Some of the concerns include reasonable uniformity and cohesiveness in approach to services; the Coalition for Black Male Student Success; support of efforts for success of 1st generation students, and supporting efforts to increase diversity in study away.  

Task Force on Quality of Work Life—Focused on work life issues of UK employees that enhance diversity and inclusion efforts.

Women’s Initiative for Career and Leadership Development—Evolved from the former Circles of Power program and established linkage with the American Council on Education’s Office of Women in Higher Education and with the Governor’s Commission on Women.  The goal is to help women (both faculty and administrators at/above a certain level) develop a coherent approach to thinking through and acting on plans/opportunities for professional development and opportunities for leadership.  Not all opportunities will be at UK.  

Task Force on Partner Opportunities—Housed in Office for Faculty Affairs, focused on developing a protocol and structured approach for responding to needs of finding suitable opportunities for partners of strong UK recruits to the faculty and targeted administrative posts.  

Task Force on Campus Climate—Focused on socialization issues that enhance UK’s quotient of being a welcoming campus environment.  Involves strategic planning efforts for specialized activities and opportunities with some of the deans, eventually to customize efforts in most Colleges as well as to create a collective psyche around a more embracing campus environment.

Task Force on Alumni Engagement—Focused on structured and strategic involvement of alumni in targeted diversity and inclusion efforts. 

LGBT Task Force—Established by the Office for Institutional Diversity, the University of Kentucky LGBT Task Force makes ongoing assessments of attitudes and conditions throughout the University regarding lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons and issues.

The LGBT Task Force also makes recommendations for changes and seeks implementation of these recommendations on issues such as (1) the University-wide environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students, staff, and faculty; (2) appropriate supportive services for such students, staff, and faculty; (3) educational programs for the entire University community; (4) other matters affecting the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community members at the University of Kentucky.

Latino Task Force— Focused on issues to increase the Latino population on campus. It's mission is to raise awareness, and provide a welcoming climate at the University of Kentucky for Latino students, staff and faculty.

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